Welcome to my first SN fic. Actual introductory comments 'n' such to be included with Chapter 1 . . . 'Cause this part's kinda meant to be a teaser, not a 'Hey y'all, this is how everything is.' A lead-in, ya know? Don't worry, it's short and won't take up much of your time if you have precious little. Chap. 1 will be up tomorrow.

What if . . .

Matters of Discord

Prologue - Smoke and Flame

"Time to go, sweetheart." Her hot breath lingered in his ear, and for a moment he didn't recognize her voice through her seductive tone. Her blond hair tickled his neck as she leaned in further to wrap her arms around him possessively.

"Sweetheart?" The brunette sitting on the barstool next to him arched an oh-so-perfectly shaped eyebrow. She slowly extracted her hand from where it rested on his, next to the beer he'd barely touched.

Honestly? He'd been hoping to touch other things.

The brunette's eyes narrowed as she stared at Dean and the beautiful woman who clung to him. "You've got a girlfriend?" She seemed to stew over this fact for a moment, but before he could think of a response, she continued, "Your girlfriend is in the bar with you, and you're flirting with some strange girl?"

"I wouldn't say –" that you were strange – 'alluring' might be a better word. . . .

"What can I say? I like to watch." The blonde grinned wickedly around her armful of Dean, who started at her words.

Oh, she's possessed. Gotta be possessed – and what the hell?

Dean didn't know if he should fear for his life or be thanking his lucky stars when the brunette, who hadn't even given him her name yet, responded with her own seductive smile, "Why watch? You're perfectly welcome to join in, hon."

The air returned to Dean's lungs when the blonde finally released her hold on him. "Maybe next time." Her tone had grown sharp and acerbic. "We've got somewhere to be." With that, she fastened her hand on his upper arm and dragged him off his barstool.

When they'd gotten outside, both of them jerked away from the contact.

Then she turned to him, finger pointing angrily in his face, looking like she was ready to kill him – and he couldn't help the thought that sprang unbidden to his mind. The fire got to her after all – and it never left.

"If you ever mention that little scene to Sam, I'm going to pump you full of rock salt from your own shotgun and then beat you over the head with it," she snapped. "Now come on. We've got a job to do."

For someone who didn't know what he and Sam did until four months ago, she was sure dedicated to the hunt, in a way he hadn't seen from Sam – even before these further messed up days in their already messed up lives.

She turned and stormed back in the direction of the motel. "Jess, wait –" He began to call out, but then gave up quickly and jogged to catch up.

To be continued . . .