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Reuniting the Tribes

A Zoids/Earthsiege 2/Battlestar Galactica Crossover Fanfiction Story,

Sequel to 'Uncertain Future' and 'Rebuilding Hope'

A continuation of the story started in 'Ancient Legacies'

Chapter 1: Retaking Control

As dawn broke over the westernmost edge of Europa on Planet Zi, a young man sat quietly on the edge of a bluff overlooking the ocean. The sun lighting it from behind his back caused the waves to sparkle in a pattern that the young man, who looked to be in his early twenties, found fascinating. So did the two mechaoraganic creatures sitting next to him, the one on his right rumbling a deep purr and stretching out on the sandy bluff, and the one on his left stretching its wings and letting a gentle hissing growl echo out over the beach. The young man grinned and stood up as the sunlight fully settled upon the beach and his companions.

The young man had long red hair that reached down to the middle of his back, with a small, silver-dyed forelock hanging over the left side of his face. There were numerous streaks of gold running through his hair, and in the early dawning sunlight they made his hair ripple like fire. He had brilliant, ice blue eyes that glinted with an inner light, and his mouth was drawn into a small smile as he watched sea birds glide from their nests in the bluff below, off seeking a morning meal. He was dressed primarily in black, with rare splashes of colour. Thin dark red lines edged his pants, while his boots edges and laces were done in bronze. An icon of a crimson dragon adorned his t-shirt, while the deep purple jacket flapped loosely in the early morning breeze. A bronze buckle marked his waist.

The being on his right was a black panther organoid, that was three times as big as he was. It's matte-black metal body rippled as it stretched, its eyes glowing a dark purple, and its claws digging into the sandy bluff. The being on the young man's other side was also a deep black, with deep crimson and purple markings on its body. Its wings were furled to its back, and its claws were a deep bloody crimson, while its eyes glowed with a soft red light, like a quiet flame. It resembled a dragon of medieval Earth lore.

After watching the ocean for a few more minutes the trio witnessed a green shooting star fall out of the sky above their heads, heading inland. The young man's smile faded as the fiery comet shot over his head.

"So... they have come at last." As he said this they watched as the shooting star exploded high up in the atmosphere, a thousand spiked fragments shooting out in all directions. Anyone who had been watching the object close enough would have noticed that the object had been more than a stray rock. As it stood, the young man and his organoids didn't need a telescope to know what the object. He knew what it was, and where – or rather when – it had come from.

The young man turned and walked off towards the towering redwood forest that stood back from the edge of the bluff. As he approached, followed by his two organoid companions, a massive zoid rumbled and knelt down as it stepped out of the shadows of the trees, its pitch-black body absorbing all light that fell upon it. The young man quickly hopped onto the lowered forearm of the creature and then climbed into the cockpit while his two companions hopped lightly onto the back of the dinosaur zoid. At full extension it was a match for the redwoods, its long tail ridged with spikes, and two heavy equipment units, including powerful boosters, lodged on its back giving it an imposing appearance. With the flick of a switch the young man initiated the boosters, and the massive zoid shot off down the bluff, hovering in the air and streaking swiftly like the shadow that it was, roaring as it went.

As the Zoid roared out over the ocean, leaving a pulsing wake in the water as it passed, the young man flicked a few controls to bring up the news, just in time to watch the repeat of the Blitz Team's Bit Cloud and Liger Zero defeat the Berserk Fury, which bore a frightening resemblance to the zoid which the young man was piloting, and win the Royal Cup.

The young man watched the two young men, Bit and Vega, intently as they talked by themselves after the battle. During his long years of existence, he had learned how to spot potential greatness. Knowing what he did, he knew that great people would be needed in the days to come if his fears came true…


It had been nearly a week since the massive Cybrid assault on the city hidden in the Misty Mountains, and the events of the last couple of months would have completely overshadowed the succession of Richter Kane to the leadership of Ultima Industries, if it had not been the startling revelations made during the press conference. Ultima Industries was one of the oldest companies on Zi, and had for a long time been a rival of the Champ Corporation and a leader in medical and Zoid sciences.

Kane arrived to the press conference, which was being held at the very grand and luxurious Imperial Grace Hotel in Guygalos, in his newest zoid acquisition, acquired through an archaeological dig shortly before the Royal Cup. The press was both intrigued and frightened by how similar the unit appeared to the Berserk Fury, the press having almost no knowledge of the Fury's change of personality and still considering it a berserker. If anything, its totally black paintjob and vicious-looking tail-spikes made it look even fiercer than the smaller Fury.

Kane was escorted by members of Ultima Industries Security from his zoid to the stage that had been set up, where the previous corporation head was just winding down his speech. "And now, ladies and gentlemen of the press, it is my distinct honour to present to you my successor, and the future of this company, Richter Kane."

As Kane stepped up to the podium to make a speech he couldn't help smiling at a young woman who stood off to one side with a number of rough-looking men and women, the other members of his Class S Zoid Battle team, the Hellfire Starfall Team. Her brilliant red hair was streaked with lines of silver and gold, and was hanging down to about the middle of her back. Her molten gold eyes had a very faint glow to them in the sunlight. Like the rest of the team and Kane himself, she was wearing matte black pants, worn a little tighter than Kane's and edged in crimson red, with heavy duty black boots, the laces and edges done in bronze. Also like Kane she had on a matte black t-shirt with an icon of a crimson dragon on it. She had a deep purple jacket on over it, the zipper completely undone allowing her figure to be clearly seen via the tight-fitting t-shirt. She wore a similar black belt with a bronze buckle on around her waist, and her shirt was likewise tucked into her pants. Unlike Kane though she wore a small pendant around her neck, the chain a beautifully polished gold, the pendant an intricate silver forging of two dragons holding a decent sized, multifaceted ruby. She smiled back at him, as did the rest of his teammates, who all wore a similar, if differently carried, outfit.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press. It is my honour and privilege to step into this role as a leader of modern industry. As you all know, Ultima Industries has always been at the forefront of both medical science and Zoid technology from the day of our founding, and we have done so not by looking to the future, but rather by learning from the past. It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce two new projects of Ultima Industries Archaeological and Cultural Division. Working from records we have uncovered during one of our recent digs here within the Guylos Empire, we are going to begin a mass excavation of known and previously undiscovered Ancient Zoidian ruins across the planet, in an effort to resurrect and adapt as much lost and ancient technology as can be recovered. The second project will be a matter of opening trade relations with the ancient city that has been revealed within the Misty Mountains." Richter Kane paused for a moment, letting those reporters who were recording this by hand finish, and to give time for what he just declared to sink in.

"These projects, while being massive undertakings cost and resource wise, are but a drop in the bucket compared to what we will have gained from them, not only in both medical and Zoid technology, but also in understanding of the Ancient Zoidian culture and history. With any luck we might even recover some lost Ancient Zoidians from the ruins we excavate and return them to their people." He paused again, smiling out at the shocked faces of the gathered press. It was common fact that no Ancient Zoidian had been recovered from a ruin since the days of the Guardian Force, and up until a week ago all those that had were thought to have been dead. With the discovery of the Ancient Zoidian city, the world had been turned upside down. If it weren't for the fact that it was now known that many Ancient Zoidians had survived, the fact that he said it so matter-of-factly might have made the press wonder if this new, young corporate leader might have a screw or two loose.

Kane compounded this belief by adding one final announcement. "Our head archaeologist has also reported that he believes we may even find a number of lost organoids during these excavations." Kane said this with as straight a face as he could, considering that he had two of these "legendary creatures" sitting in the shadow of his Silent Fury, and the city that had been revealed was full of them, a fact that the majority of the world had yet to learn. All it would take would be for one of these members of the press to turn around and look closely at the feet of the Fury to see Specter and Phantom sitting there languidly.

"Now," continued Kane, "In a related subject, excepting certain units which will be retained for research, every Zoid that Ultima Industries recovers will be repaired and auctioned on open market to Zoids teams and Zoids dealers. As Ultima Industries has always supported Zoids battling, seeing as how we make most of our money off of it," a number of reporters laughed at his little joke, "…the actual amount that we will charge a Zoid team will be less than the actual auction price settled on. This is because we want these Zoids, fresh from a long sleep entombed, to get out there and feel the thrill of battle once more, rather than languishing as a lawn statue or in a collector's hanger." Again, several members of the press laughed at the joke, having heard of an incident where a very rich member of the Champ family had tried to purchase the Liger Zero to use as a garden decoration…twice.

"As such, we will be hosting the annual Ultima Ball this year, including an auction of the first round of recovered Zoids, here at the Imperial Grace Hotel in one month's time to celebrate the start of the new fiscal year, and of the restarting of the current season of Zoids battling after the dreadful Cybrid attack." This alone was news, because every year prior the ball had been hosted by the Champ Corporation, despite it being called the Ultima Ball. Ultima Industries hosting the ball meant that some big deal had gone down between them and the ZBC, most likely related to this new wave of archaeological research and excavation and interaction with the newly revealed city.

"It is my hope, as head of Ultima Industries, that we can further human knowledge and Zoid progress through our research, and that we can improve the entirety of our world while doing so. I'd like to thank you all for coming today, and would just like to say that if any of you don't believe that organoids exist, then I guess you can stay where you are, since the creatures advancing behind you must not exist then." Kane grinned as Phantom and Specter walked slowly towards the back of the crowd. "But if you do, I advise you to make a path for my partners, Phantom and Specter, two honest-to-goodness organoids, and just one of the many fruits of our research."

The two organoids gave a synchronized roar before Phantom launched himself into the air and glided over the heads of the assembled press to land lightly on the stage next to Kane while Specter walked confidently down the path that suddenly opened amongst the reporters. Many of the reporters, those that had disbelieved the stories about organoids, even the ones about them living in the hidden city, stood in shock and amazement at the living 4rganoids that now walked mere feet away from them. The others were busy taking down descriptions of the magnificent beasts, or were taking photos like mad. This was the scoop of the century.

"And as I said earlier," Kane continued when Specter had reached the stage and hopped up lightly next to him, "we may even be lucky enough to find some other lost organoids during our excavations. Thank you, and have a pleasant day."

With that parting statement Kane stepped down off of the podium and turned to walk towards his team, all of whom were grinning broadly at Kane's little game. They all knew his tendency for humour was top-notch. As he walked over he stopped for a moment to shake hands with Shane Johnson, the previous head of Ultima Industries, and now head of its Board of Directors. He may have retired from true leadership of the company, but he was the one who would actually be in charge of most of the day-to-day matters. Kane, in fact, was more often or not with his team most of the year, doing most of his work from his office aboard his team's custom Whale King. The change of leadership had been merely a formality, since Richter Kane was in fact both the founder and lifetime leader of the company. However, due to his need to conceal himself, and to reinvent himself every couple of decades or so, it was necessary for him to have someone else stand in as the head of the corporation until such time as his direct control was necessary. And with the recent arrival of the Ark, as he had called it ages ago when he had watched it launch into the sky from the surface of a distant planet, it was necessary for Kane to be known as the head of the company. Things were about to begin a cycle of progression, the end of which even his long years of knowledge and wisdom couldn't allow him to predict. All he knew for sure was that things were about to get a whole lot more exciting, and almost certainly dangerous.

Stepping, finally, up to his teammates he embraced the young woman he had been smiling at in a passionate hug, their glinting eyes and their smiles remaining fixed to their faces as they shared a long, slow kiss. As they broke the kiss and stepped back from each other slightly the young woman, who couldn't have been older than twenty-three herself, scolded Kane.

"What is with you and leaving for months at a time and leaving me all alone with no one but my Zoids and our teammates for company?" She put a pouty look onto her face, which caused all assembled at that end of the stage to grin and laugh. It was the same scold she always gave him after he was gone on one of his expeditions or training runs, no matter how short. There was no malice in it, and in fact had merely become their way of greeting one another.

"You call being with YOUR Zoids being alone Auri? Those two talk more than Jace and Isabella." At this a tall blond woman and her equally tall and equally blond companion both grinned. They both had the same pale-green eyes, and were clearly twins.

"Yeah, so what?" Auri retorted, "They never talk about anything interesting like you do." She winked at him. Everyone on the team knew that Auri HATED Kane's long-winded treatises on Zoids technology. All Auri really cared about was how far does it shoot, how much does it shoot, how long does it shoot, and how powerful does it shoot. Beyond that she could care less. A bigger ammo-whore the world has never known, except perhaps for Leena Toros.

Kane grinned and leaned in and kissed Auri again, not caring when a nearby reporter flashed a picture. Instead, he and Auri both hugged and turned and smiled at the reporter, giving him a good and exclusive picture of the famous pilot and now corporate leader Richter Kane kissing his wife and teammate Auri Kane, the so-called Immortal Goddess of Zoid Battling. As soon as the reporter had finished taking his picture the team turned and walked towards where their Whale King waited, the Silent Fury and the two organoids following silently like the shadows that they were. All the while Kane and Auri both thought to themselves "It's going to be a fun year."

Once they were all on board Kane called up to the cockpit. "Lets get moving. We have weddings to attend."

The engines of the Whale King rumbled into life, before the titan slowly rose into the air. Hovering for a second, it turned towards the southeast, before the engines flared and it surged forwards. Ahead lay the ancient city, and the much acclaimed and long awaited weddings between members of the Blitz team.


Late the next evening, Richter looked about the vast plateau that marked the upper level of the great city. The weddings between the members of the Blitz had been earlier that day, and the party had gone on long after. Now night was falling, and the gathered guests and cities residents were starting to return to their hotel rooms and homes respectfully. The three newly wedded couples had disappeared a short while ago, a certain gleam in each one of their eyes. During the ceremony, Kane and Auri had looked at each other, their minds drifting back to the day when they too had gone through the same ritual. Like everyone else, they had dressed up formally for the occasion, Auri in a long black dress that turned deep purple in direct sunlight, while Kane had slipped into a very smart tuxedo of a very old, but very fashionable, style.

Now, looking out across the city, he allowed his eyes to wander along the walls of the city. The scars of battle lingered on the outer wall, and the gateway still needed to be rebuilt, but even with these reminders of what had so recently happened, he was spell bound by the majesty of the city. When he had first seen it, he was struck by the similarity between the city and another fortified city on a mountain from a historic piece of literature.

But it was during the ceremony that he had been truly stunned, and it took a lot to stun Richter Kane. For there standing before the fountain cast in the form of the colony ship that had brought mankind to Zi was none other that Christian Masters, the man who had saved them all before they could even find their feet on this world.

"You can't avoid him forever you know." He turned his head back to face his wife, smiling gently at him.

"What makes you think I'm avoiding him?"

Auri smiled sweetly. "You've been keeping the entire party between him and us ever since you saw him." Auri had heard Kane's sharp intake of breath when Christian's voice had first emerged from the speakers near them. Since she had served under the man for a time, both before and after they had arrived on Zi, she knew his voice as well as Richter did. But it was still a shock to see him once more.

"Besides, if you're going to have trade agreements with this city, you're going to have to talk to him." She continued. "He's the one in charge, more or less. Might as well get the shock over with now."

"Your right…" Kane sighed before turning towards the centre of the plateau. A number of people were still dancing together, a slow, romantic number. In the centre of the cluster of couples Christian's uniform could clearly be seen.

As they slowly approached the dancers, Kane felt a set of eyes on him. Following his ages honed senses, he found himself meeting the eyes of the largest zoid he had ever seen, apart from Whale Kings, Ultrasauruses and The Death Saurer. The blazing blue eyes of the mighty dragon zoid were more alive than any other zoids or organoids he had ever seen, with the exception of his two organoids partners.

You are far older than you seem little one. Take care not to linger in the shadows too long however. Otherwise, you can never return to the light… The deep voice that entered Kane's mind, and the words it spoke, sent a shiver up his spine. He instantly got the impression that the dragon zoid knew more about him than he was comfortable with.

Hearing that the music had stopped, he turned to look forwards once more. Christian had stepped out of the dance circle, a burette women in a dark red dress on his arm. The two of them were looking around, as if looking for someone, a puzzled frown on his face. But when Kane met his eyes the puzzled look was replaced by shock. Quickly the two couples stepped towards each other.

"Well I'll be… Richter Kane!" Christian spoke when they were close enough to hear each other. "And Auri! This IS a surprise!"

Richter smiled warmly. "Hello Christian, Susan. It's been a while."

"That it has. We haven't seen you two since you moved out of the city to start your company. And that was… what? Eight hundred years ago?"

"Eight hundred and thirty-three, to be precise."

"Damn. And here I was thinking that nearly everyone I knew back then was dead, buried and turned to dust."

"Same here, though I wouldn't have put it quite like that!"

As both men laughed together, their wives looked at each. Susan tipped her head towards the men and shook her head slightly. Auri smiled sadly. The two of them had been like this back then, their razor sharp wits rebounding off each other.

Pulling himself together, Christians face calmed into a curious look. "Not that I mind at all, but how on earth are you two still alive?"

Kane's face darkened. "I'd… rather not talk about it Christian. It's a… painful memory." Auri slipped an arm round his shoulders in support.

Christian nodded. "I can understand that. I've got enough of those myself." He then looked quizzed. "Say… you haven't aged a day since I first saw you… does that mean you were… you know…" Christian paused, unwilling to say the word 'immortal' around other people. "…From before we humans came here to Zi?"

Kane just nodded.

"Ah man…"

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