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Wind and Waves

Chapter 1- The Contract

Captain James Potter stood at the rail of his ship, The Marauder. His dark, unkept hair ruffled on his skin, tanned by weeks of being on the water. His hazel eyes glinted with a mischievous light, his lips curled in a half smile. He was tall and lean with broad shoulders and a handsome face. Muscle rippled under his skin like the waves on the water, his hands were rough from working on the ship. At one side was a long sword, tucked in his belt was a pistol, and hidden in his boot was a dagger. His baggy tan shirt was half open, showing a finely toned chest. James blinked as the sun danced on the blue ocean, glinting from the cloudless sky. There was a sound behind him and James turned and saw another man step up close to him.

Unlike James', this man's hair was longer, shoulder-length, his dark eyes sharply taking in each detail as he looked up and down the ship. He was slightly taller than James, wearing the same snug pants and baggy shirt that James wore, with a sword, gun, and dagger as well. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and he was smirking at James. "Found her." He told him in a warm voice. He pointed and James looked across the water and saw the prized ship near the horizon, her white sails taking in the same wind theirs did, their blue flag flapping from the top of the mast.

"The Winter Flower." James murmured, watching the ship. He glanced at his first-mate. "Think they've noticed we're tailing them, Sirius?"

The man named Sirius shrugged. "Would it matter? We're using the same wind, and The Marauder is one of the fastest ships in the waters. Besides that ship is weighed down with so much gold even if they were normally faster than us, they couldn't out sail a sea turtle at this rate."

James grinned. "How much gold?" He asked.

"Not certain on the exact amount." Sirius admitted, slightly ashamed.

James looked at him sharply, perhaps sharper than he intended. "What! You come out of a pub telling me how some drunk sailor was going on about all the gold on this ship, and that we must go after it, and you don't even know how much gold is on it? What did I tell you about researching your claims, Sirius?"

"Sirius research? That's the most laughable concept since sliced bread." James glanced at the newcomer. His hair was light in color, as was his face, his eyes were gray and distant. He was just as tall as the other two, skinnier though, with an almost beaten look about him. But anyone that knew Remus Lupin, knew he was far from beaten. The daggers that hung at his side with his sword, and the scars on his arms and back were proof of that.

"I would like to point out that sliced bread is a very wise concept." Sirius said, grinning at Remus. "But I won't argue that me researching is rather laughable."

James glared at them and opened his mouth to retort when Remus broke in again. "Thousands of gold pieces." He said bluntly. James shut his mouth with a snap and Remus smirked. "If you're looking for a real number, we'll just say that the total amount of gold on that ship is more than we've plundered in the past two years."

The Captain nearly gaped at his friend, but caught himself in time. "How much more?" He asked instead.

Sirius joined in Remus' smirk. "Much more." He laughed. "And that's not all."

James cocked an eye. "What else is there?"

"The Duke, the kings brother is on that ship." Remus said slowly.
"As well as his very lovely daughter." Sirius said, breathing loudly and looking off in the distance as though he was picturing the beauty. Remus snorted at him and James rolled his eyes. Sirius had three loves. His friends were the first, the other two were gold and woman, in no particular order.

James rubbed his chin as his eyes focused more clearly on the ship in the distance. "The Duke…"He murmured to himself.

Remus looked at him sharply. "James…" He said, an uneasy feeling creeping across his skin. He knew his friend well, almost like the back of his hand. And the look in James' eyes was one that could only lead to trouble. "James, what's on your mind?"

Sirius perked up and glanced at his friend, his face interested at James' response.

James slowly smiled. "What if I told you I had a way to get us so much gold that we'd be able to retire to some tropical island and never have to pirate again?"

Sirius looked at him confused. "The gold on that ship right now could last us awhile." He pointed out, then frowned. "Though after you take out the crew's part…and add in food and drink…and of course wenches…"

"Of course." Remus muttered amused.

"Well…it might last a couple months." Sirius sheepishly admitted. He could spend money like there was no tomorrow which, when you were living the life of a pirate, wasn't uncommon.

"I can get us more money then is just on the ship right now." James told them in an assured manner.

"Oh really, do tell." Remus said sarcastically, Sirius chuckled.

James slung his arm around Sirius' shoulders. "Let's say you're the king. You have an unlimited amount of money."

"I like where this is going." Sirius told Remus, who rolled his eyes in response, trying to hide his grin.

"And let's say you have a brother."

"Okay…do I have to share the money?"

"Sirius." James warned.

"Okay, okay. Continue Captain."

"You have a brother…who you've known almost your entire life. You've fought together, played together, fallen in love at the same time, had children that are just as good of friends. You're not only brothers, you're friends. Loyal to each other until death."

"I fail to see your point, James." Sirius said. "You sound like you're describing the three of us…of course without the falling in love and the children." Remus hit him upside the head.

"And then say your brother is kidnapped by pirates." James took his arm off Sirius and turned to face his two friends, arms crossed in front of him.

"Oh now you're talking about us." Sirius smirked.

"How much would you be willing to give to get your brother back, unharmed and alive?"

"I'd give you anything you wanted." Sirius said, his smile growing by the minute.

"Or I'd send my entire armada to catch the pirate who kidnapped him." Remus pointed out.

Sirius frowned. "Wet blanket, Remus, that's what you are."

"No I'm being sensible." Remus retorted.

James shook his head. "He won't send the armada, Remus. We'll tell him we'll kill his brother if anyone comes after us with a war flag flying."

Remus snorted. "If we kill his brother there goes our ransom, as well as our lives, for if we do kill the Duke the King will send every man out after us and we'll be hung before the year's out!"

James smirked. "We can still tell the king that we will kill the duke, he won't know whether or not we'd actually do it, and he won't want to risk it. He's not going to gamble with his brother's life just to see if we're bluffing or not." Remus fell silent, looking slightly less doubtful.

Sirius was grinning from ear to ear. "All the loot on that boat….plus all the ransom. The first thing I'm going to do is buy me a house with all that money. With a maid of course."

James laughed and walked toward the steering wheel, shouting orders. "Get the guns ready, let loose the sails, bring her around, prepare to board!"


Lillian Evans, daughter to Duke Evans, niece to the King, propped her elbows on the rail of the ship. Her red hair tried to pull loose from the tight braid she'd put it in. She wore a long, loose dress, the sleeves reached to her elbows, flaring at the ends. Her collar was square and stopped just before her shoulders curve, and fell to show only a little cleavage. The white stash stuck out against the pale blue dress, whose skirt whipped around the ankles of the wearer. Lily brushed a stray piece of hair from her emerald eyes that were watching the ship in the distance. It was getting closer. It had been for the past hour or so, but now it was so close she could see the men moving along the deck. No flag had been flown and she could hear the members of the crew on The Winter Flower scurrying around trying to figure out what to do about the unknown ship.

There was a touch on her shoulder and Lily turned to smile at her father. He swayed slightly beside her, his face pale. Her father wasn't faring well on the journey, his color had gone pale, his eyes were bleak, and he was constantly throwing up. Lily felt worry pull at her heart as she watched him. He shouldn't be making this trip, for one things he's old, for another he's getting sicker by the day, Lily told herself.

The Duke met her eyes slowly. "Lily we fear those men are pirates."

"Pirates?" Lily asked. Half of her shook with fear, while the other held her breath with anticipation. Pirates, it was exciting, and scary all at the same time.

"I want you to hide below deck, don't come out no matter what. They must want the gold."

"We don't have that much." Lily told him. "Maybe they'll go away."

Her father looked very doubtful and began leading her toward the steps that led to the cabins below deck. "I want you to promise me that you will use your head and keep safe." He begged.

Lily nodded, clutching her dress. "I promise. Don't worry father."

He weakly smiled at her. "I'll try."

Lily disappeared down the steps, moving out of the way as many of the sailors who were soldiers as well, rushed up on deck. Lily wove around through the halls and found herself in the room where the gold was stashed. She glanced around and half felt as though she would have to cover her eyes from the glare of the glinting treasure. There was two small mounds of gold plates, cups, and candle holders, as well as at least three trunks filled with gold.

If she knew one thing it was that if you wanted to really hide, you hit in the most obvious place. So Lily walked toward the back of the room, where there were boxes and barrels, all which had nothing in them. She ducked behind them and curled up against the wall, hugging her legs close to her body.

She could hear the thudding on the floor above her. Then she heard cannon fire. Impossible that they could've already been engaged in battle, she thought to herself. Maybe they were just warning the pirates away. Lily felt the boat shake underneath her and she grabbed onto the wall to steady herself. There were shouts from above and Lily swallowed, her mind wandering to the pirates.

They wanted the money, that was obvious. They also may want captives. Lily shook harder as she heard more fire and yells from the crew. Pirates were also known to rape woman. She was the only woman aboard the ship. What if they…

Lily shook her head to rid her of the scary thoughts. We'll all be fine, she told herself. We have some of the best soldiers on this ship. They'll defend us and we'll reach uncle fine with all the gold. I'll get so sleep in the nice warm bed at the castle, with warm soup…

Lily continued to think about what would happen when they finally reached the King at the capitol. She hardly realized that the cannon fire had stopped, or that there sounded like more people on the ship above her than before. What finally jolted her out of her daze was the door of the compartment opening and two men step in. She held her breath and watched the two men step around the gold.

One of the men was tall and skinny with light features, the other was shorter and fatter, blond hair and beady eyes. "Peter you should feel lucky that James let you come on the ship at all." The tall one scolded the other.

The fat man shrugged. "I know, I know, Remus. After all, I'm only the lookout, right?"

The tall man laughed and walked deeper into the room, picking through the gold. "Sirius is going to have a heart attack when he sees all of this."

"How are we going to get all this on the ship?" The short man named Peter asked.

Remus smiled and picked up a handful of gold before stuffing it in his pockets. "We tie up the crew of this ship, after they help us load it all up, then we leave. Like we always do. Don't you pay attention?"

"It's all rather hard to make out from a crow's nest." Lily heard Peter mutter. The man named Remus was getting closer and Lily was beginning to realize how silly it had been to hide here. She clutched herself as Remus stepped up to the boxes and paused.

"Boxes?" He asked, glancing at Peter. "Why are there boxes here?"

"To hold more treasure?" Peter suggested, inspecting a some of the gold.

"Hmm…maybe." Remus pulled out a box and tore off the top. "It's empty."

Peter dropped the gold and came over. "Are you sure?"

"I'm not blind, Peter." Remus shoved the empty box at him. He pulled another box, and another fell, nearly on top of Lily. Remus reached around to it, and as he did, his gray eyes met Lily's green ones. Both sets of eyes widened, Remus in surprise and Lily in fear. She jumped up and tried to run off. Remus, for all that he looked weak to her, was surprisingly strong, and fast. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her over, holding her arms at bay.

Peter gaped at her. "A girl!"

"This would be Lillian Evans, the Dukes daughter." Remus panted. Lily was struggling against his arms. "Right, dear?" Lily struggled harder. Remus was half wondering if he should yank out his dagger to get her to calm down when she elbowed him in the ribs. Remus felt winded, but managed to grab his dagger and hold it close enough to her for her to realize he was serious, but not close enough to hurt her. "Calm down." He ordered in an unusually serene voice. Lily froze, sensing the cold blade near her throat. "Thank you." Remus breathed. He glanced at Peter. "Start loading this up, I'll send someone down to you. I'm going to bring her up there with the rest of them." Peter nodded. He wasn't going to argue with the second-mate. That was crazy. Remus returned the nod and led Lily out of the room and up the steps onto the main deck, careful not to prick her with the knife.

The sight that greeted Lily nearly made her faint. Soldiers were either lying around, dead, or were being held at bay by some pirates. She glimpsed her father near the steering wheel, surrounded by at least ten pirates with the captain there as well. Remus stopped at the steps leading to the landing where the steering wheel was and glanced at the three pirates who stood there. He handed her to two of the three, to the third he said, "Peter's below deck with the treasure, grab some of the lads, and some of theirs, and begin loading it up on our ship. I doubt the captain wants to be here all night." The pirate nodded and went off, as did Remus, leaving Lily being held by two burly pirates.

"Pretty little lady." One pirate admitted.

"Think the captain would let us have any fun with her?" The other questioned.

The first pirate shook his head, holding tight to one of Lily's arms. "Our captain? You mean the captain who locks himself away when we make port to go and wench? That's a true laugh."

Lily ignored the two pirates and strained her ears for what was going on around her father.

"The King will hear of this, Captain Potter." That was the Captain of The Winter Flower. He was nearly spitting with anger at one of the men who were standing close to him. Lily noticed the Remus had stepped up to the same man, who happened to have his back to her, and looked as though he wanted to tell him something.

"Oh I'm planning on it." The man with his back turned replied in a warm voice. "I'm planning on you also telling the Kthat we have his brother, and will be waiting for the ransom for him. I'm also banking on the fact that you will inform the King if he tries to take the Duke back by force, he'll be killed."

"No!" Lily shouted out. The men on the landing turned and stared at her. The one who had spoken to the captain met her eyes, a look crossing his face she didn't recognize. She felt the grip on her arms tighten and squeaked.

The man snapped awake. "Bring her up here, and for goodness sake don't hurt her. Haven't you two any brains at all?"

The two pirates brought her on the landing. She could see her father, held tight by two pirates and looking at her fearfully. The Captain was struggling against his captors, though hardly having any luck. Remus was standing near a man with longish black hair and the one who had ordered her to the landing. She met his eyes and felt her heart tense.

His eyes were deep, like the sea, and she slowly felt herself getting lost in the hazel eyes. They glinted and she swallowed, her mouth dry. He was certainly handsome, his hair messy, his face clean shaven and young. Tan and built. Her breath caught and it was all she could do to keep his eye contact.

James felt something stir next to his ribcage as he locked the girls' emerald green eyes. Gorgeous, he had to admit it to himself. Her flaming hair was coming loose from it's braid, and her dress fit her snugly in all the right places. But there was something else, he could see it in her face. Fear. And for the first time in years, James felt a little guilt roll around in his stomach.

He snapped his head around and glanced at Remus. "And you were going to tell me that there was a girl on board…when?" He asked.

Remus made a face. "You knew the Duke's daughter was aboard. And I just found her in the cabin with all the treasure."

James looked content and glanced at the girl. "You yelled out 'no' very sharply a moment before." He told her, his voice smooth. "Do you have a particular suggestion you're saying no to…or is it just anything that might happen here?"

Lily licked her lips. "You can't take my father away." She told him, her voice slightly higher than she intended.

James eyes swept over her again. She was barely 18, only four years his junior, though hardly looked junior to any girl he'd seen. "Actually, I can. That's why I'm the pirate, and he's not." James told her smartly.

Lily mutely shook her head at him and James looked at the Duke. "So sir if you would be so kind-"

"Take me!" James looked at Lily, his eyes wide.

"What did you say?" He asked, unsure.

"I said take me. Don't take my father, he's sick and he'll only get sicker. The King's ransom could take awhile, and my father might even die before you get it." Lily pleaded. The Duke stared at her, his eyes willing her to be quiet. "He won't be worth anything to you dead!" Lily informed James. Her heart was pounding, she couldn't let her already ailing father be taken by these pirate scum.

James shook his head. "You may be the King's niece, but that means nothing here."

"I'll stay on your ship." Lily said without thinking. James blinked at her. "I'll bind myself to your ship, for the rest of my days. I'll even cook for you, or clean. I'll be bound to you and your crew, Captain Potter." James was giving the impression that he had been hit across the face. Lily's breath quickened, her head was telling her it was foolish, but she couldn't let her father be taken, especially when she was much stronger than he was. She could tell by the look in the pirate's eyes that it was a tempting offer. A young girl was a catch for any pirate, that she knew.

James stared at the girl. It was hardly a matter of life and death, he thought to himself. He wasn't going to kill the Duke, of course he couldn't tell her that now and have the Captain tell the King that. But honestly, didn't that girl have any sense at all? No one is going to truly hurt a hostage, not if you want to get the full ransom. James turned his eyes to the Duke. The man did look sickly, and James had heard rumors about the Duke's sea sickness, but no one truly died of that…at least he'd never heard of a case.

Then again, the girl was…well beautiful was just an understatement, James decided. Her eyes were bright, her hair filled, and she was, well a woman for lack of any other descriptions he could muster at the moment. A woman on board would be entertaining, and if she could cook then maybe he wouldn't have to worry about getting sea-sick himself from the gruel the current cook dished out.

Still, all the money that the Duke could bring, alive of course, was just as tempting if more. She wouldn't bring any money, especially if, like she offered, she would stay on the ship for the rest of her days. That would be a lose of money if anything.

James shook his head mutely. "You're out of your mind." He told her. Lily looked like she was about to burst into tears. James felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked and found Sirius' lips close to his ear.

"Are you a great fool?" Sirius demanded. "All that treasure and a lovely lady to boot, and you're going to turn it down. Are you a pirate or ain't you?" James blinked, confused. "Besides that girl could get us more loot, no one would expect a girl to rob 'em."

"I think you're the great fool." James pointed out.

"James she's ready to bind herself to you, to the ship, to the crew. That opportunity doesn't walk around all the time. And she is a gorgeous girl."

"That's a life sentence." James mulled over. He glanced at Remus, who always had a much sounder mind then Sirius did. "Remus?"

Remus shrugged. "It's either the Duke or the girl James, you know that. She could be telling the truth about him being sick, and well Sirius is going to run out of the ransom money anyway, if you get my meaning." Sirius glared at him for a moment before nudging James.

"James, that girl's a catch. I know you don't wench but-"

"If I do take her she's not going to be a wench on my pirate ship." James seethed at his friend. "Don't you two get it? If we take her we lose the ransom."

"Might be worth it." Sirius said, watching Lily who was struggling against her captors.

James cast a look at Sirius. "I thought you wanted all the ransom money to buy a house and a maid?" He demanded.

Sirius shrugged. "I live on the sea, mate. And besides," He looked at Lily. "She said she'd cook for us. Doesn't that sort of count as a maid?"

"Not the kind you're thinking of." James muttered. He turned back to Lily. Her eyes flashed at him, something was hidden behind that fear. Spirit. James felt a spark of interest in his brain. Spirit was a highly desired quality. Girls with it were much more interesting than those without it. And she probably had hidden it away like a good little lady of quality. James cast a look at his two friends. Remus half smiled at him, giving his agreement, Sirius smirked, daring him to go through with it. James nodded at them and faced Lily, arms on his chest.

"All right, but there's another rule." Lily looked at him. "You can't try to escape. You're bound until you die of old age or until some soldier manages to get the best of me. You don't try to escape and you, Duke," James turned to the Duke now. "No one, sent by either you or the King, comes after her. You send no one after us and we don't go after you. This is your daughter's own choice, by her free will."

"The free will of a pirate you mean." The Duke glared angrily. James ignored him and spoke to Remus.

"You can write better than I. Write up the terms, then the three of us will sign." Remus disappeared for a moment and came back with paper and pen. He jotted down on the paper the terms and drew three lines. He handed the paper to James who gave it to the Duke to sign. After he had done so James pulled the dagger from his boot. "Add blood to the contract." He ordered. The Duke, glaring at the pirate captain, cut his hand finger and let the drops fall on his signature. James went to Lily. The pirates beside her dropped her hands and she took the paper and quill. She signed her name and let the blood fall. As James took it their hands met for a moment. She stared up at him.

"You're signing your life away." He told her. "I hope you know that I'll never understand why, and I'll probably never care."

"I don't think a pirate ever could." She replied truthfully.

James looked slightly amused as he signed his name on the contract and added his blood. He dropped the quill on the ground with disinterest and rolled up the contract, then put it inside his shirt. Lily saw the glint of a gold chain around his neck, but it disappeared behind the shirt. James looked around. "The contract's sealed." He said ceremoniously. He looked at Lily. "Let her say goodbye, then help load the treasure." James stared to exit the landing, but grabbed Lily's arm before he did. She looked up at him. "Remember the deal…no escapes."

She watched him mutely as he left her with Remus and the other men, leaving two pirates behind, standing a short distance away.

Lily fell into her father's hug. "Oh Lily, why did you do that stupid thing?" He asked of her. "They wouldn't have killed me."

Lily nodded. "I know….they'd want to keep you alive for the ransom. But you would get sick and you know it, and besides, you always spoke of how I loved the sea, now I get to spend the rest of my life on it." Lily fake smiled at him and her father shook his head.

"You have no life now, my flower." He hugged her. "One day we will meet again, love. And that Captain will be shown how an Evans repays his enemies."

Lily's tears stained her father's shirt, then she turned and descended the stairs. The crew was tied and she could see the captain and her father on the landing. With the help of some pirates she was put on the pirate ship. The other pirates clamored aboard, the last of the gold having been loaded on. Lily stared out from the railing and James shouted the command to leave. The Marauder sped away from The Winter Flower, the people becoming smaller as Lily's tears became harder to hide.

Remus watched her from the entrance to the cabins. James was standing beside him, fiddling with a dagger. "We should've just taken the Duke." Remus told him bluntly.

James looked up at him, then turned his gaze to Lily. Remus swore he saw James' face soften for a fraction of a second before it hardened into his cool pirate demeanor.

"You gave your agreement." James pointed out.

Remus shrugged. "You're my captain. The choice is always yours."

"She's a captive all the same. And now we might have a real cook. Maybe she can make something worth eating on this floating wooden house." James turned and disappeared into his cabin. Remus sighed and leaned against the door, watching Lily standing at the rail.

Finally he moved toward her. "Um…Miss Evans?" He asked her.

"Lillian." Lily said. "But my father called me Lily. Like the flower." Her eyes still scanned the sea. Remus cleared his throat.

"I should probably show you where you'll be staying." He told her. She glanced at him.

"With the crew?" She asked, almost afraid of the answer.

Remus chuckled softly. "No…we're pirates, but we're not that cruel to a young girl." Lily found herself finding that hard to believe. "There's a separate room you may stay in." He led her across the deck, down the creaking stairs , past a door, maybe two, and showed her a small room, with only a bed and a table, that held a washing bowl.

"It's small." Remus admitted. "But no one will bother you. The captain will see to it." Remus added, thinking he could at least spark maybe some hope for her in James' character.

Lily didn't seem affected. "Thank you." She said, coldly and calmly. Remus nodded and left, closing the door. When she was sure he was gone Lily threw herself on to the bed, soaking the pillow with her tears.

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