Summary: He did it. He made the biggest mistake of his life. Or did he? PLEASE R&R!


Italics- InuYasha's thoughts

You Did It…

"You did it… you actually did it. I can't believe you InuYasha…why did… what were you… UGH!"

As the sun slowly set, a young boy sat by the edge of the river in Edo Japan. His moonshine hair caught the light every so often, causing a shimmer effect on the water. Peering up slightly, he looked into the water and stared at his reflection with his golden orbs, showing his hatred and contempt for the boy before him.

"Do you not realize what you did?" the young boy known as InuYasha asked himself. "You just had to ask. Why would she even consider you as a potential mate?"

InuYasha bowed his head as he recalled the incident that had just occurred.


The sun was in high noon and once again InuYasha and Kagome were arguing about Koga's most recent visit while the rest of the gang continued ahead.

"I was just being polite!" came the voice of an angry Kagome.

"Polite! You were all over him!"

"I was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too-!"

"WHY DO YOU CARE ANYWAYS?" Kagome interrupted while turning her back and entering her 'pouting mode'.


A silence unlike any heard in the history of man or demon overcame the Inu Gang, all with eyes as big as saucers. Kagome, so shocked, was unable to complete a sentence

"Wha... Yo..."

Slowly, Kagome turned around and stared intently into the half-demons eyes.

"Did you just call me your... mate?" she said in a breathy whisper.

"I..." InuYasha paused. How do get myself out of this one...

What seems like hours passed before he came up with the only thing he could think of.

He ran.


InuYasha let out a huge sigh as he moved his gaze from the water to the setting sun.

"Well… there's only one thing I can do…leave… and never come back."

He glanced into the river water one last time before turning to leave for his new life.

"Good-bye Kagome"

"InuYasha." A voice as angelic as heaven and as sweet as honey spoke.

Only one person could possibly have that voice.

"Kagome." InuYasha replied as he turned around.

"InuYasha… Why did you run?"

"I…" he sighed, struggling internally whether or not he should speak the truth. " I was afraid."

Kagome wore a confused face as she walked closer to him.

"Of what?"

His golden eyes moved side to side, staring at her as he gave his answer.

"Of you… of your reaction… Kagome, I… I…"

"Yes." She said while shortening the gap between them.

"I… I love you."

InuYasha let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding while he watched the girl he cared for form tears in her eyes.

"Kagome please don't cr-"

His plea was quickly silenced with a kiss. It took only a moment for him to register what was happening before he responded. Before he knew it, their kiss had ended and he was once again staring into her chocolate colored orbs.

"I love you too… and I would… love to be your mate. That is, if you'll still have me?"

InuYasha could have touched the moon he was so happy. Instead, he settled for holding the woman he loved so dearly in his arms.

"Of course Kagome… of course."

One more passionate kiss between the new couple was shared before they headed back toward the rest of the group.As Kagome and InuYasha walked hand in hand, InuYasha held only one thought in mind.

"You did it… You actually did it."

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