Disclaimer; the bbc owns everything. Apart from the scenario.

Timeline; Set after episode two and before three.

"Do you think I'm mad?" Harry asked the room.

Nicki had become so absorbed in her work she had almost forgotten Harry was laying on the couch behind her. The question asked between any other two people may have been meet with a witty remark. But not Harry and Nicki. Ever since Harry had revealed his father's trouble with mental illness last year Nicki had noticed Harry's need to see the humour in all situations. Almost as if he was unwilling to accept the true horrific nature of their job. Whilst contemplating this Nicki realised Harry had begun to pace the room. A very un-Harry like activity.

"Harry, come, sit, tell me what you mean" Harry refusing to sit down spoke of the tragedy he had witnessed two nights ago, "I barely knew her, after Lee's case I probably would never have seen her again but I just can't get Susan out of my mind. She is stuck in my mind, I see her everywhere in the lab. If seeing a dead person everywhere isn't a sign of madness I don't know what is" Harry finished laughing as he flung himself down onto the couch.

Nicki sat thoughtfully coming up with an answer, Harry's head was leaning over the back of the couch and his eyes were fixed, unseeing at the ceiling. Nicki studied him, his strong jaw line and deep blue eyes. She had become so close to him over the past year, closer than she had become to anyone within the confines of work. Reaching over to take his hand, Nicki spoke softly, "Harry, everyday we look at people we don't know and try to give them a dignified and honest ending to their life. Susan's death was a tragic accident which you could not have prevented. I feel awful that my phone was switched off, I hate to think how alone you must have felt afterwards." Harry had not stopped looking at the ceiling but he had given Nicki's hand a squeeze towards the end.

As they sat in silence, hand in hand, Leo looked in the window and offered up a silent prayer. He prayed to a God he didn't necessarily believe in any more and prayed that together his two younger colleagues would find the strength to deal with the things they saw each day.

At some point Nicki's head had come to rest on Harry's shoulder, their hands were still entwined. "So you don't think I'm ready for the funny farm then?" Harry asked "Certainly not!" Nicki exclaimed. Harry turned his head away from the ceiling and turned to look at Nicki, their faces were mere centimetres away from each other. "Well then, we have two options. Number one, you come home with me to make sure that I'm kept very busy and therefore have no chance to think of Susan, or option two. You take me to the pub and get me so drunk I can't remember my own name, never mind Susan's" Although Nicki would have desperately loved to choose option one, she realised that at this moment Harry needed a friend a sympathetic ear. So she replied, "the pub it is then, first round on you. We could all do with a laugh and your drunken ramblings are the funniest thing I've ever heard. I'll go get Leo."

Ten minutes later they were on the way to the pub, Harry lagging slightly behind Nicki and Leo. He would have loved Nicki to have chosen option one but for now he realised how lucky he was to have Nicki and Leo. Although he would always remember Susan if it had taken her death to make him realise how blessed he was then he was grateful and offered Susan a silent thank you.