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The Fates that be are at work on this day, an event that has been planned again and again. An event that has taken place for centuries is about to take place. New lines are about to be crossed, broken and re-written. For a Prophecy has been told that tells the near end of an old world, and the beginning of a new one.

"On the eve of a great darkness
a soul shall come together.
Half touched by darkness, Half sought after by the light.
None shall go their chosen path, for it shall make one anew.
Love shall be the product of this union, strain with hardships and pain.

None shall know peace or find rest until it is complete.
The mark of the star shall light the path to find it.

Broken long ago, shall now be made anew, both the old world and now the new."

The Astrum Mark


Utter silence, only broken by the sounds of bubbling cauldrons over hot fires and scribbling quills on dry parchment; just the way which Severus Snape like's it. The Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was infamous for his ruthlessness when it came to running his potions classrooms. Weather it's a class full of scared first years, young children some of which only discovered magic itself a few months prior; children who are scared to even breath much less cough in the dusty dark dungeon. Or advanced six years who are only months away from freedom, and are prone to slack off, pull a prank here and there, or take less then adequate notes when it comes to preparing for their exams. Severus Snape, otherwise know as Professor Snape (or just plain 'sir') as he instructs his students to call him at all times, holds all in the same standing, and at times expects the same level of professionalism and maturity with them. He is strict but still logical, handing out penalties when they are deserved, not bothering to give out rewards.

"The best and only reward you should and will ever achieve in this class is a well crafted potion, and a passing mark." Words that can be quoted directly from the Potions Master himself. Not a student who has had his class would doubt such a comment, it fits with his character perfectly.

It is because of these reasons that like her fellow Gryffindor's, Hermione Granger famous for being the Seventh Year Know-It-All Gryffindor Princess. (Not to mention best female friend of Harry Potter Boy-Who-Lived to boot) was being more then stone quiet. Her head was bent down as she finished taking notes on the Professors lecture. Her frizzy brown hair, wild and unmanageable was all over her head and back, hiding her from view just as much as it made her stand out among the class room full of students. All of which had relatively straight and well mannered hair. Out of all the sixteen students in the class room, only Harry's hair came anywhere close to being as unmanageable as Hermione Granger's. But at least his looks good…Stupid hair is impossible to comb, magic or otherwise by itself…mix all these potions fumes in the air…all that moisture! May as well just strap a beaver to the back of my head…I probably look something like cousin It….

Hermione finally finished up the rest of the notes she had been taking on the effect of will altering potions on human behavior, its positive effects, and negative ones. And though it wasn't specified by Professor Snape, she also took the initiative to also list other possibly effects given some common variables. Weather they were proven side effects, like how being pregnant can cause some mood changing potions to have much more drastic effects. Like dangerously high levels of euphoria or depression, with possibly violent and sudden mood swings between the two. Or not so proven side effects, like the ones from popular folk tales. Things similar to how supposedly soaking a cherished ones hair in a attraction potion, will alter the more uncontrollable effects of the potion, limiting its effects to the person who's hair was placed. Hermione had to laugh at the whole idea, of desperate witches and wizards mixing potions and casting spells to get the one their eye has been on for the last week. Hermione found the idea completely stupid, and a waste of time.

If you really want something you either let it come to you, or you go and get it yourself.

Her straight forward way of getting what she wants was proven to even work on the opposite sex. Tired of waiting for Ron to grow up, and gain a backbone. Hermione had near the end of their fifth year, taken matters into her own hands. The whole of Gryffindor house seemed to breath with renowned happiness now that the "Two Most Stubborn People In The World" as they put it, finally got together.

Hermione smiled to herself at the memory of it. Sure it wasn't the way she would of preferred. But Hermione was not one to believe in destined love. If something was supposed to happen, then someone had to go about and do it. She figured, that love was not about to jump into her lap, and sadly neither was Ron. So Hermione took up a bit of her Gryffindor bravery, and a touch or two of her bossy attitude that she was known for, and had taken charge. Now some six months and running, Hermione was looking forward to seeing how things turned out between the two of them.
Hermione glanced over at her somewhat less then dutiful boyfriend. And like usual he wasn't even taking notes, no instead he was saying something to Harry, the two of them looked like they were involved in a serious conversation for once. One that I'm sure has nothing to do with school work, or learning at all…Don't boys talk about anything other then sports! picking up her wand, Hermione waved it towards the two of them from under the table. Ever mindful of Professor Snape she muttered a few words, and watched with a bit of glee when Harry's quill, as dry as it was when he had walked into the class room, pick itself right up off the table and start to peck at Harry's shoulder, looking something akin to a strange fluffy woodpecker.

Harry in shock had began to yell out in alarm, when he caught himself in time; remembering what class he happened to be in. Picking the quill up out of the air, he stopped Hermione's enchantment, giving a small glare over at her, he mouthed at her that she didn't have to do that.
Hermione watched with amusement as Harry then started to work on his notes, followed quickly by Ron. Apparently what ever it was they had been talking about, wasn't so serious or important after all.
Hermione being done with her notes for the day, was just sitting back in her chair, waiting for the rest of the class to finish their work so they could begin making some potions.

Looking around her Hermione noticed that she was the only one done with her work. All the rest of the students were silent as the dead as they concentrated on their work. Hermione actually found it soothing, the sound of quill's scratching on parchment. The bubbling of cauldrons, even Professor Snape, tapping his fingers on his desk as he looked through a potions book added to the melody of a quiet classroom. But Hermione lost the melody when her mind came to a halt. Over on the other side of the class room, the Slytherin side was one person who was also finished with their notes, Draco Malfoy.
Hermione grit her teeth in annoyance, for the past few months and the majority of their fifth year, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy were in competition for top grades in their class, along side Terry Boot of Ravenclaw. To the Gryffindor's their was no surprise to them why Hermione would strive for the top place, she was of course Hermione Granger, anything less then the best for her must be sacrilegious. While the Slytherin's knew that Draco Malfoy was out to prove that he was not only the best student in Slytherin house, but the best in the whole school as well. No doubt a chance to show off his pureblood supremacy, and boost his family name as well. Terry Boot was more then obvious, he was a Ravenclaw, all of Ravenclaw house is in competition with someone to be the best at something, it was a part of their house conduct. But the truth is always more then one first suspects.

Hermione does not just want to get top scores for the hell of it, nor does she just want it to make herself a shoe in for the position of Head Girl next year. She truthfully doesn't even care about Terry Boot, he's just a Ravenclaw, the Gryffindor's have no feud with them. No this was about house honor, and personal rights. Draco Malfoy stood for everything Hermione Granger did not, he was egotistical, cruel, spoiled, the son of a Death Eater, A likely Death Eater himself, or possibly just a wannabe Death Eater, and a Slytherin as well. To Hermione, if she could get top grades, beat the pants off of Draco Malfoy, then their couldn't possibly be any basis, even with their prejudice processing, that they could find her a muggleborn inferior. How can a mudblood be weak and less then a pureblood, if she's smarter then one? And not just any pureblood , but the heir to the Malfoy family itself. Infamous for being the most pure in all of the British Wizarding World. Pompous git…blonde hinkypunk. I'm not about to be shown up by him.
Hermione smiled to herself just at the idea of becoming head girl, of showing up the blonde haired fool…of getting all her revenge for the insults and all the "dirty mudblood" remarks, all in one fell swoop.

She watched him for a moment, just out of the corner of her eye, she kept her body straight and her head in the general direction of the Professor just in case anyone was watching. She didn't need anyone to know that she was observing her rival. She watched as he continued to just lay back in his chair as if he didn't have a care in the world, he would every once in a while glance around the room, staring more at the Gryffindor's section then any, careful to add a well placed sneer or raised eyebrow. Hermione was sure to actually look away if his eyes ever came her direction. It would be bad indeed if Harry or Ron saw her watching their six year nemesis without a look of absolute horror or revulsion on her face, it would be much worse if Malfoy saw it.

True, Hermione Granger did not absolutely hate the ground Draco Malfoy touched, she didn't hate him with every fiber of her being, or wish unspeakable horrors upon him. Not only did Hermione consider herself above something as childish as a school yard rivalry, but she reserved such supreme hate for those who truly deserved it. Sadly Hermione had no proof that Draco Malfoy actually was a death Eater, or that he has done anything truly horrible, so she couldn't justify herself hating someone without a real reason too. But he did annoy her greatly, she continued to watch him as he moved his hand through his hair, a few strands of it had apparently fallen down over his face. She watched as he smoothed it back into perfection once more. Conceited Git…spoiled pretty boy…what does he think? That every girl within a hundred feet is going to swoon just because he has well groomed hair? Does he think his hair is that good? Or that he is? No one would be stupid enough to think him so great!

Hermione had more then once rolled her eyes at the antics of one Draco Malfoy. The way he always had to drawl out his words, pronouncing every word as if it was a command, annunciating his every word, almost to the point that it might as well have a second meaning to him, it was so important. And sadly every time Hermione thought she had come closer to understanding her enemy, to seeing what it was that caused him to beat her score here and there, her concentration was dulled by sheer stupidity herself. In the middle of her observing her eyes were brought away from the blonde boy when the class rung with the sound of a huge explosion of what Hermione called "Stupidity in human form."

"Yes! I'm finally done." An ear shattering voice ringing through a silent room was much less then comfortable. But comfortable and Pansy Parkinson are words that never go together in the same sentence properly. The whole class seemed to wince at once as the ringing subsided in their head, even professor Snape was not immune to such a harpy. He was quick to remind Parkinson of how he loved silence so, and if she interrupted the class again he would personally show her what it was like to be mute. Hermione silently prayed that Pansy had gotten lost somewhere in the large words and found herself unable to speak for the next two years. But apparently somewhere the threat had actually gotten through her bubbly blonde hair, and into her empty skull. It was with a disappointed sigh that Hermione returned her gaze at Malfoy. All the while thinking how unfair it was that a Slytherin, especially one as annoying as Parkinson, would just get a threat from Professor Snape. Yet, had it been a Gryffindor, he would of gotten a detention at least, and any warnings would have been non-vocal hand movements as Snape reached for his wand.

There are some things in the world that Hermione Granger will never understand, one is how Professor Snape was and still is allowed to teach at Hogwarts when he is so severely prejudice against three of the houses, Gryffindor's especially. The other would be how anyone in their right mind could possibly find Draco Malfoy something other then a worm.

Here they were, Sixth years in their potions class, during an extensive note writing paper, with explanations and references to some five potions, and all of their ingredients. And Hermione had to be the only person with nothing to do, as the only other two students finished were currently flirting so heavily, she wouldn't of been surprised if they got up to excuse themselves for a restroom 'break'.

If I thought Pansy was stupid before she started lusting after the ferret, then she's breaking a record now. How could anyone in their mind be attracted to such a blonde headed bastard such as him? He's not even good looking for Merlin sake!
Here Hermione had to stop herself mid thought to look once again at her rival. Blonde hair, Grey silver eyes, tall, well built for a quidditch seeker, small muscles just in the right places, nothing too bulgy or bulky. Definitely not an ox, more of a well toned Stag….ok ok ok! So maybe he's a bit attractive, I can give the bastard that, but really all he is, is a decent body and money. Probably the reason he's getting such good grades in the first place, giving donations to the school or something. Or maybe he's just hiring expensive tutors to get him through his courses? Hmm…wouldn't that be something to shove in his face. Stupid Ferret can't even do his own work with his own wits, has to pay someone else to whip his mind into shape.

Hermione continued to think up even more unlikely situations, up to and including Professor Snape owing the Malfoy family a large amount of money, and that being the reason why he shows such kindness to the son of a well known Death Eater. She could of gone on for hours probably at the rate her mind worked, if it wasn't for Professor Snape himself finally standing up and ending what seemed like hours of perpetual silence.
"Everyone put your quill's down now, if anyone is un-lucky enough as to not have copied all your effects and variables, then you will be solely out of luck today."

The class all notable sighed together, Hermione noticed both Harry and Ron looking somewhat apprehensive as they got all their parchment together, no doubt neither of them had come very close to finishing. Snape gave only a second for the class to get reorganized before he continued with the next half of the lesson.

"As even the most absent minded of you lot should be aware by now. Today is May eve, known more popularly in the Wizarding world as Beltain. Tonight is one of the most powerful days when it comes to using magic, being only second to Halloween. Beltain is a powerful day when it comes to charms, weather for protection or animation. Magic is in the air tonight, and spells of this nature generally will become much more powerful and effective once the sun has begun to set."

Hermione herself knew a thing or two about Beltain night, though she had never actually used its magical benefits in her own research or work. Finding herself an adapt at Transfiguration the class taught by her beloved Professor McGonagall. The unique magic of Beltain was more enchanting to talk about for her then for practical use.
"But for this class most importantly, Beltain is the most important night for gathering some of the most powerful and rare ingredients. Nightshade, Moonblow leave, Red Salax petals. Many of the potions that are key ingredients to today's potions can only be fully initialized if they are gathered early tonight and used before the next dawn. Some of them can only be used tonight, and will either have no magical properties tomorrow, or will simple disappear with the first touch of sunlight upon them."Snape moved forward around his desk and waved his wand at the large chalk board in front of the class room. At once all the notes on the several potions they had been dutifully copying disappeared. The only thing that remained was the names of the potions themselves, and their unique effects.

"Today all of you are going to choose one of these potions to create, each one of them needs increasing amounts of ingredients that can only be collected tonight at sundown. The Potions with the least of the key ingredients will be worth the least amount of points. For those of you who are in need of more then the average amount of points to increase your grade in my class. Which potion you do is up to you, and make your decision wisely, as I will not allow you to change once you have decided, under any circumstances. You must collect all ingredients, prepare the potion correctly and completely. For any points to be bestowed, I must have a sample of your potion, and a list of effects you experienced while under it."
Snape looked at each students face briefly, all of them showing similar looks of excitement and interest on their face as they looked at the board, and the five potions. His gaze wandered over to the Gryffindor section of the class.

"Yes you must all test your potion, I find this an incentive for students to actually make something right for once. Now you all have until the end of this class. Which is…In two minutes, to decided what potion you will make, be sure to have a good reason behind it, I won't except because it's easy or it sounds fun to be anything near adequate. You are sixth years, so act like it." The Professors emotionless face, turned to one of amusement, a smirk on it. "Though I am not above handing out a few bits of advice…"

"Whomever is partnered with Longbottom, I suggest you either chose the easiest of potions today, or do it completely yourself…any slight miscalculations due to a blundering partner, will spell disaster for your potion, and your grade as well." The Slytherin's were quick to chuckle, as Neville took the insult with a calm face, finally used to such treatment from the Potions Master. Hermione though still thought the Professor to be nothing more then the king of snakes, a vile serpent no matter his credentials. Snape took a moment to speak more ineptly about the potion, their names and common uses, and who was credited with creating which.

Hermione had only somewhat listened to the Professors speech, instead taking her time to look over the list of potions. She skipped over the first three, finding them all too easy, and not worth the time or the points to miss most of her night brewing. It all came down to the last two, one of which was noticeably easier, and might actually come in handy if not just be incredibly interesting to experience. And the other which was so entirely useless Hermione couldn't believe that professor Snape was offering it.

"The last two of the potions are the ones who I will only allow the most experienced of you to even attempt, as it can lead to nothing less then a complete waste of mine time for amateurs to try. The first of this is the fabled Vision of the Fairies Potion, known as Evoco Aspectus said to give the drinker the sight of the Fae, allowing them to see what we cannot, possibly side effects are seeing the essence of Magic itself, and or seeing the Gods." You didn't need to be the smartest witch in Hogwarts to hear the sarcasm dripping from Snape's mouth.
" Trust me that anything you see under this potion, is nothing more then intense hallucinations most likely due to the effects of the poppy seed, and nightshade mixed together." Hermione was too busy paying attention, her mind on the parchment in front of her, as she copied down everything she knew about the last two potions.

Evoco Aspectus
Potion of the Fae, imbues drinker with sight of a otherworldly creature, allowing you to see beyond the barrier of the physical world.

Potion of Attraction, supposedly able to bring about intense feelings of attraction and longing, even when such feelings were never their in the first (but out of common use, due to complicated and delicately-unstable brewing process)

"The Metoninosus Potion is regrettably a requirement for seventh years to at least be allowed to attempt. If it was not such, I would never allow its name in my classroom." Snape's voiced was dripping with the utmost distain, distain he usually saved for Gryffindors, and Harry.
"It is entirely useless, and I would suggest that no one attempts such a potion, not only will you most likely fail, but even if you succeed, it is a waste of both your time and mine…"

Hermione for once found herself agreeing with the surly potions professor, she knew that Metoninosus was one potion she would never brew in her life, not to mention even think of sampling…the idea was just plain stupid.

"Granger where are we going?" This was the fifth time since they had left the castle gates that Draco had asked that question. Hermione thought he would eventually get tired of it, or he would just figure it out for himself, but apparently neither seemed to be happening.

"Granger…how many times do I have to ask, before you tell me, where it is that we are currently walking at this moment in time?" Hermione couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes, the Malfoy drawl was particularly annoying when he spread it out so much, annunciating every single bloody word.

"Malfoy why don't you take an educated guess as to where we're going? Its night, it's the eve of Beltain, and theirs a big dark forest on the horizon, getting bigger and bigger as we continue to move…now do you have a good idea of where it is we're going?" Hermione could almost hear Malfoy grit his teeth in annoyance at being talked to like a child, it brought a smile to her face, to think she had gotten one up on the blonde prick.

It was a short lived smile though, as Hermione felt herself catch her foot on something, momentum caused her upper body to continue moving, while her feet were stuck in place, she tumbled over herself, and went crashing to the ground, the wet grass clinging to her clothes, adding a bit of insult to her newest injury.

" That's a new way to stop yourself Granger, is it a muggle trick? Looks painful, wouldn't it of been easier to just, stop moving…Did you have to throw yourself on the ground?" Hermione let a large breath of air out of her mouth, her frustration evident. Picking herself up, she tried to brush off most of the grass, but they were even clinging to her hands.

"Malfoy do shut up, its late, and I would much prefer it if we could complete this project before dawn, and without killing one another…murder doesn't look good on the record you know." Annoyed with the small progress she was making on the grass removal, Hermione grabbed her wand, and with a few whispered words, her clothes were now grass free, and spotless. She always hated using magic for such mundane things…seemed an insulting way to use such a wonderful gift. That's your muggle thinking Hermione, you're a witch, its not a gift, its as common as having hair on your head…No matter how much she tried, Hermione couldn't get rid of all of her muggle upbringing, she didn't want to personally, but her heritage clashed with her chosen world more and more the older she got.

"Well then maybe you could make it easy on both of us, and tell me what it is that we are doing? Obviously we're heading off into the forest, to work on a potions project, but maybe if you told me what potion Snape felt he needed to assign to us, I can actually do something…instead of letting a know it all mudblood mess it up!" Malfoy seemed to not know when to stop, his cocky attitude and his patented smirk though were soon erased from his face when Hermione's fist collided with his jaw.

"SHIT! What the fuck…D-did you just punch me Granger!" Hermione gave him a little smirk of her own, she was very tired, and this "project" was already getting on her nerves, and they hadn't even started it yet.

"Yes I punched you Ferret, slapping is for third years, this seemed like a better idea, and it felt so much better." Hermione though wouldn't let him know just how hard his jaw was…her hand was now aching horribly…she hoped she hadn't broken anything.

Draco took a moment to collect his thoughts, as he rubbed his jaw with one hand, his other he slowly held behind his back. Hermione glanced over and saw that he was going for his wand. Forgetting her aching hand, Hermione whipped out her wand just as he got a hold of his. She pointed it directly into the blonde's face, like a sword she held it threateningly just an inch from his face.

"I've had it up to here with your shit Malfoy, one more move on your part, one more 'Mudblood' one more comment from your snake of a mouth, and I will hex you into an unrecognizable lump of a slug. Don't even think of using one more smart ass comment, or crack at my parents, or anything…its better if you don't eve say a word unless spoken too. Act like a good little death eater wannabe, and be the servant you are!"

Hermione felt a bit of a rush when she threatened him, she knew her anger, but mostly her lack of a patience tonight was the cause of it all…but it sure felt good. She could see the first flicker of fear in his eyes, before he held in behind his mask of indifference. But she knew she saw it, no one at Hogwarts was willing to go up against a fully pissed off Hermione, everyone knew how gifted she was. But when she said the words Death Eater, something changed, it wasn't until she had finished her sentence that she could see it. Malfoy's eyes were no longer calm, they were swirling with anger, Hermione's hand faltered a bit as a breeze swept past her, her hair moving along with it. Is that the wind? Or is Draco really that angry? Hermione decided not to tempt fate, and removed her wand from his face, turning around Hermione started to walk again, south away from the school…into the very heart of the Forbidden forest.

"We're going to make Metoninosus you and I, Malfoy, we're going to make the lust potion."