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Chapter Seventeen

Cody woke up, watching the whole world spin rapidly in his eyes. Eventually, he realized that he was in the room he was before. "Very nice, Cody," Bloody Mary chuckled, "I thought that you wouldn't make it."

Cody tried to sit up in his chair, staring at Bloody Mary's blurry face. "Is th-that it?" Cody asked hopefully. He knew he couldn't take a second longer of this hell Bloody Mary was putting him through.

"Yes. At least, from my help," Mary laughed, "I think that you won't forget that easily about everything that has happened," she studied Cody's pained face then said quietly, "Cody, you can go now. Find your brother and go home… on the streets. That is where your home is, isn't it?"

Trough overwhelming dizziness, Cody slowly stood up, weakly moving across the room. He noticed a door in one of the walls, so he made his way there. Pleading silently that this wasn't another one of Bloody Mary's traps; he turned the doorknob. Everything going on in Cody's mind stopped. His heart clenched at the sight of his twin brother tied to a chair, pale, bruised, and overall looking half-dead. Despite his own pain, Cody ran as fast as he could, across the room to Zack.

"Zack?" Cody whispered. Cody untied his twin, waiting for him to wake up. Zack didn't budge. "Zack, wake up," Cody felt for a pulse. Zack was alive. Hardly, but still alive. "Please wake up," Cody murmured. He kneeled on the ground, taking his brother's head and putting it on his lap.

Cody felt so good, so complete just to see his brother again, but so worried to see him in such a condition. He couldn't help but wonder what Zack would say when he wakes up, how he reacts to what happened, and his most dreaded thought, whether Zack would wake up or not. Cody tried hard not to cry, but couldn't do anything about the tears that were streaming down his face. He didn't have any idea of what to do next. Cody sat on the floor helplessly, holing his brother closely to himself, waiting for Zack to show any sign of vitality except for his pulse.

After what seemed like hours to Cody, Zack's eyes fluttered open. He stared in confusion at Cody, whose face bloomed with happiness.

"Zack!" Cody yelled gleefully.

"C-Cody?" Zack mumbled, his voice dry and tired.

"Zack! Are you alright?" Cody asked.

Zack nodded. After all this time, he really doubted that he would ever see Cody again. He thought that he was dreaming, but was still happy. If this was a dream, it was a good one, unlike the ones that he had for the last three weeks. Zack opened his mouth to ask a question, but instead, he just hugged Cody tightly, knowing that everything would be okay.

Cody silently hugged back, also knowing that as long as the two of them were together, they would be okay. Cody thought about all the people he killed. All those murders, all the sacrifices he made – they were worth it. He knew he'd never forget what he did, but it didn't matter. It was worth it… for Zack.

Zack thought about the past three weeks that he spent in this jail with Bloody Mary. At first, he wanted to give up, but he kept fighting her. He didn't know why. But now he knew. If he would have gave up, he wouldn't be here right now, not exactly in the place he wanted to be, but with the person he wanted to see. It was all worth it… for Cody.

Cody knew there was nothing he wouldn't do for Zack.

Zack knew there was nothing he wouldn't do for Cody.