Title: The Ties That Bind

Author: MissBlackPotter

Rating: T, hopefully for moderate violence, and a bit of swearing later on :-)

Summary: With Rose gone, the Doctor is alone, but things take a turn for the worse when something starts to invade his mind. Confused and a little afraid, the Doctor journeys to Earth where he meets a woman called Martha Jones. Together they go on an adventure that leads to the biggest secret that could change the Doctor's world and eventually reunite him with a single Rose. Yet a darkness is hunting him, determined to break his mind, and take him as his own. 10/Rose

Disclaimer: If I owned Doctor Who, I'd be rich.

Notes: This is my first Doctor Who story. I have already written a couple of chapters. It may slow down after this prologue but please give this fic a chance! I don't really know much about the old Doctor Who, as I'm too young to have seen it. Well if it was cancelled in 1989 then I was a year old then…but I do absolutely love the new series. Please let me know what you think of this story, as it is my first in this universe.

Thank you, and do enjoy the Prologue!

The Ties That Bind


One and a half years after 'Doomsday'


His hearts lurched as that word flit through his mind, reminding him once again of what he had lost.

How could a single word bring so much pain?

He swallowed, wondering how he could forget her, yet remember Rose Tyler and still get on with his life. It was a question haunting him since his final goodbye to Rose, upon the beach. Her face remained in his mind, never leaving, only bringing back painful memories that he knew he could not forget.

It was a constant reminder of what he had lost.

Why can't I forget her?

She sat alone in her office, reading through reports that were stacked upon her desk. Her hand rested upon her forehead as she read through the complicated notes that Yasuf Herish had compiled for her. As the Director of Alien Affairs, Rose Tyler's job was to identify anything alien, and then read through the extensive research that was made upon it. Yes, she had been present at the time, but she was never told anything. Speaking in the labs was not allowed, especially when work was being done.

Rose screwed her eyes shut, a headache forming in her mind. She'd been getting them for a while now. They seemed to get worse as each one occurred. Sitting back she turned on the fan, cooling her forehead. The ache seemed to fade, and then, suddenly a stinging pain erupted within her mind.

She let out a yell, and fell from her chair to the white floor, unconscious.

A simple prod was all that did it.

The Doctor moved his hands to his head, pressing them against his ears, an immense pain beginning in the centre of his forehead, spreading to the centre of his brain. He collapsed, trying to block out the pain.

What the hell is going on?

The Doctor grimaced.

And then, a blaze of agony ripped through his mind, shattering his link with the conscious world.


A bit short, but it's only a Prologue and the introduction. Feedback welcome (especially constructive criticism). ;-) Next chapter will be up in the next few days.