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Orochimaru's fingers were making bruises in their customary places again. With wispy breaths and pants and hisses that were far too slithery to be moans. Sasuke was thrown over the side of some table or another – Sasuke never really paid enough attention to really care – naked and bare while Orochimaru was all over, around, inside him. But Sasuke didn't care, didn't pay attention. All he knew was the table in front of him, the splintered wood, the intricate designs of age that his eyes bore into as Orochimaru thrust in and out and in again.

There was pain – there was always pain – Orochimaru loved pain, especially pain inflicted on his precious container. It stung and it burned and Sasuke knew he was bleeding now from the wound that Orochimaru had inflicted on his bad for his own pleasurable delight, but he wasn't worried. He tried not to pay attention to that either. Kabuto would heal him later, but right now, all he focused on was the wood of the table.

And Orochimaru was trying to entice a reaction out of him, touching him, hurting him, everything just to hear him moan.

Sasuke had more control than that, though. But the smallest hint of a hitch in his breath escaped him, and he could hear the Sannin's laughter in his ear. As though Sasuke could resist him. But it was just his body – his damn traitorous body that refused to listen to him.

He squeezed his eyes shut, blocking it out, keeping away.

Not happening, not happening, not happening…

His normal mantra.

"When will our next training session be?" he asked, suddenly, his voice flat and even, just as always.

Nails dug into the wooden table as the Sannin continued to go to town with his body, as hands continued to explore his exposed skin. Exposed, exposed, exposed. And he tried to block that out with simple normal words. Normal conversation. Because this wasn't happening – not happening – and Sasuke hoped that if he told himself that enough times, it would be true.

"So impatient, Sasuke-kun," he practically purred.

"When will it be?" Sasuke repeated in a light growl.

And Orochimaru wasn't confused or surprised by this attempt at Sasuke's form of conversation, because it happened every time. Every. Single. Time. Every time that the Sannin would decide that it was Sasuke's turn to pay up for all of the precious training that he was presenting him with. After all, Sasuke's body was Orochimaru's possession now. Sasuke was just a thing.

"Soon," Orochimaru soothed – if that was one called being soothing – his voice never wavering, never showing any signs that he was fucking the boy beneath him and enjoying every second of it, "but I think I will be taking a little detour to my old village before we begin again."

That was new. Sasuke gripped the table a little harder.

"Why?" Suspicious.

Anything that Orochimaru did was cause for suspicion.

Orochimaru was never offended by it. He just laughed as though reprimanding a child. "That's not really any of your concern, Sasuke-kun, but if you really want to know… Kabuto has reported that one Hyuuga Neji has just been promoted to Jounin. Such a strong child… and so beautiful, too. He would be an excellent addition to our little family, wouldn't you agree?"

Sasuke's eyes snapped open, his teeth grinding in his mouth. Hyuuga Neji... Beautiful, indeed.

"No," he growled.

"No?" Orochimaru replied, amused. "And why do you say that?"

Because you would break the Hyuuga, just as you have broken me, but he wouldn't have anything to keep him going.

"I'm your student," he said – but he was more than Orochimaru's student; he was his whore – "until you're done training me, no other 'experiments' are needed to take up your time."

From the way that Orochimaru was starting to speed up, it was obvious that it would be over soon, but Sasuke continued to ignore it, tried to ignore the way that Orochimaru's fingers were dancing across his sensitive skin, tried to ignore the way that the same sensitive skin was responding to his touches against his will, tried to ignore it all. Instead, his focus was on the Hyuuga, on saving his sanity, on keeping him away from this Hell.

Orochimaru laughed. "Alright, if you say so, Sasuke-kun."

The smallest sigh fell past Sasuke's lips as hands continued to crawl across his skin – exposed, exposed, exposed. At least somebody was saved, was rescued from having to deal with this torture. And even if it was a small one – not happening, not happening, not happening – it was a victory at least.