A/N: I thought swfan34 (user id 1076602) had an interesting idea, but a bad way of putting it to paper. A blind man has his very own point of view on events, which consists of a lot more than closing your eyes and listening to the dialogue.


It all started so simple: the brothers Grimm had said they would get rid of the witch that was hiding in the barn at the end of town. I had always slept in that barn. The witch had never bothered me. I used to tell the story of the witch to the children in town so they wouldn't come and bother me either. It all worked fine till about two weeks ago. Then the witch suddenly appeared.

The barn isn't mine. I just sleep there. The owner lets me, 'cause even though I'm blind my mere presence scares the thieves away. It didn't scare the witch. The witch scared me, and the owner. I found myself another place for the night, but I still would have preferred if I could have spend my sleeping hours in the barn. It was warm and dry and there was lots of hay which makes for an excellent bed. That's probably why the witch preferred it too.

Then yesterday two brothers rode into town. They introduced themselves as Grimm brothers. We knew why they had come. They had come to save us from the witch. They asked a handsome sum of money and then went to work. I hid in the barn. I wanted to be a witness to the relieve of the barn from the witch.

"Look! The witch!" one of the brothers yelled.

I didn't look, but I felt the air turn cold and I heard her cackling as she flew through the barn. I hoped I was safe in my little corner.

"Shoot her!" the other brother yelled back at him.

I heard him fumble with some equipment. I felt the cold wind as the witch flew by me once more. The smell of her was horrific. I tried to make myself as small as possible. I said all the prayers I had been taught as a child, and I wished I had never gone into that barn knowing the witch was still there.

"I missed!"

The witch's cackling cut through my soul. I was sure we had hell on Earth right here in the barn. I felt for my staff and held on to it tightly. If the witch tried to attack me I could beat her off with my staff.

"Look, the other witch!"

Two witches? There had only been one witch when I still slept here. But they do say 'trouble loves company'. And if a witch is anything she is trouble. I heard the brothers rush about through the barn. The witches flew through the barn, cackling. The doors to the barn banged open and closed, over and over. The noise and the smells were horrific. I felt I had wet myself. I started anew with all my prayers.

"AAAAHHHH!" It was the scream of one of the witches. I could still hear the other one cackling, but her cackling soon turned into a tormented scream too. The smell of sulfur got even worse. I just heard a hissing sound. I put my head out. Were they dead?

"Is she dead?" the first brother asked.

"I think so, let's go."

I scrambled up. I wanted to leave too. The witches may be dead, but it would be a long time before I could quietly sleep in the barn again with all the memories I had.