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James Potter smiled as he sat down in his large leather chair. It was eight o'clock in the morning on a beautiful summer day. It was Friday, so there were only a few hours left until he could enjoy his relaxing weekend, free of all strenuous work activities.

Not that he minded being at work, he loved his job. James Potter wasn't an ordinary person. He was a wizard. Not just any wizard, but an extremely smart and talented wizard. While at school, a magical place named Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was named Head Boy in his seventh year. He received top marks in all his classes, was popular, and the captain of Gryffindor Quidditch team. Needless to say, he had it all.

Now, four years out of Hogwarts, he was the youngest person ever to work at Sinclair's, a lawyer's office. Not only was he the youngest member of the very successful office, but he was one of the top lawyers in the firm. In fact, he hadn't lost a single case in nearly eight months, which was the current record at the firm.

James looked down at the desk in front of him and straightened a stack of papers. He hated anything messy, a habit he gained when he was five from his mother. After refusing to clean his room, his mother took away his broomstick, making it impossible to play Quidditch. Ever since then, he's always been an extremely neat and organized person.

Instead of diving into his workload for the day, James glanced at the photographs that surrounded his large, oak desk. One was of his parents, Ryan and Candace Potter. They were seated in the parlor of their four-story mansion, both looking elegant and happy. The photograph was taken at Christmas, so Ryan Potter was dressed in a very spiff jacket and tie, and Candace Potter was dressed in a deep red gown and wore diamonds around her neck and in her ears.

Next to that photograph, there was a picture of James with his three best friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. The four young men met on the train that took them to Hogwarts, and became inseparable after that very first engagement. Together, they called themselves the Marauders, due to their infamous pranking skills. Just by looking at the picture, James knew that he would always remain friends with the three men. They were all together through thick and thin. In their fifth year at Hogwarts, when Sirius's parents disowned him for not supporting the Dark Arts, the three remaining Marauders took him under their wing. Sirius even ended up living at the Potter house for the remaining summers and holidays of Hogwarts. Additionally, when they discovered that Remus was a werewolf, they didn't run away in fear as other might have done. They found a way to transform themselves into animals, a highly dangerous and illegal process called Animagi, so that during the full moon they could keep Remus company.

Next, James came to a picture of a woman with long, curly blonde hair and icy blue eyes. It was a picture of his girlfriend of eleven months, Erica Purcell. In the photograph, she was seated beneath a blooming dogwood tree. White petals were scattered on the ground, the wind pulling them from the tree. She was smiling up at James and waving, looking as beautiful as ever.

Just looking at the picture made James smile. He loved spending time with Erica; she was gorgeous, smart, witty, and nice. She was the type of girl that everyone dreamed of dating, the type of girl that he could bring home to meet his parents, who would automatically adore her. She was perfect.

His grin widened as he recalled the first time they met, at a local café. She was his waitress and had just moved to London from Paris. While serving him his coffee, the two struck up a conversation. Despite wanting to stay in chat, Erica needed to leave to wait on other tables. Before she left, however, James asked her out to dinner. From there on, it was history. They've been dating ever since.

"Hey James, congrats on the big Warner case," Mike Edwards, one of James's colleagues said, popping his head inside James's office.

"Thanks," he yelled back from his desk.

"Oh, James, you're here, I didn't even see you slip in," Melissa Gong said, approaching his office. Melissa was the boss's assistant, and possibly one of the nicest women James had ever met. She had short black hair, small brown eyes, and was barely five feet tall.

"Yeah, I'm here," he answered.

"Well, Mr. Herney would love to see you in his office when you get the chance," she informed him. Mr. Herney was the boss at the firm, and was the only person that people referred to as Mister. None of them were quite sure why he wasn't called by his first name; perhaps it was because he was an authority figure, or maybe because he was frightening looking. Either way, he was always referred to as Mr. Herney.

"Its good news I hope," James commented.

"Well, I'm not supposed to say, but I think it's a safe bet," Melissa answered, smiling after she spoke.

"I guess I better head over there then," he said, drinking the last of his coffee.

James walked down the hallway and knocked once he reached Mr. Herney's door. Once told to come in, he opened the door to reveal an office three times the size of his own office. Not that James was complaining about his office though; he was twenty-two years old and had his own office, which was more than most of his friends.

"You wanted to see me," he said.

"Yes, yes I did. Have a seat," Mr. Herney said, pointing to one of the two brown leather chairs that sat opposite his mahogany desk. "James, I must say, I'm impressed with your work."

"Thank you, sir."

"You've surpassed most of your colleagues, and you're about ten years younger than all of them. You've done wonders for this firm," Mr. Herney announced.

"I've tried my best," James commented.

"I can certainly see that," Mr. Herney said, and then added, "Which is why I've decided that you deserve a raise."

"Thank you, sir," James replied, a large smile on his face.

"How does increasing your hourly rate by five sickles sound?" Mr. Herney asked, giving James a large grin.

"That sounds, amazing," James answered. He was down right shocked at the pay increase; it seemed that this was quite a high raise.

"I knew you'd like it," Mr. Herney said. "And now, keep up the good work. Also, the next Death Eater attack case is yours."

"Are you serious?" James asked, suddenly looking very professional and alert.

"I sure am," his boss replied.

"Wow, thank you, sir. Thank you so much."

With that said, James left the room and hurried back to his office. This was one of the best days of his professional career. He was going to be able to handle a Death Eater case, which were only reserved for the best lawyers in the firm.

Of course, Death Eater attacks were very serious though. About ten years ago, while James was in his second year at Hogwarts, a wizard by the name of Lord Voldermort started to spread the idea of a perfect world, in which muggles and muggle-born wizards wouldn't exist. As a result in trying to succeed in his perfect world, he killed everyone that he felt didn't belonged in the world. His followers were called Death Eaters, and took the responsibility of performing most of the murders. Lord Voldermort saved himself for his most hated enemies.

This caused a war to break out, the good guys versus the bad guys. James, of course, sided with the good guys. He didn't believe in a world where only pureblood wizards could exist, especially because there were so many talented muggle-borns.

Now, he was going to be able to personally throw the bad guys in jail after the next Death Eater attack. He was ecstatic. Doing just that was the main reason James wanted to work in the law department, and now he was going to be given the chance.

As James sat at his desk, he couldn't help but smile. He was twenty-two years old and in love with his life. He couldn't ask for a better job, girlfriend, friends, or family. He had it made; life was perfect.

For the rest of the day, he breezed through all his paperwork, not caring that it was an unusually high stack of folders for him to file and sort through.

Finally, at four o'clock, the workday was over and he was able to leave. He gathered his personal belongings and with a "pop" apparated out of the building and landed in his apartment.

"Sirius, you here?" he yelled.

Once Hogwarts was over, James and Sirius elected to move out of the Potter house and into a place of their own. They moved right into the heart of London, in a muggle apartment building, where they were roommates. Additionally, Remus and Peter moved right across the hall from them. With the amount of time the four men spent together, it was as if they never left Hogwarts.

"Yeah," Sirius called from the living room. One of the bright sides of living in a muggle area of London was that in addition to using their magic, they could use muggle devises as well, such as a television. That was where Sirius was at the moment, sitting on the couch, an ice-cold firewhiskey in hand, and watching television.

"You would never guess what happened to me today," James said, walking into the living room.

"What?" Sirius asked, not taking his eyes off the television.

"I got a raise, and Herney said I could take on the next Death Eater case," he exclaimed.

"That's awesome mate," he answered.

"I know, I'm thrilled…I swear, once he decides he needs a partner, I'm there."

"Congratulations," Sirius replied.

James plopped down on the chair adjacent to the couch and asked, "So, any mail come?"

"Well, the muggle mail is still down at the box, but the owl mail is on the counter," he answered. That was another thing about the wizard world; they used owls to transport letters.

James got off the chair and walked into the kitchen, picking up the mail and sorting through it. He smiled as he recognized Erica's handwriting and tore open the envelope.


What do you say you come over to my flat this evening and I'll cook us up a romantic dinner for two? Let's say, 7:00 sharp. Owl me back.

Love always,


He loved going over to Erica's flat for meals. Erica was one of the chef's at a wizard restaurant in London, finally working her way up from the waitress job she had last year. Being a chef, she was a tremendous cook, which only made James care about her even more.

He quickly scribbled a note back to her, promising to meet her at seven.

James then went back to looking at the mail and saw that he received a letter from his mother. He tore that open as well, skimming over the words.


I'm just writing to say that your father and I are back from Africa, it was amazing down there. Next time you should really take off from work and come with us. We're traveling to New Zealand in a week and would love to see you before we go.

Give our love to Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Erica.



James picked up his quill again and dipped it in ink before writing another letter, this one to his mother. He told her all about his fabulous news, promising to visit sometime the following week.

He then went back into the living room and sat with Sirius, still beaming about his perfect day. James was able to pass the time by watching television for a while. He then got dressed and went to the flower shop, picking up a single white rose to give to Erica. Generally, he didn't give Erica flowers before every date, only on larger occasions. The day, however, he felt deserved a flower. It would bring a smile to her face, which would only conclude his already perfect day.

Checking his watch, James noticed that he still had plenty of time before he needed to be at Erica's, so he decided to walk from the flower shop to her apartment, which was only five blocks away. He strolled down the streets; enjoying the setting sun and watching kids play in nearby parks.

Finally, he reached his destination and knocked on the door.

Erica opened it at once and greeted him with a light kiss on the lips. She saw the flower and her icy blue eyes lit up at once.

"James, you shouldn't have," she exclaimed, very delighted to receive her favorite flower.

"But you're worth it," he replied, giving her another kiss. He then added, "Dinner smells amazing, what are we having?"

"Steak gorgonzola-alfredo," she answered.

"I can't wait."

"Come on, it's almost ready," she informed him, leading the way to the table. James noticed it was set already; a white tablecloth covering the wooden surface, two candles were lit, and the wine glasses were already filled.

"It looks amazing," he told her as she served him his meal.

"Thank you."

They started eating and talking, sharing stories as usual. James informed her of his delightful workday and Erica told stories of a chaotic, but successful night in the kitchens at the restaurant.

Once dinner was finished, Erica magically sent all of the dishes to the sink, which magically cleaned them all. It was one of the luxuries about being at witch that Erica greatly appreciated, the household cleaning help.

"What do you say we go out to the balcony?" she asked.

"Sounds great," he answered and led the way to the very familiar balcony.

Erica was lucky to live where she did, getting a fantastic view of the city. James loved to come here and sit with her, where they could see all of London light up.

Snuggled up next to James, Erica leaned her head on his shoulder and said, "Tell me a story about Hogwarts."

"What kind of a story?" he asked, ruffling his messy, jet-black hair with his free hand.

"One about a prank you pulled," she answered.

"Okay," he said and tried to think of a story he hadn't told her about yet. He then began the tale, "Okay, so do you remember how I told you about Filch?"

"Which one is he again?"

"He's probably the most hated man at Hogwarts. He's mean, older, can't do any magic, and looks after the castle," James reminded her.

"Oh yeah, the one with the cat," she recalled.

"Yes, but there was a time when that damn cat wasn't so nosy, when she was still a kitten," he began. "Filch introduced the cat to the school in my second year, and he decided to call her Mrs. Norris, which quite frankly is a stupid name for a cat. Anyways, one day we saw Filch's precious cat wandering the halls, looking out for any trouble. And let me just say that Mrs. Norris is probably the reason for at least ten of my detentions, because she always runs off and gets Filch before anyone can escape. So, one day, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and I were wandering down to the kitchens for a late night snack when we heard her meow. We decided to snatch her in our arms and hide her in one of the secret passage ways, one that Filch knew about, but hardly ever used."

"That's awful," Erica commented.

"No, she deserved it," he argued.

"Okay, fine."

"We put Mrs. Norris on a leash and tied her to a post inside the passage way, making sure to go up there a few times a day to feed her and such," James assured his girlfriend. "But it took Filch four days to find her. He was walking around like a madman because he knew she was alive and in the castle, but couldn't figure out where…It was bloody hilarious."

"Sounds like it," Erica said, yawning as she spoke.

"Are you tired?" he asked.

"Yeah, sorry. I didn't get back from the restaurant until two a.m. last night, and then had to interview new waiters this morning at nine. I didn't get a lot of sleep," she explained.

"You can sleep, I don't mind," he told her.

"No, no, I'm just going to sit here with you," she replied.

Twenty minutes later, Erica was sound asleep on his shoulder. Not wanting to wake her, James carefully lifted her into his strong arms and carried her to her bedroom. He gently rested her in her bed, tucking the covers over her sleeping form. He stood there for a moment, taking in just how lucky he was to have a girl like Erica, before turning off the lights. He left a note saying goodbye before apparating out of the room and back to his own flat.

He smiled, knowing just how great his day was. He had the perfect life; an amazing girlfriend, great job, good friends, and caring parents. Nothing could change how he was feeling.


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