This is my story. It is depressing so if you are looking fro something happy don't read this. This is the prologue which explains everything so please read it before moving on to the rest off the story


My name is Jo. My last name? Not important. Why am I writing this? Not important.

The point is I am. I'm writing this thing. What would it be called? An autobiography? A fiction? A biography? A dream? It doesn't matter. This is

just a story. No it's not written by someone important. Just me. Your somewhat average girl. So I might live in the years so far away from

you. So I might have fought in so many battles. So I might be friend with geniuses, demons, maybe a few other thing. That doesn't make me

any different then you, right? I didn't think so.

This is just a story. Nothing special. Don't go expecting to hear about how a courageous woman convinced her people to take a stand against

them. Who is them? You know who I'm talking about. Don't be expecting a magical ending full off happiness. So that might be how we all wish

for it to end. Does it? No. Just be expecting a story. My story.

Be expecting blood and tear. Pain. Sorrow. Those rare happy moment. That's not what they want right? They all want fantasies with happy

ending. That's not life. You always hear the story off the courageous ones who some how end up winning at the end. Getting everything the

wanted. That's not this story. That's not my story. Are you still here? Still reading? Good. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you are sane. Am I

wrong? Well it doesn't really matter. Why are you still reading? Is it that you agree? Or maybe you're just bored and looking to past the time.

Doesn't matter.

I'm looking outside the window right now. Pretty place here. Even if it is night. Still so pretty. Full off life. I used to be in that place they don't

talk about. They think it doesn't exist. No not hell. It felt like it at times. I knew it wasn't hell. Couldn't have been. I wasn't dead. Do you ever

wish you were? So did I. That place. That sad...lonely place. Everyone has one. Even you do. Right? I know I do. I been there. It's always

dark there. Cold. Smells of blood. You ever been there? I'm sure you have. Ever get lost there? I did. I was lost. I couldn't find my way out.

Maybe I still am lost. Who knows. Maybe I never found my way out. Have you? Good for you. It's not a good place to be. It feels so alone. I

felt so alone. Maybe I miss them. Maybe I cared for them. Maybe I wish I would have gone with them. Do you ever regret what you done? It's

sad really. Everyone regrets something. Maybe Breaking their hearth. Maybe staying here. Not taking that chance. Not saying that goodbye.

Not giving your life. This is how my regrets began. This is how my story began.


My chapters are probably going to be short. Please review casue if i don't get any I will probably not continue writing this because I don't see the point off writing something when noone is reading it. And do not complain about my style off writing please! or my spelling mistake XP. Just bare with me!