Author's Note: This story is just a mix of Suite Life with this totally great show called Supernatural. The beginning of this fanfic is similar to the beginning of Supernatural, and the rest is mostly just my terrible ideas. Anyways, enjoy!

Chapter one

"Night mom," Zack and Cody recited at the same time.

"Night," their mother answered.

The twins headed for their bedroom, closing the door behind them. They got into their beds and soon fell asleep.

A deafening scream sounded through the dark of the hotel suite. Startled, Cody hopped off his bed. Piercing noises came from the living room. Hesitating at first, Cody went off to see what happened.

Everything was awkwardly silent. Un-touched. "Mom?" Cody whispered. He didn't know why he was whispering. There wasn't any answer. Cody shuddered with fear as a warm and thick liquid slopped onto him. It came again. Frightened, Cody looked up. He would never forget what he had seen.

"Mom? Mom!" Cody yelled, choking on tears. Pinned to the ceiling, blood dripping from her mouth, was his mother.

"What are you yelling about?" Zack mumbled sleepily as he entered the room.

Cody motioned to the ceiling. All they could do was scream as they watched their mother's body light up in bright flames. Fire encircled the room, the smell of smoke mixed with the smell of death hung briskly in the heat-filled air.

Cody fell to the ground, losing consciousness. Zack coughed through the thick, purple smoke filling up the room. He couldn't see anything, only red flames everywhere. He knew he had to get out of there. He walked weakly across the room, grabbing Cody by his shirtsleeve. Zack made his way to the door, pulling his brother behind him. He stepped out of the suite, shutting the door tightly. "Help," he shouted. Nobody came. "Help…" he cried wearily, dropping on the floor and becoming unconscious.

"Mom?" Zack sat up, waking up. Strangely, he wasn't in his bedroom. He looked around. The room was small, with barely any furniture in it except a chair standing next to his bed. The walls were a bright shade of white, as was everything else in the room. Zack looked up, seeing a large machine with a lot or wires and tubes hanging from it. Where was he?

"Oh. You've woken up," a woman in a white robe said cheerfully as she entered the room.

"What? Where am I?" Zack asked quickly.

"You're in a hospital. You probably don't remember what happened, but we had to take you here because you have inhaled to much smoke…" the nurse walked over to a small window and pulled open the blinds.

Zack squinted, not so much at the bright sunlight, but at the faint memory of what happened last night. "So it wasn't just a nightmare…" he moaned to himself. The nurse nodded, trying to look sympathetic. "Whe – where's my mom? Where's Cody?" he stammered.

"I have no idea where your mother is, but Cody is in the hospital room next door. He hasn't awoken yet," the nurse explained. Her cheery voice drove Zack nuts. He hated nurses and doctors and hospitals. He wished that he could just wake up and have everything back to normal. "So, how are you feeling?" the nurse continued.

"Okay I guess," Zack replied. He was confused, but didn't want to say what he saw. Nobody would believe him. He didn't even know what happened there, or whether it actually happened. One second he was standing in the doorway of his bedroom, asking Cody why there was yelling. The next, he saw his mom sticking off the ceiling, bursting into flames. It didn't make any sense. Was his mom alive? Where was she?

"What exactly started the fire?" the nurse asked the question that Zack so dreaded to answer.

"Uh – I – uh – I don't know," he claimed.

"What happened?"

"I don't know!" he yelled, "Please, just leave me alone. Go find my mom!"

"Oh… there is something… I guess you will find out sooner or later" the nurse's cheery voice saddened as she spoke, "Your mother. Her – um – remains were found on the floor."

"Re-remains?" Zack repeated the word, letting it sink in, "You mean she's dead?"

The nurse nodded, and avoiding making eye contact with Zack, she left the room, closing the door softly behind her.

"No…" Zack whispered. He picked up the chair next to his hospital bed and threw it into the wall. "It's not fair!" he yelled. He clenched the white, feather pillow, angrily. His grip of the pillow loosened as he turned over in the bed and buried his face in the pillow. He cried for a long, long time – hours, until no tears were left, and all that remained were dry, choked hiccups.

He lay in bed, the blanket crumpled up, the pillow hanging over the edge. Nobody came into the room. Nobody cared. Nobody wanted to deal with an angry boy who lost his mother. Zack got out of his bed, punching the machine above it rage-fully. He didn't know where to go. What would he do if he went back to the Tipton? What would he answer to all the questions that he was certain would be asked? What has happened to Cody?

Zack slammed the door to the hospital room shut. As he went down the hallway, he glanced through the glass part of the door he passed. Inside it, someone lay on the bed, mostly covered by bed sheets, a whole bunch of machinery was set around him. Tubes were attached to the person's face, arms and legs. A dark screen was set up on the side, green lines zigzagging up and down. Zack took a closer look at the person. It was Cody!