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Chapter 15

Crystal's room

Fai gently brushed his fingers threw his daughters hair as she slept, but stopped and stood leaving the room. He closed the door silently as he walked out and walked down the hallway. He looked out the windows as he passed, "It seems that her magic is controlling the rain." He said.

"My lord!" Said a woman.

"Yes, Meroko." He said.

"Takuto has returned with the news, and he's brought a visitor." She said.

"I see, where are they?" He asked.

"By the stairs." She said.

"Alright, thank you Meroko, you may go." He said and continued down the hallway as she bowed and continued the other direction.

He walked to the stairs and saw Takuto with a young boy. "My lord." He bowed, "I bring news of the battle." He said.

"Yes?" He said and walked down the stairs. He stood in front of him.

"Joseph and Josephine were killed in battle sir, saving your daughter." He said.

"I see, and the army?" He asked.

"Gone sir, I suspect they left once they killed them." He said.

"I see." He said and looked over at the boy and smiled. "My, you sure do resemble your farther." He smiled.

"Uh, thank you, lord Flowright." He bowed. "I can see where Crystal gets hers." He smiled.

He laughed, "Why thank you." He said. "I'm Lord Flowright of Seresu, but you may call me Fai." He said.

"Thank you Fai." He bowed, "I am Prince Kuro Moon, I came to see Crystal." He said.

"I'm afraid she is asleep at the moment." Said Fai. "Please join me for a walk." He said.

"Alright." Said Kuro.

"Takuto, your dismissed." Said Fai and walked with Kuro down the hallways. "So, you came to see my daughter?" Asked Fai after a while.

"Yes Fai, I wanted to know if she was alright." He said.

"I see." Said Fai and looked down at him, "so Kuro, tell me. What is your real reason for coming all the way to Seresu?" He asked.

"I was afraid, that she died when I saw the thunder from the mountain path." He said.

"I see. You do understand that when your farther finds out you left your mother, right after an injury he's going to get mad." Said Fai stopping in front of a window looking out at the rain.

"Yea, I know he'll get mad." Said Kuro.

"Hum." Said Fai and looked back up at the rain.

"Um, Fai." Said Kuro.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Dose it, always rain here in Seresu?" He asked.

"No, this is the first time it's rained." Said Fai smiling, "Crystal, is a special one."

"How so?" Asked Kuro.

"She was born to have strong magic, even if she is to be a healer like normal Seresu civilians. She will surpass in magic, even my own. She will start a new generation of magicians of both male and females, slowly of course. You see, she's connected with nature since her mother's spirit is in the earth. Her magic comes from nature, and her mother. If the land is hurt, she'll hurt." Said Fai looking at the sun as the rained stopped. "And when the land is full of life, so shall she." He said.

"She, she's in pain right now?" He asked. "I guess that explains why her head hurt last night." He said.

"Her head hurt?" Asked Fai looking down at him.

"Yes, she said it was like a throbbing pain." Said Kuro.

"I see, she must have felt the earth cry then." Said Fai and turned from the window continuing down the hallway and Kuro followed him. "So Kuro, tell me, how is your mother doing?"

"Oh, she's fine. She was so happy when Crystal was going to stay with us, she wished she had a daughter like her." Said Kuro.

"As always." Smiled Fai. "Did you know, you were a twin?" Asked Fai.

"No, I didn't." He said.

"Well, you were a twin, and you were the first one born. Next would have been your sister, but she was so week, she didn't survive the night. Your mother was always upset that her child died, but she never showed it, she only talked with my wife about it." He said.

"That's why mom was so happy to hangout with Crystal." Said Kuro.

"I suppose, she still sounds like the saw Tomoyo I remember." Smiled Fai.

"Yea." Said Kuro.

"My lord." Said a woman with long pink hair running down the hallway with Takuto behind her.

"Meroko, Takuto, what is it?" He asked.

"My lady, my lady is gone." Said Meroko out of breath.

"She jumped from the window into the tree and ran down the streets, we don't know where she is." Said Takuto. "My lord, there is a prediction of a blizzard within the hour. If she's in it, she'll freeze to death." He said.

"Send the guards out, have them talk to the people and gather helpers to look. She couldn't have gotten far." He said and started to hurry back down the hallway.

"Right." Said Takuto and ran off.

"Meroko, have my horse ready." He said.

"Yes my lord." She said and ran off.

"Fai." Said Kuro.

"I can't believe she'd jump from her room, that's on the second floor, last time she did that she nearly broke an arm." He grunted. "She probably ran toward the battle field out of town." He said.

"Where is that?" Asked Kuro.

"Outside of town on the frozen lake." He said. "Why?" He asked.

"I'll get her." He said and ran a head and out of the castle.

"Kuro, you can't go after her, the blizzard will be here any moment." Said Fai.

"I don't care, she saved me, so I'll save her." He said and got on Shadow and stormed out of the town and back on the path. 'Crystal, I'll find you, and tell you my feelings, just be safe.'


'Mother, mother!' "Mother, where are you, mother." I said as I limped threw the snow hill. I got to the top and looked down at the lake. There in the snow was blood stained snow mixed in ice. "Mother, this is too painful." I said and grabbed my chest. I walked down the hill and threw the blood stained snow onto the bloody ice. "Mother, why dose it hurt, mo- Cough, cough, cough, mother." I whispered grabbing my throat. "Why dose this hurt mother, why!" I cried kneeling on the ice and pounded my fists on it.

I heard footsteps and looked up to see the mysterious army surrounding me. They took a step forward, before they started to run at me. "No!!" I yelled and felt the ice around me start to break. Before I knew it, I sat on a broken piece of ice and some of the army fell into the water, while others stood on there own ice. I tried to balance myself, but being on a large piece of ice with some of the members of the army was hard, since they still came for me. "No, stay away!" I cried.

One of the mysterious army grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. "Ahh! Let me go!" I cried. He squeezed harder, "Ah!!" I yelled and I could hear it echo in the valley.

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