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Story by Apple Fairy

The human nature is full of flaws...

The human nature is never perfect...

Humans make mistakes.

Humans fall out of love.

I couldn't help myself.

It hurt, him being gone.

If you were in my situation...you'd probably do the same thing.

It has been three weeks...

Lee continued to talk excitedly, his lips were moving, but Sakura didn't attempt to understand what he was saying. She sighed tiredly.

It has been three freaking weeks...

Sakura looked up to the sky with an angry look. Lee began striking weird poses as he talked, yet the pink-petal haired girl continued to ignore him.

Three freaking weeks...

It had been three weeks since Sasuke's midnight visit. Sakura had found out his plan, content and happy that he still loved her. She lived liked that, naively.

Then reality slapped her in the face.

She grew sad and lonely. She longed for him, and then grew skeptical about her feelings.

One day, her skepticism was answered.

"Chemical Romance." Tsunade had said that day. Sakura raised an eyebrow as she sat in the chair in the Hokage's office.

"Chemical...what?" She repeated.

It had been another lesson that day on medical conditions. Tsunade had more time on her hands, so she taught Sakura herself, not out of the book.

"Chemical Romance." Tsunade clarified with a bit of annoyance. The female Hokage walked in front of her desk, standing in front of her pupil, leaning against the desk, and crossed her arms.

"Today I will teach you the human condition I will call 'Chemical Romance'." She added and looked to the side, out the windows of her office.

"Okay." Sakura nodded, her mind curious and craving for the education. Every time Sakura was to learn something, she always got a little excited. No one knew why, but Sakura always said it was because learning things was just...wonderful.

Tsunade looked down to Sakura.

"Chemical Romance is a state of being for humans. It occurs and is triggered by another person." She explained a bit nervously. Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"Can this person be anyone?" She asked. Tsunade shook her head.

"No. It can only happen with someone you are attracted to." She corrected. Tsunade coughed, and looked to the side again.

"Chemical Romance is when you and that certain person fall in love. The two people will be completely infatuated with each other for fifteen months. Then, after the fifteen months, they will finally see the flaws in one another and maybe try to make it work, or give up all together. A person can have Chemical Romance with a number of people, if they are attracted to them." She finished. Sakura felt a strange pang in her heart. She didn't ignore it.

"So...when the fifteen month-time period wears off, how can you be sure you truly were in love with that person?" She asked wobbly. Tsunade glanced to her sadly.

"You can never know. Chemical Romance is a human instinct. I'm just telling you the biological side of it. The emotional...is up to you, Sakura." She ended. Sakura bit her lower lip, and nodded.

Sakura looked down with sadness in her expression as she sat on a bench in Konoha.

Sasuke and I...weren't truly in love. It was...chemical romance. She concluded. We had been going out for only two months anyway. We didn't even have a chance to reach the fifteen mark. It's been...a year now? We probably wouldn't have worked out anyway. He left me so cruelly...why should I still love him anyway? Ino keeps on telling me to move on, and maybe she's right. Maybe, it's time to move on...She convinced herself.

Sakura just couldn't take it anymore. She had gotten stronger over time, but she still had another side.

Her weak side.

She had cried that day when he left because she wasn't emotionally strong. As a child, she depended on Ino to give her confidence. During the mission in the Land of Waves, she had cried over Sasuke's corpse, because she was weak.

Sakura was intellectually and now physically strong, but she was also very emotionally weak.

She was human. She cried. She was dependant. She cracked under pressure.

She reached a breaking point.

I need to move on... She kept on telling herself, as if it was shameful she still clutched onto her love for Sasuke.

"So, anyway, Sakura-san..." Lee continued and his cheeks reddened, as he looked to her with a shy smile. Sakura shot up her head to him with a confused look in her eyes.

"Yes? What is it, Lee-san?" She asked lightly. I forgot he was here... She commented dryly.

"Well...the real reason I'm here is because..." He trailed off, and looked to the side. Sakura waited patiently.

"W-Will you go on a date with me?" He asked with courage. Sakura blinked for awhile.

I need to move on...

"...Alright, Lee-san."

Sakura was only human. Even she reached a breaking point.

"I heard everything."

Sakura looked up from the daffodils.

"Wh-What do you mean?" Sakura pressed. Ino grinned a Cheshire cat grin as she stood to the right of her best friend. She placed her hands on her hips.

"You know what I mean." She answered and crouched down next to her.

Sakura was buying her usual batch of daffodils (they just looked so beautiful on her desk...) at the Yamanaka flower shop when suddenly, Ino had piped up.

Sakura blinked for awhile. She shook her head.

"No, I don't." She told her flatly. Ino cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Oh come on, Sakura! Here I am, totally proud of you, and you don't even know why?" She exclaimed dramatically. Sakura sighed.

"No. Now, tell me this wonderful thing that I did, already." She pressed again. Why does she always have to be so dramatic...? She wondered sourly.

Ino looked around the shop and leaned closer to Sakura.

"You actually dumped him." She whispered happily.

"Who?" The emerald-eyed girl asked. Ino rolled her eyes.

"Who else? Evil Sasuke." The sunshine-haired girl told her with an 'Are-you-serious?' tone. Ino then grinned.

"A little birdy told me that you were going on a date with someone. I'm so glad you decided to move on!" She cheered, obviously forgetting to whisper.

Sakura looked at her with dull eyes. She felt so...indifferent about moving on.

She knew this was a bad thing, but shrugged it off anyway.

"So? Who is the lucky guy? Is he one of your secret admirers? Or a cute new guy?" Ino pestered. Sakura pulled an innocent face for comedy's sake.

"It's Lee." She whispered innocently. Ino's face dropped.

"Sakura...you could've done better." She told her flatly. Sakura began to defend him, but was cut off by Ino.

"But then again, I do suppose he's nice. He's a real 'Aw-shucks' kind of guy, so maybe he'd be a good change of pace from Mr. I-only-care-for-myself Sasuke." She analyzed. Sakura remained indifferent.

"So? Where's he taking you?" Ino asked with curiosity lacing her voice. Sakura looked down to the daffodils.

"...The Tanabata festival." She told her quietly. Ino widened her sapphire eyes.

"That reminds me of the festival held for the Chunnin exams..." She noted. "But...didn't you say you went to that festival with Sasuke? On a date?" Ino asked quietly. Sakura glared at nothing in particular, just out of anger.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious...She commented annoyingly. For some reason, Sakura wasn't feeling very happy, no matter how hard she tried to cheer herself up.

"Yeah..." She whispered. Ino noticed her foul mood.

"Well, that's kind of a weird coincidence. By the way, the daffodils are on the house. It's a reward for finally following my advice." Ino added cheerfully. Sakura looked to her with a meek smile.

"Thanks, Ino." She told her gratefully. Ino smiled.


Sakura liked how her friend seemed to know when she was troubled and knew exactly how to cheer her up.

Sakura began walking out of the store, daffodils in hand when Ino called to her.

"I'm proud of you Sakura...for finally moving on." She told her. Sakura mustered up a smile.


Yet, why didn't Sakura feel proud for herself?

She laid out her new yukata on her bed, smoothing the edges as she did.

It was a purple kimono with plum blossoms printed along it a pastel green obi to go with it.

She would wear this tomorrow night.

Sakura fretted in her drawers for something to wear for her hair. Then she found it.

The flower barrette Ino had given her when she helped her for her date with Sasuke.

She turned it around in her hand and looked to it sadly.

Something sparked inside her, and she ran to her closet. Sakura opened it, and took out the old yukata she had back then.

The soft, pastel, butterfly-decorated kimono.

She turned it over in her hands, placed the barrette down on her desk, walked over to her mirror, and slipped on the yukata as if it was a coat.

She smiled sheepishly at how the yukata reached her knees. Had she really been that short back then?

She twirled and laughed at herself. She felt so silly. Sakura hugged herself and rested her head on her shoulder. She smelled something and brought up the collar to her nose.

It smelled like rain.

Sakura's eyes went sad and she sniffed it once more. It was faint, but she could tell his smell anywhere.

Her eyes closed as she recalled why it smelled like so.

Her mind drifted to a far-off memory...

They held hands, not speaking nor wanting to. She smiled happily, a blush still on her face.

"We're here." He called out. Sakura awoke from her trance and nodded. She looked to her front door, and turned her head back to Sasuke. She smiled at him.

"Thank you...for a wonderful night, Sasuke-kun." She thanked him sweetly. Sasuke gave her a half-smile.

"Anytime." He responded with a shrug. Sakura wondered if he was trying to act cool or he just plain was.

She couldn't be certain with him tonight.

"Thank you for walking me home, too. And for the food, and panda, and-"

"I get it, Sakura. Don't you have a bed time?" Sasuke asked her playfully. Sakura smirked at him.

"Maybe. Why would you like to know?" She asked coyly. Sakura noticed a tinge off pink come to his cheeks.

"...No reason." He muttered. Sakura smiled, and brushed some bangs behind Sasuke's ear. He blushed fully, a surprised look shot at her.

"Goodnight, Sasuke-kun." She whispered, removed her hand, and began walking toward her door. Her hand was about to grab the doorknob till...

"Sakura, wait!"

The butterfly-yukata clad girl turned to him. His face was red and his eyes nervous. Sakura looked at him puzzled.

"What is it?" She asked him. Sasuke looked down and gulped.

"W-Well..." He began. She tilted her head to the side.

"What?" She pressed.

"Will y-you..."

"Get on with it, Sasuke."

Sasuke shot up his head, an embarrassed and stubborn look on it.

"Will you be my girlfriend?!" He asked nervously. Sakura's breath stopped and her eyes widened.

A few minutes passed till she finally registered what he was asking.

"G-Girlfriend...but wh-why?" She asked flustered. Sasuke looked to the side.

"I love you. I know it's really soon and quick, but I...want to be with you." He muttered. Sakura felt her heart beat. Time stopped.

Be with me...? She asked.

Sakura smiled and laughed. She ran to him, holding him with collision.

"Yes! Yes! I will! I will!" She agreed, as time sped forward again. Sasuke's cheeks grew redder and he held her back.

"I...I want to be with you, too, Sasuke-kun." Sakura confessed in a muffled voice having been pressed against his chest. Sasuke kissed her on the head.

"...Thank you."

Her mind returned to the present...

Sakura felt the tears well up in her eyes.

I...want to be with you.

Sakura bit her lower lip. She felt the tears fall, and she crumbled down to the ground, and cried.

Liar. You, goddamn liar. She cursed and hugged herself.

"Ah! Sakura-san! You look beautiful in your yukata." Lee complimented, when Sakura approached the festival grounds, Lee waiting for her like he said he would. Sakura smiled half heartedly.

"Th-Thank you, Lee-san..." She told him gratefully, looking down shyly.

Lee smiled, and motioned to the festival grounds.

"Let us go, shall we, Sakura-san?" He asked with confidence. Sakura smiled and nodded.

"Okay." She agreed and the two walked keeping their respective spaces. The pink-haired kunoichi sighed inwardly.

I have to move on. Tonight I won't think of him at all. Tonight, I will have fun. She told herself, and smiled confidently, her heart hurting, yet she ignored it...

...just as he had done that night, long ago.

Surprisingly, Sakura found out she actually could hold a good conversation with Lee. The two talked of fighting techniques, training, the people in their lives, and other such topics. Sakura found out, that Lee was a very easy person to talk to; If you looked over the fact that he was very energetic, of course.

The night went on as it did, the two enjoying the booths as they did, Lee very excited about it all, 'Like a child' Sakura had said.

Although, there were some bad memories bought up.

"Sakura-san! Let's go to the Ring Toss next! I swear I will get you a prize by using the wonderful power of youth!" Lee exclaimed. Sakura began to agree with him, until an image of an embarrassed Sasuke holding out a panda doll for her came to mind.

I got it for you.

The pink-rose haired girl shook her head, and mustered a smile.

"N-No. Th-That's alright, Lee. How about another one?" She asked shakily. Lee looked to her worried, but nodded, not wanting to pain her more by asking 'Why not?'

Another memory was brought up by the simple smell of yakitori.

I'm holding you to that vow, Sakura Haruno, I'll wait for the day till you can beat me in a fair fight.

Lee smiled and pointed to the haunted house.

"How about we go there, Sakura-san? The mere scare of a person, gets the adrenaline rushing!" He exclaimed. Sakura smiled, remembering her personal tradition of always going to the haunted house, began to say 'Yes' until a memory replayed itself in her mind.

The feeling of Sasuke's warm chest, and his reassuring hand on her back came to mind.

I'm here for you, okay?

Sakura shook her head, and smiled meekly.

"N-Not right now. Besides, why don't we get our wishes done instead?"

There was a legend to the Tanabata festival.

The beautiful weaver, Orihime, lived near the Banks of Heaven. Her father, Tenkou, was happy she weaved such beautiful tapestries. However, Orihime grew sad, for she worked so much, she would never be able to fall in love. Tenkou, moved by his daughter's sadness, arranged a meeting between her and the handsome cow-herder Hikoboshi, who lived across the Heaven's river. The two met, and instantly fell in love and got married.

However, they were so in love they forgot there duties; Orihime not bothering to weave, nor Hikoboshi to herd his cows.

In anger, Tenkou separated the two between the river, and forbade them to ever meet again.

Orihime grew sad, and pleaded to her father to let them meet. Tenkou, moved by his daughter's tears, allowed the two to meet on the seventh day of the seventh month. However, the first time they tried to meet, they couldn't for there was no bridge over the river. Orihime pleaded to a flock of birds to help make a bridge with their wings. They agreed, and do so every year. However, if it rains, the birds cannot come, for the river would flood.

Ino would always say how much she loved the legend. 'A true love story' she would tell Sakura.

It was a tradition to write a wish on a slip of paper, and hang it on a bamboo tree's branches. So, as Sakura sat on the bench near said tree, other people around it, tying papers, writing wishes, and conversing about it all, Sakura honestly didn't know what to write.

Maybe I should wish for strength? No, I can get that by training. For good luck? Nah, too simple. She shot down possible wishes, wanting to make a special one, a meaningful one she wouldn't regret.

Sakura looked to her side, seeing Lee talking to Tenten. He had already written his wish, now waiting patiently for Sakura to finish up. The pink-rose haired girl bit her lower lip.

I hate making him wait...but I want to have a good wish too... She thought. A voice then came to her mind.

Wasting time on a wish? That's stupid. Don't waste your time on kid stuff, Sakura.

She furrowed her brow. That's exactly what Sasuke would say. She thought angrily. She remembered memories of her and Sasuke's fights. He always said she was too childish and naive, and she said he was too serious and cold. Sure, there were times when he put up with her playful nature, but he always had a limit to what he would allow.

"No pet names." He said sourly. Sakura frowned, and wrapped her arms around his neck, the two sitting on top of the Academy building.

"Oh come on, Sasuke-kun! Here, let me start. From now on I'll call you...Sassy-cakes! Isn't that cute? Okay, okay, you next!" She cheered, smiling from her idea. Sasuke glanced at her, a frown on his face.

"Alright. I'll call you ex-girlfriend."

Sakura's face dropped.

"...Fine. Have it your way."

Sakura shook her head from the memory. That was the past, she told herself, and that love for him was merely instinct.

I didn't truly love him. I never loved him. And he never loved me. She repeated, and decided on her wish in rage.

I wish for the strength to move on from Sasuke Uchiha. She repeated the wish in her mind, and brought the brush to the paper.

Her hand started to shake. She felt tears well up in her eyes, and blinked them back.

"I can't do it..." She muttered with a sad voice.

Do you really think that?

Not anymore.

Thank you...for saving me from the darkness.

I...I love you, Sakura.

Sakura...do you know about the festival tomorrow?

Sakura, do you love me?

The words of the past came to her. She replied to the last one, once again, her old answer being 'No.' Her new one being...

"I think I did." She whispered and wiped her eyes of the tears, trying her best not to cry.

Sakura bit her lower lip, a new wish coming to her, as she wrote it, her mind neutral.

The emerald eyed girl walked to the tree, grabbing a branch, grabbing the string she had gotten with her paper, and tied it on the branch. She let go of the branch, and watched a gust of wind play and twirl with the paper.


Sakura turned her head to the caller and smiled seeing Lee. The energetic ninja ran to her and grinned.

"So, are you done?" He asked cheerfully. Sakura nodded.

"Yes. Thank you for waiting."

"So? What did you wish for? I myself wished for more youthful and passionate training to come my way! To become stronger!" He told her excitedly, posing as he did. Sakura giggled.

"Lee-san, don't you know? If you tell someone your wish, it won't come true." She told him lightly. Lee's face fell.

"Oh no! I have scorned myself, and now will never become a powerful shinobi! But wait. Maybe if I train hard enough, fate won't be able to catch up to me. Yes! Tomorrow, instead of five-hundred laps around the village, I will do a thousand!" He cheered up. Sakura laughed at his response.

"You're so silly, Lee-san."

Lee looked over to her and smiled a shy smile, a blush coming on his cheeks.

"Sh-Shall we go now? The fireworks are about to start."

Sakura nodded, her wish still repeating itself in her mind.

I wish to know the difference between true love, and passionate lust.

The fireworks had gone on with good feelings. The two stared at the fireworks happily and with excited faces. Sakura felt good when she watched them, feeling all her worries vanish, the only thing existing was the night air, the sound of popping, and the bright and beautiful colors and patterns.

Until, of course, they ended.

Sakura smiled at Lee, the two talking as he walked her home. She had decided, he was a good friend, one that was very exciting to hang out with.

However, a good friend, was all he was to her.

"Thank you for tonight, Lee-san. I had a really good time." The intelligent kunoichi told him gratefully. Lee blushed and nodded his head, embarrassed.

"D-Don't mention it, Sakura-san! I'm...just happy to know you had a good time." He replied bashfully. Sakura nodded and looked down shyly.

I...I don't think I love him. He's a good friend, and knowing that makes me feel horrible. She thought painfully. She looked up, seeing care in Lee's eyes. He gulped and leaned forward for a kiss. Sakura didn't move; She had to will herself.

You have to move on.

Sakura closed her eyes, waiting for it patiently.

Thank you.

Sakura's legs shook as she remembered the last thing he had told her before he had ended it all. She remembered her kisses she had shared with Sasuke. When he had made the first move, she always waited for his lips restlessly, excitement making her heart pound.

But this? Unlike those other kisses. She didn't mind waiting, she didn't feel excitement.

You have to move on! She yelled at herself. She felt the warmness of Lee's lips near her's, but couldn't help herself, but to turn her head, so that his lips only met cheek.

That was when she had decided she couldn't. If she had just let him kiss her, maybe she could've moved on. She would tolerate an 'Only Friends' feeling, and convince him she loved him then more then a friend.

But she couldn't. She couldn't move on.

She just couldn't.

Lee pulled away sadly, a frown on his face. He looked to Sakura hurt, the excitement he usually held in his eyes gone. Sakura felt shame over-take her and frowned as well, shaking her head.

"I-I'm sorry, Lee-san...I just..." She stuttered. Lee smiled a sad smile.

"You still love Sasuke Uchiha, don't you?"

Emerald eyes widened in surprise.


"It's alright. I understand...I respect you, Sakura-san."


"Because you still have the passion and emotion to love him."

Sakura opened her mouth, only to close it again, unsure of what to say. Lee began to walk away, and grinned.

"Good night, Sakura-san."

And with that, he left.

I'm sorry. She told him wordlessly, and entered her house, taking off her sandals, and lugging herself to her room. She collapsed onto her bed, feeling empty and confused. If she couldn't bring herself to move on, then what was she to do? He wouldn't magically come back, apologize, and treat her like a princess. She couldn't magically forget him and move on with someone else. What could she do?

Sakura willed herself to get up, and stepped onto her balcony, undoing her hair of it's bun, letting the hair frame her face. Sakura looked up to the full white pearl.

I'll get him myself.

The intelligent kunoichi smiled at her decision.

Yeah...I'll get stronger. Strong enough to beat him, and to help bring him back. I'll wait till Naruto comes back, then go after him with Naruto. I'll bring him back, and we can sort this out. We'll see if we can really keep this relationship going, or we can give it up all together. We'll see if we really were Chemical Romance or not. She explained and laughed with relief, the confusion leaving her. A star fell and she remembered the first time she had an actual heart-to-heart talk with Sasuke.

My mother once told me that when you see a falling star that means someone's soul has died. She never said if they go to hell or heaven; they just pass on to whatever destiny they have to face after death. So...I pray. I pray that person's soul will go to heaven...That they will at least be happy where ever they go...That...well...they'll be happy...Just that, I guess.

Sakura closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

The sky covers everywhere, Sasuke-kun. Did you see that star? Did you pray? Did you remember me when you did? Sasuke-kun... Sakura told him wordlessly, opened her eyes, and smiled softly.

...Wherever you are, we'll always be under the same sky. Under the same moon. Whenever I want to ease my feeling of loneliness I'll look at the sky or moon, Sasuke. It will always remind me that under this same sky and moon, you are there. Sasuke-kun we're connected in a way.

Wind blew by Sakura, and she felt her heart swell with joy.

Sasuke...we're connected by the sky.

Sasuke smiled without thinking. He closed his eyes and prayed. Old habits died hard, he guessed.

He felt his heart swell with happiness suddenly, and furrowed his brow in confusion. Why...do I feel so happy?

Sasuke shook his head, but he couldn't get the sudden feeling out of his body. Such a blind and blissful feeling...


The Uchiha-heir widened his eyes, and quickly scowled.

Why...Why did her name suddenly come to mind? He asked himself. Sasuke huffed, and laid back down, turning his back to the window.

I'm just too tired is all. I need to go to sleep already.

And he did. Unwillingly, though, he dreamt of her.

However, when he had awakened, he forgot all about it.

So, she decides to bring him back to her. To settle once and for all when he came back, if they had true love, or merely childish passion.

He, however, refuses to go back.

Fate will soon be set in motion. The third member of Team Seven can come back, and the events will unfold.

Will he be brought back, or forever gone from their lives?

You will have to wait for that time. When people do things they do not please, after all, time seems to go slower.

That's the end of chapter 21! Thank you for reading: )

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