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"Oh my god. Sara…Is this your daughter or our vic..?" Catherine mumbled still shocked.

"This is my daughter, Rave." Sara said looking down. A/N: I know how unrealistic her name is but I LOVE it.

"Hello." Rave said extending her hand to Catherine with a weak smile.

"Catherine." Catherine shook it. " I have to ask, how old are you?" She asked still quite flabbergasted.

"13." Rave replied. "I'm a junior in college, I skipped most of my education." Rave said smiling bigger. "Ever since I was a little girl I read my mom's books, her case files, everything. I take a huge interest in what you guys do."

"Wow." Catherine managed to say. "I'm quite impressed."

"Yeah. They're thinking about giving me my degree soon instead of making me wait." Rave said. "Forensic Science."

"How did you know I was going ot ask what your degree is in!" Catherine said in shock.

Rave laughed. "I just guessed. So you must be special, my mom never brings friends home."

"I'm spending the night while my house gets fumigated. I have a daughter about your age. Maybe some day you could meet her." Catherine said sitting down on the couch.

"Alright." Rave said sitting down next to her smiling.

The doorbell rang.

"It must be the pizza!" Sara exclaimed rushing to get the door. To be honest she was freaked out that Catherine had discovered Rave, but she knew it'd happen some time. Sara took the pizza, paid the delivery boy and went to the kitchen to set up dinner.

"Rave can I ask you a question?" Catherine asked softly looking at the small girl.

"Sure. Go ahead." Rave said looking at the blonde haired CSI.

"Do you know who your father is?" Catherine asked putting a hand on Rave's shoulder.

"Yes. I see him sometimes. He works with you. His name is Nick. He sometimes comes to pick me up and I stay at his house. He's cool." Rave said smiling.

Catherine was going crazy. NICK? She was totally lost. Sara hasn't even worked at the crime lab for 13 years. How do her and Nick have a child! "I'm gonna go see if your mom has dinner all set up ok?"

"Sure." Rave replied getting up to go to her room.

Catherine entered the kitchen. "NICK!" she screamed. "Since when are you two even together!"

"Cath. Calm down. Were not. We were. Well about 14 years ago I met him at a bar in New York. We were not on vacation and both coming out of relationships. We had a fling. It lasted a couple days. When we both left New York it ended. Nice months later…" Sara explained.

"So she was an accident? You and Nick don't find it awkward to see each other now?" Catherine asked once again in shock.

"Before I moved to Vegas I had sole custody. They talked on the phone. But ever since I started working at the crime lab he gets her on weekends. It was awkward to see him at first and for a while after that but now its ok. Were both used to each other and seeing each other everyday. There's no anger, just a healthy relationship between co-workers." Sara replied getting out some soda from the fridge.

"You didn't answer my other question." Catherine said watching Sara's unsteady hand pour the orange, bubbly drink.

Sara put down the Soda. "Yes she was. But I don't regret it. She's an amazing daughter and I love her."

"Ok then lets eat." Catherine said smiling as she grabbed the plates Sara set up.

Catherine and Sara carried the food to the dining room and set it upon the table.

"Rave!" Sara called. "Dinner!"

Rave walked out of her room all dressed in her pajamas, holding a book. "Ok mom."


After dinner Catherine, Sara, and Rave were playing a board game that was supposed to test their knowledge. Rave had one 6 times in a row.

"Rave when you get your degree are you planning on applying for a job anywhere? I know you're young but I can but in a good word for you at our lab." Catherine said putting her hand on Rave's shoulder.

"That'd be nice Cath. Thanks!" Rave said putting away the board game.

"I'm going to go make ice cream sundaes." Sara said standing up. "Anyone have any requests?"

"HOT FUDGE!" Both Catherine and Rave yelled.

"Ok." Sara said smiling as she walked into the kitchen.

"You're lucky to have Sara. She basically raised you herself and look how you turned out. You're a genius!" Catherine exclaimed.

"Yeah." Rave said. "You just said it yourself, I'm a genius. I know I was an accident." Rave looked down.

"Oh." Catherine stared at the little girl hugging the pillow. "Your mother loves you very much."

"I know. But do you know how it feels to have no purpose? When I was born no one wanted me. I can sense it by the way that Sara constantly tries to make up for everything. She's never home, she barely knows anything about me, and I was her mistake." Rave replied sobbing a little.

"Rave, you may have been her accident but you were ALWAYS her favorite one." Catherine said and hugged Rave. A/N: That's the name of a song. Lol. It's by a good band too. Sooo disclaimer: I don't own Motion City Soundtrack or any of their awesome songs. Damn. :

Sara walked back in with their sundaes when there was a knock on the door.


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