In Blackest Rage

Booster Gold's eyes went wide as he realized the trouble he'd inadvertently caused. His face paled, then he whimpered, cringed, and ran to hide in his quarters on the Watchtower. When all Hell broke loose, he didn't want to be around for anyone to blame.

Even though it was, maybe, sort of, kind of…all his fault.

Booster skittered inside his quarters, threw all the locks on the door – not that that would keep any of the original members out; they all had override codes – and then dived underneath his bed.

All he'd wanted to do was give Green Lantern a little…energy boost. Maybe have him so wound up that he'd act a little goofy for a few days. Just so Booster could get his own back, and soothe his savaged ego for everyone he saved this past week having no idea who he was. And thinking he was Green Lantern, to make matters worse.

His uniform was blue and gold, dammit! Why would anyone think he was a green anything? Maybe it wasn't John's fault, but, well, he'd always had a hair-trigger temper.

Though he'd never intended this. But really, how was he to know that adding some of J'onn J'onnz's Martian get-up-and-go ginseng or whatever, and some of Diana's Amazon power-up tea, to John Stewart's morning iced cappuccino would make him able to get pregnant! And last he'd heard, John had been dating Hawkgirl…or was it Vixen? At any rate, he'd been dating a woman, not a man, so it wasn't like pregnancy was an option for him.

Weird stuff happened all the time, to superheroes especially, but this took the cake, the icing, and the sprinkles on the top. And Booster Gold was going to be roasted over the candle flames. When John found out it was his fault, he was going to be out for blood. Booster Gold's blood. No mater that he wasn't evil, there was no way on Heaven, Earth, or any planet anywhere, that he'd be able to escape the sight of a wrathful soon-to-be mother, who was a former marine and a current Green Lantern.

Booster tugged the bedspread down until it touched the floor, and curled himself into a fetal position. Hopefully the Flash would show up soon, and then maybe he could calm his lover down.

Or then again…he might just help him play vampire.

Booster moaned, and prayed to whichever gods looked out for fools and idiots that John Stewart's maternal instincts would kick in soon, so as to save him from being filleted. Or at least that his hormones would switch to crying at the drop of a helmet, instead of raging at anything and everything.

And everyone.