Dan drove trough town at breakneck speeds, barely dodging oncoming traffic and people running wildly onto the road trying to escape their pursuers. Everyone in the cab of the truck sat in silent awe of the scenes of carnage be folding throughout the town. The closer they got to the base, the worse the destruction and chaos became.

"Man, look at all of this. It's like were driving through a suburb of hell itself." Amy said in a hushed tone. : and I'm worried about Adam, what if he got caught in all of this? He better be ok or if he isn't ill find him and kill him again." she said vengefully.

"Don't' worry about it too much Amy, the more you worry, the worse you'll feel." James told her and gave her shoulder a gentle little shove. "And im sure the idiot is fine girl, he may just have overslept or something, and I think he's bright enough to find his way to where were going. Just be patient."

"Yeah, you're probably right, I'll just have to have faith in his little ass." Amy said with a small sigh and slightly downcast look, then suddenly perked up and looked at Dan. "Hey Dan, how far are we from the base?"

"Uhhh...I think were maybe 5 minutes away from Wal-Mart and maybe another 10 to the base, 15 at the most." He replied while trying to light a cigarette with a shaking hand.

"Good, I cant take much more of this shit I'm telling ya!" Roxy said while rubbing her temples trying to relieve a growing migraine.

James watched as a little girl still in her pajamas trying to crawl towards the truck, but was obviously one of them, having her throat ripped out and missing both of her legs."Yeah, I know what ya saying there, but once we get to the base we should be fairly safe from these things. I mean they got guns and trucks and maybe a few tanks and shit. If anyone can help us, its gotta be them." he said to everyone.

"You're right man, that should be safe, better than trying to stay at house that's for sure." Dan said while taking a quick look back at James.

"Dan! Look out! Holy fu..."Roxy screamed as a car careened from a side road and hit them at about 40 miles an hour at a slight angle, but still mostly head on. The truck spun wildy out of control, coming to rest with the passenger side sung against the guardrail while the other vehicle spun to a stop in the ditch on the opposite side of the road. After seconds of utter silence, James was the first one to regain his senses. "What the hell just happened?" he asked in a shaking voice. No one answered his question, so he toke in his immediate surroundings and saw Amy next to him leaning against the passenger door of the extended cab with glass stuck in her hair and blood oozing down her face. Checking her over more closely and calling her name he found her to be unconscious. Looking in the front seats, he saw Roxy leaning forward into a deflating air bag, she was also unconscious. Dan was a different story. Apparently his air bag had malfunctioned and failed to open, leaving his face to take the full brunt of the impact with the steering wheel. The steering wheel was bent and wrapped around his head up to his ears, with his face resting on the horn with it blaring. He was obviously dead, blood was pouring from his crushed face, and had one eyeball hanging from its socket. With a nauseous feeling starting to claim him he noticed that he was relatively unharmed. His shoulder was sore and his knee was beginning to swell, but other than that he was fine.

"Son of a Bitch!, now what am I supposed to do?" He thought to himself. Looking outside he could see in the distance a half dozen of the undead were rapidly making their way to the wreck. "Holy shit...Amy wake the fuck up now!" he yelled at her while gently shaking her and slapping her cheek. She groaned and slowly began to regain consciousness. "Amy, come on girl, we aint got much time, those fuckers have seen us and I think they may be hungry." she opened her eyes as that thought sank in.

"What happened?" she asked James as he was quickly wiping the blood and glass off of her.

"We were hit head on and crashed into the guardrail, Roxy's knocked out and...well ...Dan's dead." James quietly told her. "What? He cant be dead." she spoke in a high pitched voice. But looking into the front seat, James was proven true as she took in the sight of one of her best friends dead.

"But we've got bigger fish coming down to the road." James pointed out the window at the zombies running at them with wild abandon. " we've got to get the hell outta here now!"

"Open the door man, were going to have to make a run for it." Amy said.

James looked at her with a frown on his face and said "Don't you think I know that?" But as he tried the door handle, he found that it wouldn't open. He pushed against it with his shoulder, but again it wouldn't budge. Finally getting pissed off at the god forsaken door, he told Amy to move over, scooting back he lifted his legs to the door, he leaned back, and put every ounce of energy he had into the kick, effectively opening the door. Also having the counter effect of sending the entire door off its hinges onto the pavement with a dull clang. "Oops, don't know my own strength." James said a bit sheepishly. "Come on, we've got to get outta here, you look for the gun, should be in the back here somewhere, and ill try to pull Roxy out and we can get outta here." he said while getting out. Amy nodded and began searching for the 9 mm while James got out and had to steady his nerves for what he was going to do. Opening the door, he gently laid Dan back, being careful not to look to much at his ruined face, he picked him up and gingerly laying him on the asphalt. With a quick breather, he leaned back in, hooked one of Roxy's arms around his shoulder and drug her outside the totaled truck.

Amy was waiting outside for him as he carried Roxy out. "I've got the gun, but what are we going to do now?"Amy asked with panic clearly setting into her eyes and voice.

"Well im going to try to carry Roxy on my shoulder, and you and me are going to try to out run these things. Maybe we can find a car or someone to take us to the base." James told her and she nodded her agreement. James then hefted Roxy on to his shoulder, though she was slightly heavier than he thought she would be, he could easily manage for a while. Being an avid weightlifter for 5 years had its perks he thought to himself, as the last time he lifted he could bench 500 with little effort, a small amount of pride at that thought gave him a little surge of energy."Well, lets get going Amy, I hate to leave Dan out here like this, but there's nothing we can do for him, god rest his soul." They began to run at a fast trot, since they were both slightly overweight, they couldn't run all that fast. After a short while, Amy looked back and saw how close the zombies were now, they were close enough to clearly see most of their features.

"Uhhh...James, those things are getting closer." Amy relayed her observations to him. James looked back and saw that she was right. Swearing, he quickly tried to formulate a plan. Though he could clearly see Wal-Mart up ahead, he was starting to get short of breath. He noticed that there were only 6 of the things running after them, so he decided to try and get rid of them once and for all. He didn't know how many bullets were in the gun, but he figured there were enough for the job. "Amy, when I tell you to stop, stop and hand me the gun, I've shot some before, so I should be alright. Ill put Roxy down and try to shoot these things. Alright?" he told her between breathing hard. .She nodded and got ready to hand over the pistol. Eyeing a car up ahead he decided to make his stand there.

"Alright, hand me that gun!" he yelled to her. They both stopped and James quickly put Roxy down and grabbed the gun from Amy's out stretched hands. Turning around and taking in the fast approaching undead, he noticed that they were shockingly close, within 50 yards, that scared him to no end. He brought the 9 mm up and sighted the first zombie in the group, it was a middle aged business man in a grey suit soaked in blood. Taking aim at the chest, he let loose a round and waited for the result. His aim was off, slightly to the left, but as it missed his original target, it hit another one dead on in the left eye, blowing the top of its head off, it tumbled to the ground, taking 3 behind it to the ground with it. "Holy shit, that was lucky." he said to himself in awe. Bringing the gun back up he began to let rounds loose. He caught the next 4 with head shots, effectively ending their miserable existence, but the last one, who was a young girl, maybe 14, with hardly any skin on her left arm, had to be shot at twice, for he missed the first shot and blew a hole in her stomach. Within the span of 3 minutes, he had gotten rid of the zombies that were chasing him. Now their was an eerie silence in the general vicinity.

"Okay...Amy, what should we do now? The car here is locked, do you think we should make a run to Wal-mart and see if there's something there that we can cabbage and use?" James asked Amy while he was hoisting Roxy back on his shoulder.

"I know it wont be good if we stay in the open like this, I think we should go to Wal-Mart, maybe pick up another gun or two, I know they don't have much, but they do have a little." she pointed out this aspect to him as they both started to jog to Wal-Mart. " Sounds good to me. I don't think this pistol has many rounds left, I used 7 rounds I think, so we need some more firepower that's for sure.

Major Noah Horne sat in the drivers seat of the transport truck along with Corporal Johnson looking at the scene in front of them, maybe 200 yards in front of them stood nearly 300 of the undead in front of the gates leading to his base. With only 122 of his original 200 soldiers remaining he didn't have adequate support to take out the horde blocking his way. Corporal Johnson was apparently having a mental breakdown, crying and quietly saying that he didn't want to die. He couldn't comfort the boy at the moment, he needed to figure out how to get in, and fast. Before he could get much farther in thought, the C.B. came to life. "Major Horne! Are you there sir?" came the static voice of Lieutenant Robertson. Quickly picking up the device he responded.

"This is Major Horne, what is it Robertson?"

"We've seen that you've got back, but we cant open the gates because the infected had gathered in front." He told his commanding officer.

Tell me something I don't know jackass, he thought to himself. "Well how do you propose we get these gates open Robertson?" Noah asked.

"Just sit tight sire, were going to open the gates and send out 2 tanks and six armored vehicles to take care of them, and there shouldn't be any that get in, we've built a makeshift corral with secondary gates behind the main gates sir." Robertson said.

"Nice idea there son, we'll sit tight until you have the situation under control. God speed. Grind them to pulp." replied Noah in a vindictive tone.

Without warning, the reinforced steel and chainlink gates slid open, and the pair of tanks they had roared out along with a half dozen of their armored vehicles with machine guns and rifles barking. It was a sight to behold as the tanks crushed more of the undead under their treads than they got with the heavy artillery. But even with the fairly large amount of undead, they didn't get very close to the convoy due to the continuos moving and individual shooting of the men inside. In under 10 minutes they had cleared the front gates of moving dead. Noah picked up the CB and barked orders to the rest of the convoy and the men at the gates to get moving and get inside. The convoy made it safely into the makeshift corral and were checked over to see if any infected had made it unknowingly onto a vehicle or hidden underneath it. After an all clear had been given, Noah slid out the drivers side and walked to the passenger door, opening it up. Corporal, you need to get out now." Noah said very gently to the sobbing young man. "Come on now, just take my hand and we'll get you inside where its safe and quiet." With that said, Johnson reached out his shaking hand to Noah, who took it and gingerly guided him to the waiting medics nearby.

A few minutes later, Noah was in a meeting with the higher ranking officers to hear reports on what has transpired throughout the day.

Sergeant-Major Matney was giving his report on how the recovery mission went.

"Well sir. We lost 78 men, bringing back 122 out of 200. There was just too many of the creatures out there to not sustain heavy losses, although we did manage to bring back 191 civilians sir." he told Noah.

"Thank you for that report Sergeant-Major. Lieutenant Robertson, Captain Goodell, you're reports please." Noah asked them both.

Lieutenant Robertson took the initiative and went first. "Well sir, I don't have much to report. We have now just under 670 soldiers and just slightly over 400 civies on base. We have room enough for maybe 200 more people, and supplies should last for a few more months at least. That's all I've really gotten so far sir, as I get better info I can give you further updates, well Captian, you're up." Robertson said as he finished his brief report. Handing over the reigns to Captain Goodell.

"Sir, we have reinforced the main compound wall with vehicles and covered those up with dirt and rock we had behind the barracks. The fortifications should be sufficient for a while sir, but we do need to think about further fortification if we plan to stay here for any long period of time. We've also been laying more layers of razor wire across the top, it may not hurt them, but it will slow them down till we can dispose of them. That's all we've been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Do we have your permission to build sniper towers along the walls sir? They wont be much, just enough to get a man up there to have better coverage of the place." He asked in a hopeful tone. "We, can tear down a few of the outbuildings we have that are of no use anymore to construct those, but if we need more materials, we may have to leave the base to get them.

"You have my permission to build the sniper towers, but I know construction material is limited here. You're right, we may end up having to scavenge outside for more materials. But with that said, I want to congratulate you men, on a job well done, under these circumstances you have done exceedingly well men. Now, since it is nearly nightfall, you may want to start assigning bunks to the civilians and have some dinner ready for these individuals. Also, I want every single person in there, everyone, checked from top to bottom for infection. We don't need a disaster to pop inside these walls. That's all, you are dismissed." With salutes and handshakes all around, Noah was left alone in the conference room looking out the lone window, watching the evening sky turn to orange and blood red, signifying the end to a bloody day. He could only hope that tomorrow would be a better day. But fate it seems, always has other endings in store.

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