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There was something about Sasuke that was enticing. It was why all the girls would chase after him even if he glared at them in annoyance. It was why all the teachers favored him even if he let their praise roll off of him with indifference. It was why all of the guys wanted to be acknowledged by him even if he ignored them all in arrogance.

There was just something about Uchiha Sasuke.

Neji, himself, had been pulled into that alluring presence the moment he saw him right before the first Chunnin Exam. The need to know who that dark haired and dark eyed boy had been strong, and even when he was easily dismissed, he had been intrigued.

Even now, almost ten years later, he still held that same desirable air. Except now it caused more of a problem for the pale-eyed boy than it did then.

Especially when said desire was sticking his tongue halfway down his throat.

"Nrgh… Sasuke… I've got a…" Moan. "…mission."

Pinned against the wall, clothes becoming scarce… Neji knew where this was leading, but he really had to—


"I guess…" Pant. "…it can wait… five minutes…"

Yes, there was definitely something about Sasuke, and it was just all the more noticeable when he was sticking his hand down your pants.