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She slowly walked up the stairs. It was getting harder and harder for her by the day but she couldn't stop. She had been climbing those steps every day for the past two years. Ever since her husband had suddenly died. She had a feeling that today would be the last day she would climb those steep steps.

At the top of the stairs she stopped to rest then she shuffled across the dusty wood floors to the seat by the window. She sat her frail body down on the chair and stared out across the sweeping grounds of her home. Nobody knew where she disappeared to for hours every day except one of the House Elves, Twinkle. Twinkle would never tell anybody where she was though because even though she was no longer the head of the family-that job had gone to her son when he married-she treated Twinkle extremely well and Twinkle would never betray her because of that.

She let out a deep sigh and a tear made its way down her cheek which she quickly wiped away. She thought back on how everything had been when she wasn't the only one left.

Two years before she had been at the hospital and a healer had walked in and told her the bad news, she was sick and would never get better…

"I can't be sick, I feel fine," she protested to the healer.

"Yes Mrs. Malfoy, I know you feel fine but that's the thing with this disease it slowly creeps up on you until one day you are to weak to do anything. You'll eventually just go to sleep and not wake up."

She looked down at the ground and blinked back tears, "Is there treatment?"

"There is, but there is no guarantee that it will stop the process, it will probably just slow it down."

"How long if I don't?"

"Probably about two years."

"Thank you," she then walked out of the room and apparated home. She had to tell her husband.

Just thinking about that day made her feel sick. If being told you was terminally ill wasn't enough walking into to find your husband dead made it the worst day of her life.

She walked into her bedroom and called out to her husband, "Draco, I'm home."

There was no answer so she walked into the bathroom. There she saw what would haunt her for the rest of her life, her husband lying in a heap on the ground. She knelt down beside his lifeless form and felt for a pulse which she could not find, that's when she screamed. They found her lying beside him sobbing.

She had never told anybody that she was sick. She had meant to, honestly she did but after that day she couldn't find the right time to break the bad news so she kept it to herself. Thinking back to happier times she remembered the day when the Ministers Senior Assistant came into her office as Head of Magical Law Enforcement and delivered the terrible but yet great news…

The Senior Assistant to the Minister walked into her office without knocking. She had just been reading a letter from her son Damien who was reporting to her on his first week at Hogwarts. In the letter it also said that he had been sorted into Slytherin which she had figured would happen even though she would have rather he be in Gryffindor. He was to much like his father not to be a Slytherin. Since the war had ended Slytherin hadn't been as bad of a house.

"Mrs. Malfoy," the man said.

"Yes," she replied.

"Just hours ago the Minister of Magic passed away."

"Oh my god I'm so sorry."

"You are the next choice to succeed him."

"What?" she stuttered.

"If you will accept you will be the next minister for magic."

"I would love to but I don't know what my family will say, I'll have to talk to them first."

"Very well but please hurry."

"I will."

She had quickly Flooed to Draco's office and told him the great news which he told her she couldn't pass down. Within hours she was talking in front of reporters in her new office. Everyone had been so excited for her including Damien who couldn't believe his mom was the most powerful person in all of Wizard London.

"So you can even get me out of detention?" Damien asked one night at dinner during the Christmas Holidays.

"I said I control what goes on at Hogwarts not going against teachers who show that there is a consequence for an action. And why do you have detention?"

Draco and Damien winked at each other and then in unison smirked the same smirk at her.

God she loved those two.

They had never wanted another child until Damien turned ten and then she and Draco had started to weigh out the possibilities, but then she had become the youngest and first female (a/n don't know if this would be true or not) Minister for Magic and that took up all her time. She held that position for ten years and then gave it up. Damien at this time was 21 at the time and she was 39. It was the first time in 8 years that she and Draco had thought of having another child. They decided to try but Hermione's body wouldn't co-operate.

She felt herself drifting off to sleep.

She awoke a little while later and her first thoughts were of how proud she had been when she watched Damien get married. He had fallen in love with Veronica Yorser and the summer when he was 34 they got married. Less than a year later Hermione and Draco were Grandparents to a beautiful little boy named Garrett James Malfoy.

Images of Harry and Ginny's wedding flashed through her head as well as Pamela and Ron's. She remembered holding each of their kids as newborns. Those were some of the best days of her life.

When she was 60 she had been approached by the Ministry to return as Minister for Magic. She turned it down and told them that there was something else she would rather do.

"You're declining?" The Undersecretary to the Minister said.

"Yes," she replied.

"Why, I thought you loved it in office?"

"I did, but I have something else I'd rather do."

"And what might be so great that you'll turn down the Minister position for?"

"Have you found anybody to be at Hogwarts yet?"

"Well no," the Undersecretary admitted, "But you can't be thinking what I think you are?"

"I am, put me at Hogwarts."

"You want to be the Headmistress?"

"I thought I had made that reasonably clear."

She had stayed at Hogwarts throughout her grandson's time there and then at the age of 80 she resigned because Garrett was expecting his first child within a year and she wanted to spend time with her great grandchild.

Twinkle appeared with a tray of food for Hermione and Hermione thanked her kindly.

Hermione's always wanted to live until her hundredth Birthday and she had accomplished that a week before. It was quite the celebration that Garrett threw for her, everyone had a great time but to her it felt like it wasn't right. Her family was there but her friends were all gone, only their kids were left and they attended the party.

Now that she had completed everything that she wanted to do in life, and her family had done well she could die in peace.

She wasn't scared to die, she would finally get to see Draco again as well as Harry, Ginny, Ron and Pamela. Not to mention her parents. She had missed everyone so terribly. She knew everyone would be fine without her, she had taught them well. She looked out the attic window and took her final breath.


"How are you doing honey," his wife asked him just before the memorial service.

"Vera I don't think I can do this," said the 81 year old Damien.

"I know it's hard but just think she could have been sick for a long time, at least she went peacefully."

'If only you knew,' Damien thought.

Damien was the one that found his mom.

They had begun searching for her when she had not come down for dinner. Nobody could find her anywhere. Damien had been in her room looking for any clues to where she went when Twinkle the House Elf appeared.

"Master Malfoy," it squeaked.

"What?" Damien almost screamed, "Don't bother me now I'm busy," he was never that short tempered with the House Elves.

"I know where Lady Malfoy is."

Damien stopped throwing things out of the closet and turned to the little elf, "Where is she?"

"Where she has been everyday for the last 2 years."

"Where is that?"

"The attic?"

"Why didn't you tell me that when I asked you before?"

"Because I was asked not to and I liked her so I didn't."

"Why are you telling me now then…" Damien felt his stomach turn, he knew why, "There is no entrance to the attic though."

"Yes there is, in here," Twinkle led him to the closet and pushed aside some of Hermione's clothes.

Damien saw a black dot on the wall and he put his finger to it. The dot turned into a door knob and Damien hurriedly flung open the door and went up the stairs. At the landing he saw his beautiful white haired mother sitting by the window. He hurried to her side and saw the her hand was clutching her wedding and engagement rings and a note that said "Damien" on the front.

Damien sunk to the floor beside her and tears filled his eyes. He had always been a mommy's boy, "I love you," he sobbed. He pulled the note from her fingers and started to read it.


I'm going to tell you something that I'll let you decide what you are going to do with it. I'm sorry that I never told you but after your Father died I didn't want to worry you any more. The day that he died I found out I was sick and that I had two years left to live. I grew weaker and weaker these past few months but I did my best to hide it as to not worry you. Don't fret over it that you never saw it and defiantly don't think that you could have done something to stop the disease from progressing, it was out of everyone's hands. I want you to know that I love you dearly. I know that you'll do fine without me. Be strong for everybody else. You are so much like your father and he was a really good man. I am so proud to have you as my son and you have done so well. You have a beautiful wife, a great son and wonderful grandson. I love you all. Everything I could ever have asked for in life came true and I lived life to the fullest. Remind everybody to do the same because you never know when something might happen. It was my time, I'm now with your father, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Pamela and your grandparents. I love you with all my heart. Your Mother

Damien remembered the letter that he had quickly tucked away when he heard footsteps on the stairs. Vera had walked in to see him sobbing beside the lifeless form of his mother.

At the end of the Memorial service cards were passed around to everyone. Damien looked into the smiling face of his mother on the front. It was what her Chocolate Frog would look like. He flipped it over to the backside a read what they had written.

Hermione Granger Malfoy


As a youth was most commonly known as one of Harry Potter's best friends. Along side him and other friend Ron Weasley they freed the Wizarding World from You Know Who. As a young woman she married the heir to the Malfoy estate, Draco Malfoy. She was the first woman and the youngest Minister for Magic in the history of Wizarding England. At the age of 29. She was Minister for ten years then gave it up to be with family. At the age of 60 she turned down an offer of becoming Minister again and instead for the next 20 years was the Headmistress at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"It's really nice isn't it?" Vera said.

"I guess so."

Garrett walked over to his parents with his son Max and his wife Melinda. Together the Malfoy family listened to everyone saying how sorry they were and how she had been such a great woman. After they all headed home. It felt odd to Damien being the oldest and having everyone look up to him. He now had no one to look to and in a way he knew what his Mother meant when she said it was her time to go.


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