A/n: Well, in this fiction here, Suna and Konoha are not at peace with each other, when a special student of the Hokage, Tsunade, and the most powerful shinobi on Suna fall in love, the Kazekage and Hokage bind together for once to tear them apart, afraid of something that might come! Well hope you like it! Please R&R!

"I have called you all here as you know they have been found and we need to take action and catch them off guard" Tsunade said to the group in front of her, "I will be leading the mission" she clarified "we will be responsible for imprisoning the Suna boy and Suna will take her" Tsunade pained saying the name, "Tsunade you can't expect me to turn on my two best friends" a blonde man said angrily.

"Shut up Naruto, I expect you to be loyal to your village and do as your told" Tsunade glared, "I know this will be hard for all of you but, you are the only ones who can bring him down" she said looking at Neji, Tenten, Lee, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, and Naruto, "T-Tsunade-sama do we have to?" Hinata stuttered clinging to her husbands shoulder.

Naruto looked at his saddened wife, "I'm sorry Tsunade but I can't do it," everyone looked at him, "Naruto if you don't do the mission I will have to classify you as a traitor to the village, this is not a mission that is voluntary" Tsunade said sadly, "fine" he said turning his back to her, "I'll go…" he said unconfidently.

"Now we have prepared the prison for the boy, it is in the forbidden forest" Tsunade said sitting down in her chair, "Tsunade-sama we don't have a forbidden forest" Ino said, "you know where you took the chunin exams, that building was constructed into the perfect prison for him" they all nodded "and it will from now on be known as the forbidden forest, no one is allowed in" she said.

They all nodded "now are you all ready, for we leave now" Tsunade looked at them, "Hai!" they saluted, "we are ready Tsunade-sama" Shikamaru said for them all, they followed Tsunade out to the Konoha gates, "we have to get to them as fast as possible, well have to use this antibiotic to knock him into a half conscious stage, since he cannot go unconscious" Tsunade informed them as they sped off into the forest.


They surrounded a small house in the middle of the woods, Naruto sighed 'this would not end well' he looked and saw two sand shinobi a blonde with a fan and a man with a hood who wore purple makeup, then the door opened and a woman about 20 with pastel pink hair a little past her shoulders walked out, "I'll be right back Gaara" she yelled back and closed the door.

She tensed as she felt traces of multiple chakra around her, then to confirm her suspicions, Tsunade came out "I'm sorry Sakura" she said a tears falling from her eye, Sakura went wide eyed as all her friends and Temari and Kankuro came out, "Gaara!" she yelled trying to reach the door, chakra strings surrounded her dragging her back, Gaara smashed the door opened and looked around.

All of the Konoha shinobi attacked, "Gaara!" Sakura yelled as Kankuro locked her in his puppet, Gaara became infuriated and then saw…Naruto standing in front of him with a pained look on his face "Gaara please forgive me" he said before punching him and forcing him to drink the antibiotic, Gaara lost all feeling to his body and everything went black.

"NARUTO!" Sakura yelled through, the puppet "HOW COULD YOU!" the puppet exploded and there stood a very angry Sakura, she took out many shuriken and saw Gaara "what did you do to him?" she yelled, tears streamed down her pale face as she charged at them, Tsunade appeared in front of her and punched her in the stomach, Sakura coughed up blood and went unconscious.

Temari picked up Sakura and Gaara's gourd and they took of in the direction of Suna, Naruto got Gaara and placed him over his shoulder, "you all go ahead" Tsunade ordered, they all disappeared in the direction of Konoha, she didn't think anyone else felt a small chakra coming from the house.

Tsunade walked in to find a small living room and a kitchen attached, there were stairs in the corner, Tsunade walked up the stairs to a hall way with two bed rooms, she opened the first one and saw a big bed she assumed was Sakura and Gaara's, she turned around and looked at the other door, she grabbed the door knob.

She looked in the room to see a crib and heard crying, she walked up to it and looked down and saw a small girl with red hair crying her heart out, Tsunade let tears fall down her face as she preformed some hand signs and her hand lit up a green color, Tsunade slowly reached down but when the child stopped drying and looked up at her with the same eyes as Sakura she stopped.

She laughed "Sakura," Tsunade smiled and looked down at the child, she noticed a piece of paper on the side table, she picked it up it was a birth certificate, "Tetsu" she said reading the name, Tsunade smiled and looked back down at her "well, you are one lucky child, if you didn't have her eye's" Tsunade smiled and picked the child up, "well come on Tetsu" Tsunade smiled walking out of the house.

Tsunade arrived back at the Hokage tower, "Hokage-sama" an ANBU bowed, "we have secured Sabaku no Gaara in his confinement, we have also informed the villagers of the forbidden forest, they are curious as to why it is forbidden" he said, "then silence they're thoughts no others are to know of what is held in that forest," she ordered and entered her office.

Naruto stood in the room waiting for her, "Tsunade-sama I- what is that?" Naruto asked, looking at the bundle in her arms, "Tsunade-sama is that their child?" he asked, Tsunade nodded, "I could not kill her but if she stays hidden and we train her for good then she will be fine, besides I will not be known as her mother but as her grandmother" Tsunade stated, Naruto stared at her "Naruto I don't want you to go near her, she is not to know her parents are alive"

Naruto glared at her and walked out of her office, "Tetsu, I will raise you as your grandmother, because I want you to know you had parents" Tsunade smiled and walked out of her office and headed towards her house, "you will grow up strong just like you mother," she told her, Tetsu waved her arms and a gust of sand hit Tsunade "what was that?" she looked down at the child, "seems you take after him in more then one way" Tsunade sighed.