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Set during HBP.

Harry Potter, along with the rest of the sixth year transfiguration class was some what less than interested in the work that had been assigned to them that lesson. This is why he had previously turned his attention to matters of a more entertaining nature. Namely, reading a letter from Ginny.

For the young wizard, life was good. Gryffindor had just won the Quidditch cup and homework was not too demanding. Ginny, however, was. (Not that he was complaining about that matter.)

The point of his wand strayed as his aim slowly decreased and his attention turned more and more to the flowery print and decorated margins of the parchment in front of him. Thus, when Ron's innocently placed head was targeted by his carelessly waving wand, it escaped Harry's notice. Ron's sudden and dramatic transformation into an armadillo however, did not.

To Harry's great misfortune, the fact that one of her students had just been turned into a native American animal, did not escape Professor McGonagall's sharp eyes either.

Consequently, even Hermione's support in saying that Ron did indeed look quite cute in his newly acquired form, was not enough to rescue him from the impending detention that night at precisely eight o'clock.

With some trepidation, Harry headed for dinner, not liking to think about what Ginny's response to the fact that he could not spend that evening with her as normal, was going to be.

She took it surprisingly well, saying that she had been wanting to spend more time with Seamus anyway while ignoring Harry's horror struck expression and smiling conspiratorially at Hermione.

In a worse mood than before, Harry made his way slowly to McGonagall's office.
She did not look up from the papers she was marking, but spoke.

"Hello Potter. I assume I can leave you these cabinets to clean out unassisted?"

"Er, yes, Professor."

McGonagall paused to narrow her eyes at him, before leaving the room. He waited for a few moments before experimentally opening the nearest draw and beginning to sort through the assortment of loose parchment and rat droppings.

The task was not exactly entertaining so it came as a surprise when a dusty box captured Harry's interest. Taking a seat in McGonagall's previously vacated chair, he discarded the lid and selected the topmost scrap of parchment.

Harry's eyes widened and his glasses slid rapidly down his nose as he bent his head to reread the name printed messily across the fold.

"Evans." He glanced around nervously as he tried to convince himself of the common occurrence of such a name. 'Evan' could even refer to a male.

Taking a deep breath, he cautiously unfolded the parchment.
"Why the hell are you sitting next to Remus? The guy doesn't deserve the privilege."

"He deserves it more than you Potter"

Harry flipped the parchment over several times in a desperate attempt to find the remaining writing he was sure was concealed somewhere on it. When this proved unsuccessful he snatched for the next piece.


"What do you want?"

"There's a trip to Hogsmeade this weekend."

"Thanks for that, I feel enlightened, truly."

"I meant, when should we leave?"

It did not appear that Harry's mother had felt the need to grace his father with a reply at the time. The only remaining text was a questioning 'Evans?' scrawled in the bottom corner.

Again, Harry reached feverishly for the next scrap of parchment.
"Seeing as our last conversation was…interrupted, I thought I'd put it plainly here.
Our prescheduled date. Will you go out with me?"

Harry paused, raising his eyebrows in alarm. And he had thought he was bad with women.


Lily Evan's eyebrows rose as she finished reading the date invitation. She scribbled 'Potter' across the scrap of parchment and scrunched it into a little ball. Turning, she carefully took aim at James Potter's head.


She had hoped for a reaction, but the sight of McGonagall striding across the classroom and picking up the note, was enough to crush the small sense of satisfaction she had achieved through her actions.

McGonagall's eyes narrowed dangerously, "Who were you…conversing with Potter?"

James' eyes flickered to Lily's momentarily before he gave her a small, reassuring nod and looked back to McGonagall. "Errm…Sirius."

It was a rare occasion to see Professor M. McGonagall display her emotions so freely, but the laughter that echoed round the classroom was less than constrained.

Her face became suddenly stony once more as she uttered the word that both James and Sirius had become quite well acquainted with, "Detention, both of you."

As McGonagall strode back to the front of the classroom, Lily heard Sirius mutter, "Thanks mate. It's not like I had anything to do this evening anyway." She could easily discern the sarcasm from where she was sitting.

"No problem."

"What did it say anyway?"

"Oh, nothing much, just…Damn." There was a groan and a thump that Lily could distinguish as the sound of James Potter's head meeting with his desk.

"Enough talk down there, save it for after class." McGonagall's voice broke through the quiet conversation.

Lily smirked at the thought of Sirius Black's reaction when he discovered the contents of the note. If James didn't tell him what it had said, she would…

At the sound of McGonagall's returning footsteps, Harry hastily shoved the fragments away with the box, and proceeded to quickly dust down her seat.

The Professor entered the office and stared around.

"Potter, have a biscuit, and then you can go."

Harry had learned his lesson previously about McGonagall and biscuits, and quickly took one without hesitation. He stuffed it in his mouth.

"Thanks." He said, trying not to shower McGonagall with flying crumbs of Ginger Newt.

It was only later when he was sprawled in bed did he curse himself for not pocketing some of the remaining, unread contents of the box.

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