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Loving All Thee of 'Em

Chapter Seven


In gym…

Sakura sat on the bench while everyone else got their yearly height and weight measurements. Sigh Sakura loathed gym, always have always will, but now that Uchiha Sasuke was in it, she loathed it even more.

Coincidentally, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, Neji, Kakashi, some blonde haired guy named Naruto that Hinata is oddly close to, and of course Sasuke were in the same gym class. Now gym class was a little awkward to say the least, the teacher was the strangest of the whole deal. Coach Gai… average man, about 6ft tall, packed, mid 30s, bowl cut black hair, the usual deal. Not really, not only was Gai ugly, he had REALLY thick eyebrows in the shaped if rectangles, super long eyelashes, really white teeth that went ping when he smiled, wore an overly tight green jumpsuit, disgusting orange belt and puke colored vest. This guy was the worst fashion violation you could get. And the worst part is he wears that EVERY day at anytime! OMG! And his weird speech! There was like no way to describe it! Never used conjunctions, always used Ms. Or Mr., always talked about the like of youth of young love or something weird like that. And Sakura thought the biology teacher looked nuts, this was… DAMN! (I'm sorry to all you Gai fans out there but this is now the story goes)

Sigh Sakura's eyes wondered to the teacher as she was thinking how weird he was and just to see who was up. "Coincidentally," it just so happen to be the infamous among girls Uchiha Sasuke. Once Sakura's green orbs hit Sasuke, they froze and stared without her knowledge of it.

Uchiha Sasuke… Sakura studied hard on every feature of his perfect figure, starting from the feet and moving up. The beautiful ankles, muscular and long legs, skipping the next part because this is a rated T story after all and not rated M (yet), his light six back under the tight T-shirt along with his broad chest and shoulders, muscular arms, but not too much muscle just enough to match the body. But the most remarkable part about the infamous Uchiha was his cold look and raven hair. His face was thin, sharp chinned, had pale white skin, high cheekbones, narrow nose, and a small mouth in a slight frown. And his eyes where black heaven, the depth of his onyx holes so dark you couldn't tell where the pupil was or if the pupil was even there at all, his famous raven spiked hair glistened in the sunlight contrasting parts of it with the natural black color. He wasn't too tall, wasn't too short, wasn't to skinny, wasn't too fat, wasn't too muscular, he was so perfect it was hard to believe he was alive. Just one tiny little fault in him was the hard-core attitude, anti-social behavior, and short vocabulary span. Other than that he was just perfect.

"Haruno Sakura!" It was then Sakura stopped back to reality and realized she had been sharing at human ice block. A pink tint invaded her face. Why was she thinking of him? More importantly, why was she blushing? Sakura sat there like a pink rock. "Haruno Sakura!" Huh? Sakura looked up to see who was calling her. She found the one who was calling her was the one and only infamous Uchiha Sasuke, and her light pink tinted face turned into a hot pink blush. Some girls got upset because the new girl had the nerve to blush at "Sasuke-kun" like that. Sasuke stared right at Sakura too, with the cold face he always had.

"Haruno Sakura!" Sakura heard her named called once again. But it didn't come out of the mouth of Uchiha Sasuke, his mouth never opened. It was then Sakura realized the person who had been calling her all along was not Sasuke; it was the man standing next to him Gai. And boy was he mad. Grinding his (really white) teeth when Sakura finally got up and realized that it was her turn to get her measurements done. Woops. She walked to the scale with her head down with the fear of meeting Gai-sensei's eyes.

Sasuke got off the scale and walked back to the corner of the gym where various girls were waiting for him. As he trudged back the miserable path of fan girls, he passed Haruno Sakura. And in his mind he ran a scan of this girl.

Name: Haruno Sakura

Age: About the same as me

Grade: high school junior

School: Konoha Public High School

Classes: The exact same ones as me.

Grades: Considerably well (4.0 average)

Physical Characteristics: Pink hair, green eyes, slender, about 5'5", peach skin, considerably clumsy

Personality: Odd, enjoys screaming, jumpy, spaced out, ANNOYING!

Skills: Cooking, screaming, writing songs

Occupation: Student, Teen pop star Cherry Blossom's songwriter

Other Information: Lives in apartment across from mine, looks a lot the Cherry Blossom, is friends with the weird guy in the mask, thinks I'm a jerk

Yep that was Sakura all right.

Well that was basically gym class, everybody got their measurements done and crap. And that was the end of the day, for most people. There was still after school of course. The after school program consisted of various sports, extra help in all subjects other than gym, band, and of course the after school drama program that again both Sasuke and Sakura were in.

Everyone sat silently in the theatre room (everyone meaning random geeks and our stars). After maybe 15 minutes or so, footsteps were heard in the hall and everyone stared at the door waiting for their new drama teacher to come in. The doorknob turned as the footsteps stopped, and it opened revealing…

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