The corridor was dark, apart from the dull silver shadow cast over the floor by the half moon. It was also quiet, except for the muffled cursing echoing from around Professor McGonagall's office door.

Harry Potter was at present attempting to pick the lock, using one of Ginny's hairpins. He had to try this as the usual incantation of "Alohamora!" had proved ineffective. However, when the hairpin proved unsuccessful, he resorted to violence and kicked it.

Harry quickly jumped away and crouched down behind a statue when he realized the noise that this action, coupled with his strangled cry of pain, had made.

When Filch did not shuffle into view, Harry deemed it safe to move out from behind his shelter. He moved forward cautiously, to find the door ajar. Entering; Harry made a beeline for the cabinet. Pulling its door open, he raised his wand and whispered "Lumos."

With the help of the light, Harry located the correct box, before settling himself on the office's stone floor. He reached into the box and pulled out a piece of parchment that he had not yet read.


Lily Evans tugged gently on her bag, hoping to free the strap from where it was trapped underneath James Potters' chair. To her dismay, and despite her relentless attacks, it would not budge. She glared at James hoping he would sense her displeasure and move accordingly. Unfortunately, it did not work. After tugging on the bag once more without success, she whispered urgently,

"James!" He turned and looked at her, and fearing something was wrong whispered back,

"What's the matter?" At the look of concern on his face, Lily smiled.

"Nothing, except your chair is on my bag." He laughed softly.

"Is that all?"

"What do mean, 'Is that all?'" I need my quill." Lily tugged futilely on the bag once more. James still did not move. He grinned at her.

"You can use one of mine."

As she reached out to take the writing implement, James fingers brushed lingeringly against her own. Trying to prevent the blush spreading across her face, Lily busied herself with her work.


Harry had noticed that since the letter in which James' had asked Lily to visit him in the hospitable wing, their notes had been getting steadily friendlier. It appeared that now they were even sitting next to each other. Harry stretched his hand out to get the next piece, when he became aware of the distant footsteps becoming slowly louder.

He jumped up, and with the box tucked under his arm, hurried out of the office leaving the door open.

Taking a few shortcuts and hidden passage ways, Harry soon found himself staring at the Fat Lady's portrait. After being rebuked for being out so late, Harry hurtled himself up the passage and collapsed down into his favorite fireside armchair before opening the box once more.

There was only one scrap left that Harry hadn't read.

He bent closer to the fire to read the old script.

"Lily...will you go out with me...please?"

"Oh, um...yes, all right then."


Lily handed the piece of parchment back to James, and tried to look interested in what the teacher at the front of the room was saying.

Slowly, James unfolded the note. On reading it his mouth dropped, and he jumped up, sending his chair flying. The paper fluttered innocently to the floor.

Professor McGonagall swept up to where they were sitting.

"Potter! Why are you disturbing the class like this?" When James did not reply, she turned her gaze onto Lily. "Well?"

Lily looked up at her and shrugged.

"I said yes."

For a moment, McGonagall looked as though she might smile. However, her face hardened again, and she snapped, "Well, you can have your first little date in detention."

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