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Story by Apple Fairy

She loved me... for who I was...

This beautiful girl let me know feelings I never knew...

Love... and Happiness...

So why...did I end it...

Why did I have to let her go...

The first time I actually talked to her...

You know...actually talked to her...

not the girl who was totally infatuated with me...

Just her...

My one...my only...Sakura...

The stars scattered amongst the onyx night sky. Beautiful diamonds on a black velvet blanket with a lone cream-colored pearl in the midst of it all. This was the moon. Sasuke always obsessed over that word sometimes. It was always related to insanity too, like lunacy or lunatic. Sasuke knew why, because in ancient times people would say you would go crazy if you ever gazed upon its scarred surface. Of course, no one beleived that now; especially not Sasuke the lone survivor of the Uchiha clan. Next to his brother Itachi, of course, but since he was the person who murdered them all in the first place he obviously wouldn't count. For now, though, Sasuke wasn't thinking about that or the strange word moon either, but of the person sitting and looking at that same moon: a girl. A girl with long pink hair and sparkling green eyes. Though, Sasuke would never call them green whenever he thought about her. Emerald was the word he'd use, though he never knew why he found himself thinking like that. She wore a short sleeved red slit dress, black tight shorts, a blue sash with a metal plate that had a leaf insignia carved into it tied atop her head, and blue sandals. This girl's name was Sakura Haruno. She was a twelve year old kunoichi, or female ninja. This girl was an intelligent and somewhat selfish girl who was totally infatuated with Sasuke Uchiha. For some reason though, that didn't bother Sasuke tonight. For the moon, his brother, the pink-haired girl's infatuation, his fellow sleeping teammates Kakashi or Naruto, or the girl's not green but emerald eyes did not bother Sasuke that moment, but the question that came from the girl's peach-toned lips. The question that made Sasuke think hard and long to answer. That Sasuke never thought about till then; not even as a kid he thought about it!

"Sasuke-kun?" The pink haired girl questioned.


"Well?" She asked. Her head cocking to one side making those pink-pearl strands fall softly with it.

"Well, what?"

"If you could wish upon a falling star what would you wish for?" She asked innocently.

Sasuke knew what he would wish for. He always did wish for the same thing. Even as a child he had wished for that silly thing. He couldn't tell her what it was though. He just couldn't! He knew that.

But his heart betrayed his mind.

He told her.

"I don't wish." He responded before he could catch the words that escaped his lips.

"You don't?" She asked. But Sakura Haruno knew better. She knew he would say that.

"Sorry...stupid question. I should'v e known. Sorry, I-" Sakura began to say, feeling like a complete fool.

"I pray." He whispered silently and softly.

Sakura's head shot up, her large green, no, emerald eyes looking confused at the Uchiha boy. "What?" she asked softly in return.

Sasuke laid down on the ground, face-up, and he looked at the soft fairy-lights of the sky: the stars. He put his arms behind his head, soundlessly, and he took his time to start explaining.

"My mother once told me that when you see a falling star that means someone's soul has died. She never said if they go to hell or heaven; they just pass on to whatever destiny they have to face after death. So...I pray. I pray that person's soul will go to heaven...That they will at least be happy where ever they go...That...well...they'll be happy...Just that, I guess..." He said softly.

Sasuke's midnight eyes scanned the stars as if he was looking for a new soul to pray for. His mind was angry at his heart for opening up to the pink-haired girl, but for some reason his heart didn't care. And Sasuke seemed to take his heart's side because, for some reason or another, he seemed at peace with himself after opening up, even a little, to the emerald-eyed girl. He felt...happy. More then he had in a long while. Sasuke pondered this but shrugged it off as he waited for the young girl's reaction.

"I never thought about it that way..." she whispered.

"But..." Sasuke began, his eyes that had gone soft midnight now turned back into hard obsidion as he spoke.

"But?" Sakura asked again, almost afraid what he would say. She knew that his sensitive side was retreating back as his usual angry, cold facade took over.

"There's one soul I would never pray for."

"Wh-Who...?" Sakura asked before she could stop herself. She knew she shouldn't pry. He seemed angry already; Why make him more angry by bringing up more of the subject?

"My brother, Itachi." He seemed to spit out the word in disgust and utter hate.

Sakura looked to the boy sadly. She knew all of what happened that day the Uchiha clan was killed, no, slaughtered was a better word for it. All by Itachi, one of the Uchiha's sons. He was also Sasuke's once trusted elder brother. Sasuke, having seen and survived it all, swore vengence to kill his brother one day, and for that he needed to get strong. Sakura felt sorry for what happened to Sasuke. To survive and see that all as a small child...it must have been unbearable.

"The day I kill him I will look at the sky, see the star fall, and wish..." He continued, hate bubbling underneath the mask of his calm voice.

"Wish...?" Sakura said, guiltily urging him to continue. She knew she shouldn't. She felt bad after she said that.

"I'll wish he will burn in hell for all damn eternity." He said, an evil proudness in his tone.

Sakura's eyes widend and fear was obviously written on her face as she let out a small breathe of air. She never saw Sasuke talk in such a vicious tone. It scared her how he said it so proudly, as if he was going to laugh in a wickedly next.

Sasuke noticed her small gasp and glanced at her with those hardened eyes. That seemed to scare her more as she jumped a little at his angry look. Sasuke looked back at those diamonds of the night again, turning his vision away from the frightened girl.

"He's evil, Sakura. The sooner he's gone the better." He explained.

"Well..." Sakura began. Soon wishing she hadn't.


"You...might be wrong..." She continued, her eyes drifting to her lap so as to avoid the Uchiha's fiery glare.

"Why?" he asked, his anger plain.

"Well, I don't think anyone in the world is evil...just..." Her eyes drifted to her sandals expecting a more irritated look being shot at her.

"Just?" Sasuke, now being the one to urge her on.

"Lonely." Sakura whispered, as her emerald eyes drifted up to meet his now soft midnight eyes.

Sasuke looked at her surprised and softly as he took that all in. Not evil, but...lonely...? He thought confused, letting the girl's simple philosphy sink in slowly. A small pause of silence followed her explenation. Sasuke thought about this and thought it could be true if you thought about it.

"Do you really...think that...?" He asked silently and softly.

"Yes..." she replied softly.

Sakura looked into his eyes deeper and more thoughtful as he laid on the ground. He looked at her eyes as if asking Why...?

"...because if you think about it...no one is born evil...no one wants to be evil...People...well...no matter how corrupt they are...there is still some good in them...At least, that's what I think..." She continued, eyes drifting to her legs again.

"That's not true..." Sasuke said in a commanding tone as he closed his eyes and vision from the stars.

Sasuke heard some shifting and crunches from the ground near him. He opened his eyes to see who it was.

To his surprise, it was that pink-haired, emerald-eyed girl.

Sakura was now sitting next to Sasuke, her legs crossed over each other to her side and she was standing over him; one of her hands placed and supporting herself at his other side. Sasuke noted how close she was...if he was to even support himself by his elbows he would be kissing her!

That thought, in itself, made Sasuke's face go hot. Sasuke also noted how angelic she appeared from his view. Her pink-rose hair fell gracefully around her shoulders; some strands reflecting the lumnious moonlight, her eyes also caught the moonlight, illuminating her emerald eyes that now gave off an even more heavenly glow, and her peach-toned skin and lips mixing with the bluish-white starlight making her skin appear milky pale and gorgeous. Even the stars themselves made her appear as an angel! Seeming to form starlit wings and a halo behind her as they did. Sasuke seached for a word to describe how she looked now. Pretty? No, too simple. Lovely? Not good enough. And then the word came to his mind softly like a fresh warm wind.


It was the perfect word.

Sakura's lips parted as she whispered the question that Sasuke never expected.

"Do you really think that...?"

Sasuke 's eyes widend at that question. He looked at her thoughtfully as his eyes slowly examined her face and features. Graceful pink-pearl hair, peach-toned skin, her eyes...for some reason or another Sasuke seemed to love those emerald eyes. Her lips...right now, for some reason or another, Sasuke felt his face go hot again when he looked at her lips. He wondered...

...how soft and warm were those lips?

And, once again, his face went even hotter. Then he remembered her question. Sasuke, from this day foward never remembered what in all the universe of the world possesed him to do what he did, but now he's glad of what he did. Sakura these days, also didn't know what happened to Sasuke that night to make him do what he did, but she says it was the night air or the brightness of the stars.

If others were told of what he did they would say it was Awakening Love.

Do you really think that...? Sakura's words still rung lightly in Sasuke's mind as he got up by his elbows.

He let his cheek press warmly upon hers as he whispered softly into her ear.

"Not anymore..." he whispered quietly into her ear.

Sakura's eyes widen and her breathe stopped itself, and Sasuke let himself linger there as he took in the warmth of her face as it got hotter. Sasuke's mind once again got angry at his heart for getting so close to the young kunoichi. This time Sasuke told his mind to be quiet. He wanted to enjoy actually getting close to someone. He took in all of the moment. The warmth of her cheek, her rythmic breathing, and her butterfly kisses. He actually felt his heart swell with happiness. Let his mind take a rest and his heart have a field day. He actually enjoyed it.

His heart soon died with sadness, though, as she drew away slowly.

Sakura looked to Sasuke with utter surprise in her eyes as her face took on a charming shade of cherry. He looked at her with a mix of guilt and innocence.

"S-sorry..." His eyes taking on a hurt look as he looked downward and apoligized.

"I-I should go back to bed..." Sakura said as her eyes also cast themselves downward. That was what brought her there anyway. Her inability to go to sleep.

"Right..." Sasuke said forlornly. It's not as if he could go to sleep. He had night watch.

With that Sakura returned to her sleeping bag and soon Sasuke heard her slow, soft breathing. He looked to the stars once again and saw one fall. He closed his eyes, prayed, and added something new to his usual farewells.

Dear God, please...let me know this feeling in my heart...and...please promise me it won't end in pain...

The following day the two acted as if nothing happened that night. They acted as they would usually. Sakura crushed on Sasuke as she usually did, and Sasuke acted like he didn't care.

For they both would be actors till they both realized that feeling in their hearts and what it meant.

That is a much more different memory to remember, though. Perhaps another time.

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