She doesn't own a dress, her hair is always a mess
You catch her stealing, she will confess
She's beautiful
She's made of stone
Oh wait that's me, but I'm not alone
Because, she doesn't care a thing about that
she thinks I'm beautiful
Meet Lina

She'll never compromise,
when the bandits tease her size,
Wears a cloak and kills bad guys,
Ain't that beautiful?
Meet Lina

Well, she wants to be the best
When she gets comments on her chest
Pulls Gourry's hair as she screams
I don't really wanna be supreme

Her sister is a scary chick, best friend is such a dick
Amelia is a wannabe, and Xellos is a scary tick
Well here she goes again with a V for Victory
Just like me, loves to win
We like to come out on top, just ask Rezo...
Meet Lina

Well she wants to cast her spells,
Naga's laughter ain't no bells (^_~)
Pulls Gourry's hair as she screams
I'm gonna Dragon Slave your ass!

She only eats 12 hours a day, and when Gourry gets in her way
Her habits are loud, and unusual
You see her confidence is tragic,
and you don't wanna mess with her magic,
the shape of her body is unusual

Meet Lina--I can't wait to...
Meet Lina-- yeaaaaaa