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I remember that day. A bit blury. I was walking around town, or what ever remained off that town. Wasn't much. I didn't bother them. I did nothing but mind my business. Why did they attack. I guess they were bored. A simple mistake that cost them there life. I remember their words.
"Hey! You girl! You got any money"
What did I do? I ignored them What else was I supposed to do.

"Hey! We're talking to you!" He grabes my arm. I did the first thing that came to my mind. I took out my gun. Pointed at his throat.

"Woah! Hey! We….we were just playing around!" The poor guy. Terrified.

"You're waisting my time." I shot him. His warm blood landing on my face. A few drops on my neck. That didn't bother me. I glanced over at his buddies. The all stared at the body. I wandered if there were scared. Didn't wait for the answer. I turned around and continued on my way.

I remember I was wearing a coat. A long black one. It was a bit worn away. Stained with the blood off people I had killed. That included the owner off the coat. I knew it wasn't wrong to take something away from an innocent soul. I didn't care. I never did. One regret.

I continued to walk down the road the wind picking up. My hair didn't sway much. I was to short to. Black just like my eyes. And it seemed to be my soul was to. I stoped at a newspaper stand. A few cardboard boxes. Newpapers stacked ontop off them. That was the best thing I was going to get in that town. The man behind the stand stared up at me. His face wrinkled. White messy hair.

"Hey there sonny. Want a paper? I got a lot off extra ones today..seemed they just ain't seellin' like they used to." He picked up a paper and handed it to me. I took it from his shaking hands. I turned without saying a word of thanks.

"I'm a girl" Was all I said to the old man as I walked away.

I opened the paper and looks at the date. December 8th 3012. That's the only reason I really wanted that paper. It wasn't hard to lose track off days when you never did seem to stay at one place for long. I trew the paper down as I continued walking.

The walls around me seemed dead. Broken down. Just like the damn town. How did I end up here? I didn't really know myself. I still don't. What was I back then? I was your average 15 year old loner girl. I might have looked older and I was mistaken for an 18 year old at times. Didn't bother me. Why would it?
I could feel my feet tiring. I sat down leaning against a wall. I could feel the blood drying on my skin. With the end off my long coat I cleaned the blood off my skin. I Reeked off it. Any demon could smell it. Maybe even the dumbest one. Many off them around. I closed my eyes. Only for a breif moment. That's all the time I had.

"Tired?" Was the voice I heard. It was his voice. This thing. Who knew He would be the reason for me still being alive to write this. I opened my eyes and looks up at him. For a moment I wan't sure what I was looking at. You wouldn't blame me if you saw him. His skin was pale. Very pale. Like Chalk. His arms seemed normal but after a wile off staring at them you noticed that wasn't the case. His arms went down past his knees. Long arms. 4 finger. Not very normal hu?
I reached under my coat prepared to take out my gun and shot him but I stoped. After seeing it.
His smile. This creatures smile was the most kind smile I have ever seen. So I havn't seen many kind smiles directed at me but I still knew what a smile was.

"Not very safe out here you know." He said offering me a hand.
I didn't take it. I wasn't the kind off person that would. I stode up and walked past him.
"Hey hold up!" He followed me. I don't know why he did.

"What? " I said in my usual voice. Yes. I sounded somewhat like a guy. Still do. My voice was empty as always.

"If you need some place to stay I have a small hotel. It's free. I let humans I find out here alone stay there"
"not interested" I kept walking.
"But it's getting so cold out here." He insisted.
I sighed and noded. "Take me there." He smiled and headed toward his hotel wile I followed. No words were exchanged during that time.

I entered the building. Nothing much. A worn out couch. A table. A kitchen and a few rooms. "There. That's your room." He said as he pointed at the last door. Right next to the kitchen. He waited. He wanted a thanks but I didn't give it to him. I never thanked anyone. A regret.

I walked to the door, entered, and closed it. I sat down on the bed. Comfy compared to were I been sleeping my whole life. The streets. I laid down and my body crashed on me. I fell sleep before I knew it. From there I intered the dark world off dreams.

Empty with nothing good to give but old, over played, worn out dreams.