Author Note: Hello, this story is about Fai's daughter in the Kingdom of Seresu, and Kuroganes son from the Country of Japan. Note that i don't own the Tsubasa Cast, or parts of the cast from Full Moon Wo Sagashite. (I was bored making up names.) So, please enjoy this chapter, of The Princess and The Prince.

The Princess and The Prince

A long time ago, in a world unknown to others but magicians, for this world, was a magical world. This magical world was much like the planet Earth as some call it, only this is a place of magic.

This is where our story begins, of a magical kingdom and a new air of this kingdom.

It was a stormy night when the doctor of the kingdom was called to the castle for an emergency. That night, a princess was born, with magical powers passed down to her from her farther, Fai Flowright.

Her mother, was a non-magical human, who Fai met as a child. They grew up together, and he eventually married her. He became King when his parents past on, and he and his Queen ruled the peaceful country of Seresu for a year till they found out she was carrying the air to the kingdom.

And threw those months, preparations were made for the arrival of the child, and they didn't worry about the trouble for giving birth to a child, till that night she was born.

The baby was born a healthy baby, but the mother fell ill immediately. The doctor recommended that she stay in bed for a while till she is able to move, and they did as he wished.

The baby was introduced to the people and servants and was given the name, Crystal F. Flowright. Over the month of her birth, news got out to the neighboring county of Japan of the child's birth, but they didn't care, for they had there own prince. He was born a year earlier and was now walking and talking a bit. His name was Kuro Moon, and his parents were Kurogane Moon and Tomoyo Moon.

The neighboring country of Clow was excited for the child, since there princess was young and not married yet, her name was Sakura Reed, and her brother, Toya Reed was currently King of the kingdom since there farther had died.

Over the months of the child's birth, the mother's sickness didn't cease, and she died the night of Crystal's first birthday. The country and neighboring kingdoms mourned over the Queen's death, especially Seresu.

As the year's passed, Crystal grew without a mother, but with her Farther and the Servant's of the castle, not going to school or making friends. When Crystal was 6, she and her farther were invited to Princess Sakura's wedding. She was marrying her best friend, Syaoran Kinomoto, and they were perfect for each other.

The night they were to leave the country of Seresu to the country of Clow, the country was attacked. The battled lasted for days till Seresu finally beat the mysterious army. This is where our story now begins, in the country of Seresu.

Crystal's Pov

I walked threw the battlefield and looked for survivors, and my farther. Puddles of blood soaked the ends on my dress, but I didn't care. Though I am six, my servant's say I act like a Queen already, 'carrying for your people at a young age is wonderful, but you should have fun and play with some of the children in the village.' I don't care for not having friends, my mother never showed me.

The number of bodies grew as I walked deeper into the battlefield when I heard a sound up ahead. I walked a little faster to it when I saw a body limping my way toward Seresu. He held a staff and wore a traditional battle robes. "Farther!" I yelled running up to him.

He looked up and saw me running toward him, but it looked like he was worried. "Crystal, why are you here!" He asked once I was in front of him.

"I came to get you Farther." I said looking up at him.

"Your filthy, you shouldn't have come-" He stopped as he grabbed his stomach.

"Daddy, daddy are you alright?" I asked grabbing his robes.

"It's just a small cut." He smiled.

"Why didn't you heal yourself?" I asked.

"I used too much magic already, I couldn't." He smiled and placed his hand on my head.

"Then I'll heal it for you." I smiled and walked over to his side and placed my hands over the cut. I concentrated my magic into my hands and the energy from my hands sealed the wound. Once it was sealed, I drew back a bit wobbly till I fell over exhausted.

"Crystal." Whispered Fai and he kneeled down picking me up and carried me back to Seresu. As he walked away from the battlefield, the bodies of the enemy army vanished leaving only the people of Seresu who gave their lives in battle.

Endnote: It was fun writing this chapter, cause i actually imagined myself in Seresu walking threw a battlefield full of dead bodies. But yea, please review and I'll update soon. See ya for now.