Hermione Granger walked through the barricade between Platform 9 and 10 and found herself on Platform 9 ¾. She saw her three best friends standing on the platform talking to their mom. Hermione walked over. "Hello Mrs. Weasley," she said

"Oh, hello dear, did you have a good summer, what am I saying of course you didn't with all that happened, well did you have a good summer after everything happened?" asked Mrs. Weasley

"Of course I did after I got over the shock of everything, hi Harry, Ginny, Ron," she said

"Hey Hermione," the all said

"Oh Hermione congratulations on getting Head Girl," said Mrs. Weasley

"Thank you, Harry, Ron, Ginny we better go find a compartment," said Hermione

"Oh, sure, let's go," said Ginny

"Wait a minute Hermione," said Mrs. Weasley, "Do you know who the Head Boy is?"

"Don't look at me," said Harry

"It's not me," said Ron

Just then a voice floated over, "Good luck. And congratulations on becoming Head Boy, See you over Christmas Draco."

"What?" screamed Hermione

"Oh no," said Ginny

"Come on Hermione, let's go," said Ron

"Bye Mom," called Ginny

"Have a good year, and be safe," called Mrs. Weasley

The 4 friends got on the train and found an empty compartment and sat down. Just as they sat down Hermione jumped back up and cried, "I can't believe I have to do Head Duties with that scum ball-," she would have said more but the compartment door slid open and in walked none other than Draco Malfoy.

"Come on Granger we have to go tell the prefects what they have to do and how to deal with those midgets," he said then he turned around and walked out of the compartment.

"I guess I have to go," Hermione said, "This is going to be a very long year."

"Good luck," said Ginny

"Thanks Ginny, but I think I'll need a bit more than good luck to win this battle, but thanks," replied Hermione

"Hermione just remember you have battled Death Eaters and you were only 15 you can take whatever he throws at you," said Harry

"Did you just hear what you said, Malfoy is most likely a Death Eater Harry I better go," she said and turned and walked down the corridor.

"I just meant he is 17 she battled adults that have been Death Eaters for 20 years and she survived so what's a 17 year old going to do if he's only been a Death Eater for a year," said Harry to Ron and Ginny

Hermione walked into the prefects carriage and went and stood on the opposite side of the carriage from Malfoy. Malfoy walked over to her and whispered in her hear, "So are you going to talk first or should I?"

"I don't care," replied Hermione

"Fine, you go first," he said

"Okay, can I have everyone's attention please," said Hermione

Nobody turned, so Hermione pulled out her wand and there was a loud bang. Everyone turned to look where the bang came from and finally it was quiet, "Okay that's better so first off congratulations on being made prefects to those that are in fifth year and thanks for returning to those that are in sixth and seventh year," just then Ron slipped into the carriage.

"Okay first off, what you jobs are going to be is to lead the first years to their new common rooms after the feast, and tomorrow we are going to have a meeting about night patrol times and days, so how about we meet in Classroom 12 at let's say 7:00 tomorrow night. We'll explain more of your duties then but for the time being all you have to do on the train ride is make sure nobody gets into any trouble. Does anyone have any questions?"

One fifth year boy put up his hand

"Yes?" said Hermione

"Well are we aloud to take points away?" he asked

Hermione tried to remember the boys name but couldn't, "No, prefects are not allowed to take away points or give detention, they are just their to be a set an extra set of eyes and ears for the teachers and the head boy and girl, any other questions?"

A girl that Hermione remember was in Ravenclaw put up her hand.

"Yes," said Malfoy

"So if we aren't allowed to take points away and give detentions what are we here for?" she asked

"Well," answered Malfoy, "Basically if you see something wrong happening you talk to that person and give them a warning and if they don't listen or they continue to do it then you come and talk to a teacher or Granger or myself."

"Oh, just before you go," said Hermione, "Here are the passwords to your dorms. Don't tell anyone that is not in your house okay and it is your duty to make sure everyone knows. Okay?"

"Okay," agreed everyone. Hermione and Malfoy handed out little slips of paper with the passwords they had chosen on them then they turned to leave

The rest of the train ride was uneventful but as soon as the train stopped there was a loud bang and then screams. Hermione, ran out of the compartment with Ron closely on her tail and Harry and Ginny bringing up the rear. They had their wands out and ready. The corridor was crowded and full of smoke. Hermione pushed her way through yelling, "I'm Head Girl, let me through."

Slowly everyone made way for the Head Girl and she finally found what had happened. Laying on the floor and stunned surrounded by everyone was none other than Pansy Parkinson. Hermione made her way over to her and knelt down beside her. She could hear Malfoy yelling for people to get out of the way and finally he made it through the throng of people, "Shit," he said and ran over to Pansy.

"What happened," he asked Hermione

"No clue, I thought you knew," she answered

"Okay," said Malfoy standing up and turning towards all of the students, "Everyone get back in your compartments, and nobody leaves this train right now."

Nobody moved, "Get back in your compartments NOW," barked Malfoy

"What are we going to do?" asked Hermione

"I don't know," answered Malfoy

"I'll go out and get Hagrid, and he can go up to the school and get a teacher," said Hermione and she stood up and ran out of the train

Malfoy stood up and started at on end of the carriage and worked his way back asking people what they had saw. He got many stories from Dementors swooping in and sucking her soul out to the ghost of Dumbledore appearing and she passed out she was so surprised. None sounded real enough to investigate further on. 20 minutes later he heard footsteps and Hermione rushed back onto the train out of breath and with Professor McGonagoll in tow.

"Oh my goodness, what happened," cried Professor McGonagoll

"That's just it, we don't know what happened, let alone who did it," answered Hermione

"Where is everyone?" asked Professor McGonagoll

"They are all back in their compartments. I talked to everyone in this carriage and nobody saw what happened, well people said they saw something's like Dumbledore's ghost appearing and she fainted but that can't be because some sort of course hit her and knocked her backwards judging from the bruises on her head, right there you see," said Malfoy pointing to her head

"I see," said McGonagoll

"Professor McGonagoll," I said,

"Yes Ms. Granger,"

"Well from the looks of her it looks like the curse was way beyond what a student could do, could this have anything to do with Voldemort?" Hermione asked

"It just might be," answered McGonagoll

At the mention of Voldemort Malfoy shivered, and Hermione noticed him shiver. Even though Voldemort was gone his Death Eaters that had survived the war were still going strong.

"What are we going to do with her?" asked Malfoy

"Well I'll take her back up to the castle with me and take her up to the hospital wing and see what Madame Pomfrey says," answered McGonagoll

McGonagoll pulled out her wand and levitated Pansy Parkinson out of the train, "Oh, and Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger what you did was exactly what you should have. Thank you," she said and she was gone

Hermione turned and headed one way to tell everyone they could get off of the train and Malfoy went the other way. Everyone got into the carriages that took them up to the school. Finally they arrived at the school. Hermione walked into the Entrance Hall with Harry, Ron and Ginny in tow. McGonagoll rushed up to her and said, "Potter, Weasley and uh well other Weasley can I just have a word with Ms. Granger?"

"Sure," they answered,

"We'll see you inside," whispered Ginny

"Okay, save me a seat," replied Hermione

"Will do," answered Ginny

"So what do you need Professor?" Hermione asked

"Will you please stay in the hall after the feast, I need to talk to you," said McGonagoll

"Sure, so what did Madame Pomfrey say happened?" asked Hermione

"Well she doesn't know exactly what hit her but it was defiantly a dark curse," answered McGonagoll

"I thought everything would be better once Voldemort was gone, I can see now that the only thing that has changed is Voldemort is no longer leading the Death Eaters," said Hermione

"I thought so too, oh here are the first years, got to run, thank you Hagrid," called McGonagoll as she ran off the greet the first years.

Hagrid walked over and said, "Alright Hermione?"

"I thought so until just now," answered Hermione

"So what happened?" asked Hagrid

"Well we don't know but Madame Pomfrey, Professor McGonagoll, Malfoy and I believe it was some dark curse," answered Hermione

"Why did McGonagoll make that boy Head Boy? Why?" cried Hagrid

"Shhh, Hagrid, I don't know and I don't like it anymore than you. We both know that he is a Death Eater, but McGonagoll probably has here reasons like Dumbledore always did," said Hermione

"I can't believe it though," wailed Hagrid, "Dumbledore is dead and its all because of him."

"Shh Hagrid, who is the new Potions Master?"

"Oh, Slughorn stayed," answered Hagrid

"He stayed, wow, and Lupin has taken back his position as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and no more Snape, yeeesss," said Hermione

"Ms. Granger, you might want to get in the Great Hall," called out McGonagoll

"Oh, sorry Professor, won't happen again," said Hermione and she ran into the Great Hall and sat down beside Ginny.

McGonagoll led the first years in and then she went and stood in front of the teachers table, "Attention everyone," she called, "Welcome to another year of Hogwarts. I am your new Headmistress and Professor Flitwick is your Deputy Headmaster, so before the feast begins could Professor Flitwick come forward to oversee the Sorting Ceremony."

Flitwick walked forward and placed the 3 legged stool down and place the old sorting hat on top of it. (A/N terrible at rhyming so no sorting hat song. Sorry. If you have one you would like to see here, you could email it to me and I might add it into the story)

Flitwick called the names and after the last person was sorted-into Ravenclaw-McGonagoll stood up and said, "I have a few start of term notices. First years and a few of our older students please note that the Forbidden Forest should I explain any further is Forbidden. Mr. Filch our caretaker has added 5 more items that are not allowed in the corridors. If you would wish to see the full list talk to myself or Mr. Filch. Also we have a few changes of staff. Professor Snape will not be returning do to the events of last year, so once again, Professor Lupin will be taking the spot of Defense Against the Dark Arts."

The whole all erupted into cheers. Lupin stood up and waved and then sat back down and McGonagoll continued with her speech, "Even though Professor Slughorn said last year that he was only coming for one year he decided through the summer that he would like to stay, so your Potions Master will stay the same. And now let the feast begin," McGonagoll sat down and the plates magically filled themselves.

After dinner was finished and pudding had been eaten McGonagoll stood up and said, "Now prefects please lead the first years to their new dorms. Oh and could the Head Boy and Girl please stay for a minute. Goodnight everyone."

The hall cleared out and after five minutes only Malfoy, McGonagoll and Hermione were left.

"I trust that you know that you will be spending the year in the Head's Dorm," said McGonagoll

"WHAT," cried Hermione and Malfoy at the same time

"I can't share a dorm with him/her," they both cried

"Quiet both of you, you can and you will share a dorm. Come along I will lead you to it now," said McGonagoll and they followed her out of the Great Hall

McGonagoll stopped in front of a painting of a lady wearing a black dress and veil. McGonagoll turned to them and said, "You may choose your password, and tonight I would like both of you to be out patrolling the halls after curfew. You can patrol from 9:00 until 10:30. Curfew is at 9:00. Goodnight," and she was gone

"So what should the password be?" asked Hermione

"I don't care," answered Malfoy

"Well how about Shakespeare?" asked Hermione

"Who the hell is that?" said Malfoy

"A famous muggle play writer from the 15 hundreds."

"Fine, Shakespeare it is then," said Malfoy and the portrait swung open.

Hermione and Malfoy walked in and they couldn't believe what they saw. The Common Room was Red and Green with Silver and Gold furnishings. They walked into the room and turned back towards the doorway and up the side of the each wall was a staircase. Hermione walked up the one on the right which was red and found herself in a Gryffindor colour dorm. It looked exactly like her dorm she shared in the Gryffindor Tower, but more elegant. Malfoy went up the Green stairs which were on the left side and walked into a room that was Green and Silver and looked a lot like his dorm he shared in the dungeon, but it was a single room. The both walked back down the stairs and walked over to the windows which took up the whole wall opposite the door and the bottom of the staircases. On the same side of the room as the staircase to Hermione's dorm, so when you walk in the door it is on the left side and walking out the door on the right side by the windows was another staircase. Hermione and Malfoy walked down that staircase and found themselves in the biggest bathroom every. Even bigger and more grander than the prefects bathroom.

"Wow," said Malfoy

"Cool," said Hermione

In the center of the room was a large pool, which actually could be a bathtub or a pool, whatever you wish and to the left of the door way was a wall and a door. You went through the doorway and there was a toilet and sink. On the right of the door was a very large hot tub.

"This is amazing," said Hermione

"So we have to share a bathroom then and a Common Room," said Malfoy

"It looks that way," answered Hermione

"Well what's that over there then?" asked Malfoy

They walked over past the hot tub and around the pool slash bathtub to another wall. The walked through the doorway and found a very large shower with a seat in it even. The glass was frosted. The shower area was at the opposite side of the room from the doorway. Beside the shower was another door. The opened the door and walked up another flight of stairs and found themselves in the hallway outside there dorms.

"4 stair cases, 3 levels, amazing," said Malfoy

"I agree," said Hermione

"Well I'm tired now, what time is it?"

"Oh, well it's 8:30 we have to go out and patrol in half an hour," said Hermione

"Do we have to do this every night?"

"No, we can give it all to the prefects," answered Hermione

"Cool, well I'll see you at 9:00 then."

"See you at 9:00," said Hermione and they turned and walked into their own dorms.

At 5 to 9 they both walked out there dorms and down the stairs. They patrolled the corridors for an hour and a half. Hermione took the top part of the castle, and Malfoy took the lower half. At 10:30 they met up in front of the Black Lady as they now called her.

"I just have to go talk to McGonagoll," said Malfoy

"Whatever for?" asked Hermione

"Oh, nothing," answered Malfoy

"Nothing, well why are you going to talk to her then?"

"Fine, just about what happened on the train, I have a few questions, are you happy now?"

"More than happy, your worried about Parkinson aren't you?" said Hermione smiling

"I'll be back later," said Malfoy and he was gone

"Going to see McGonagoll about what happened, bullshit he is worried about that slime ball," said Hermione out loud

"Did you want to get in?" asked the Black Lady

"Oh, yeah, Shakespeare," said Hermione

The portrait swung open and she walked in and up to her dorm. She went up to her dorm and sat down at the desk. She grabbed a quill and a piece of parchment and wrote, "Ginny, please try and get Harry's Cloak and come down please. I need to talk to you. Oh. We are on the 5th floor. Write across from the prefects bathroom. The portrait of a lady wearing a black dress veil the password is Shakespeare. Luv. Hermione"

Hermione went over to her owl that she had gotten just after sixth year was over because she needed an owl during the war to send letters that she wanted to get intercepted by "accident"and give away "information that was private" (A/N the italics there with the quotations mean like joking accident and private information if you get what I mean)

She tied the letter to Rigel which she named after the star Rigel. She named it that because the owl was a snowy owl and it was it was so white it looked blue. And Rigel the star is blue. It also forms the western foot or the Hunter Orion, and it's name which is Arabic means Leg of the Giant.

Rigel flew off and in 5 minutes was back with a reply, "Coming right now." Just after Hermione read the note she heard Ginny down in the Common Room, "Holy Cow Hermione, this is amazing where are you anyways?"

Hermione ran down the stairs and greeted her and gave her the tour.

Meanwhile in the Headmistress' office Malfoy was talking to McGonagoll, "I think they did it because…"

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