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Namine sat comfortably on the balcony outside of her bedroom sketching the sunset that made her kingdom seem to shine with brilliance. A soft breeze gently played with her beautiful blond hair. Her usually white gown had become a tinted orange, and her silver crown seemed to shine in radiance. Anyone who saw her like this would think she was an angel from heaven. She looked up from her work for a minute to drink in the peace and relaxation, for she never really felt like this outside of her own little world. After all she was a princess, which put so much stress her. Nothing she ever did was good enough; no matter how hard she tried she could never amount to her sister Kairi.

'All I want is to be free,' Namine thought to herself as she looked up from her sketch to see a flock of white doves flying past her towards the sun. She looked up at them and felt a little envious of them.

'I wonder what it would be like to have wings so I could just fly away,' she sighed looking back down at her sketch. It seemed like the only time she felt actual freedom is when she was drawing. She would be able to escape to her own little world, no stress, not a care in the world.

After examining her sketch for several minutes, she closed her book and entered her bedroom. Nothing really out of the ordinary just a queen-size bed with white sheets, a white dresser, and a large mirror next to her dresser. Namine was never really fancy with decorating; she loved her plain old room. Namine carefully placed her sketchbook on her dresser when she noticed something blue hanging from her mirror. Relief filled her eyes as she carefully took it from its spot. It was a large blue pendant with a silver chain.

'I thought I lost this!' she thought as tears of joy started to stream down her beautiful face. This pendant was very important to her, for it was given to her by a special young man. On that day was when Namine felt what it truly meant to be free.


10 year old Namine was roaming around the castle gardens trying to find the perfect flowers to give to her parents for their anniversary. Each time she found one she liked she was always being scolded by one of the passing guards not to touch any of the flowers.

"Where am I going to look now?" she asked herself. It was then that she noticed a small hole in the big castle walls. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her as she approached the wall. Seeing this as an opportunity to see beyond the castle grounds she squeezed through the hole. She was just the right size to fit through. She was amazed at how big the forest was on the other side of the wall.Deciding not to waste time, Namine started to walk in a random direction; all the while keeping an eye out for any flowerbeds. After five minutes of looking she finally found what she was looking for. The flowerbed consisted of pink flowers, yellow, and even blue flowers.

Her eyes brightened,' this is perfect...all of their favorite colors are here,' Namine quickly ran over to them and started to pick them.

She was so caught up in picking her flowers that she didn't notice the sinister creature that had formed behind her. As if sensing something was wrong she quickly looked behind her. Fear overtook her as she came face to face with a black shadow, with huge yellow eyes, and large claws. It looked like it ready to attack her at any moment. Namine didn't waste anytime; she dropped the flowers, and ran as far away as she could.

'Why? Why is it that I manage to always get myself in trouble?' she thought.

After several minutes Namine quickly glanced over her shoulder to see if that grotesque thing was following her. Seeing that it wasn't behind her she stopped to rest against a nearby tree.

'How am I going to get back? I don't even know where I am now,' she asked herself as she tried to see if she recognized anything that could lead her back.

The eerie silence made Namine feel uneasy, and she was just about to get up when she felt something grab her dress. A clawed hand was sticking out of a black puddle, and slowly formed into the creature she had encountered earlier. Pulling her dress away she quickly backed away from it only to feel the solid surface of the tree.

Namine froze in fear as it slowly made its way towards her. Knowing that she was trapped, she did the only thing that she could do. She shut her eyes tightly ready for the final strike.

'So...t-this is...the end?'

The demon raised its claws, ready to strike the defenseless Namine until it felt something impale it. Namine, confused that the attack never came opened her tear stained eyes to see a boy with silver hair standing in front of her protectively. Her attacker let out a scream of pain and vanished into a puff of smoke. All that remained was a crystallized heart which ascended to the heavens.

"Are you alright?" she heard the boy say.

She was so caught up with the floating heart that she forgot he was there. As Namine looked to who her savior was her heart nearly stopped. He looked around the same age as her, maybe a year older; with beautiful silver hair to his shoulders, he was well-built for someone his age, but the most beautiful thing about him was his aqua blue eyes.

'He's...beautiful,' that was the only word that could describe him.

"Y-Yes I-I'm okay," she stuttered as she tried to stand up, only proving her efforts futile as she fell back down.

A look of concern was evident in his eyes as he walked towards her holding his hand to help her. She gladly took his hand, surprised how soft his skin was, and looked into his mesmerizing aqua gaze.

"You have to be careful around here, there are many heartless in this area that won't hesitate to take your heart," he explained to her. His gaze was so intense on her small form that she found herself almost hypnotized. Namine quickly looked away, a blush evident on her face.

"I-I'm sorry...I just wanted to look for flowers to pick and I got lost...you see I'm not familiar with this area," she said slightly embarrassed.

The boy just smiled at her innocence "Where do you live anyway?" he asked her.

"Oh I live at the castle," she told him.

He just stared at her for a second as if he were about to ask something, but he shook it away.

"Okay I will be your escort back to the castle uhh..."

"Namine...my name is Namine," she said looking at him smiling.

He smiled back at her, "R-Right...Namine...that's a pretty name," he compliented while chuckling at his own nervousness. Namine knew her face looked like a tomato when he said her name was pretty.

'No one has ever said that to me except for mom and dad,' she thought, feeling happy in the prescence of the almost complete stranger. The rest of the walk was silent until the castle came into view.

"I think I know my way from here...thank you very much for what you did today," she said. As she was about to turn around she heard his voice.

"Will I ever see you again?" he asked. Namine's eye widened at his question, but was replaced with a deep frown as she turned to face him again. She felt as if her heart was being ripped apart because the chances of them meeting again were very unlikely. After all she wasn't actually supposed to be off castle grounds.

As if sensing her uneasiness the boy walked over to and grabbed her hand. Namine was confused at his gesture until she felt something cool and heavy against her skin. When he released her hand she found a beautiful blue pendant attached to a silver chain.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up at the gift.

"This is so you can remember me...and think about me each time you look at this pendant," a slight blush could be seen on his face.

"Okay...but you don't have to worry. I will always remember you for what you did," Namine said giving him a quick hug." Goodbye."

Before she could leave he grabbed her wrist, she looked back slightly confused.

"I'll find a way to see you again...I promise," he said with a determined look on his face. With that he left her go walking back in the direction that he had came. Namine stood there for a minute staring at his retreating figure. She smiled at the blue pendant and held it very close to her heart as she walked back to the castle.

End Flashback

After that day her father made sure that all holes in the walls surrounding the castle were sealed so that she wouldn't be able to wander off the castle grounds again. Namine was very angry at her father for the first few months because she desperately wanted to venture out to find her silver-haired savior.

'I never even got to know his name,' she sighed, regretting that she had never gotten the chance to ask him. She was too deep in thought to notice her sister Kairi had entered her room.


Namine looked up surprised to find her sister in the doorway. Kairi looked almost like Namine except she had shoulder-length red hair. Also, her dress was pink with gold trimmings going down the side.

"What is it Kairi?" she asked feeling slightly annoyed. She didn't feel like dealing with her sister right now.

"You're thinking about him again...aren't you?" she asked in a gentle tone. Kairi was the only person she ever told about her adventure with her hero.

"I...I don't want to talk about it," Namine said looking away from her. As if understanding, Kairi changed the subject to the real reason she came.

"Father and Mother have summoned you to the throne room" she told Namine.

"Okay...then I guess I should go," she said as she walked past Kairi.

"H-Hey wait up Namine!" Kairi exclaimed catching up to her sister.

"Why are you following me!" she grumbled, clearly irritated with her sister.

"I want to know what mom and dad have in store for you Namine." Kairi explained with a mischievous grin.

Sighing, Namine decided that she couldn't get rid of her so they just walked together in silence. As they approached two guards dressed in shining armor, with an insignia of the kingdom's keyblades imprinted on the breatplate. Both guards bowed at the sight of Namine and Kairi before opening the door to the beautiful throne room. The floor was made of white marble with a with a multi-colored marble in the middle making the design of a heart. Roses surrounded every corner of the room; after all it was their mother's favorite. Towards the end of the room were marble stairs leading up to four thrones cushioned with red velvet. The two thrones in the middle were occupied by their father, King Cloud and their mother Queen Aerith.

"Father, Mother for what reason have you summoned me here today?" Namine asked while giving her parents a curtsey out of respect. Kairi did the same.

"Namine, Kairi…my daughters, I would like you to meet someone," Cloud explained. As if on cue a boy with blond hair spiked to one side, and cerulean blue eyes approached the throne.

"Your Majesty," he said bowing respectfully to the king and his queen. Cloud nodded signaling he could stand up. When he turned around he kept his eyes on Namine.

'Why is he staring at me like that?' Namine shifted around uncomfortably.

"My daughters I would like to introduce you to Prince Roxas of Twilight Town," Cloud presented.

"Why is he here father?" Namine asked him since it was unusual to have guests this young in the castle. Cloud sighed he knew Namine was suspicious about Roxas being there.

'Guess it's no use...I didn't want to tell her…but I have no choice,' he told himself.

"Namine...Roxas is your betrothed."

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