So here we are at the very end of the story. This is a very quick epilogue but it just ties up this story. Details of the sequel below if you're interested. Thanks for all the support so far!

The Ties That Bind


His eyes opened slowly. Looking to his side he saw Rose stirring beside him, their hands still gripping each others. He allowed a smile to cross his face. Rose met his gaze.


Rose broke into a grin.

They stared at each other but…

"Are you two okay?" The voice startled them, but both sat up.

"Mickey!" The Doctor exclaimed. "Martha!"

"You alright?" Martha repeated Mickey's question.

The Doctor patted his chest. "I certainly do. Don't we Rose?" Once again he threw her a charming grin, a warm feeling settling inside his hearts.

Rose realised that her soul was cleaned, free of the darkness that had held her. "Yeah, I feel brilliant."

The Doctor caught sight of the smoking machine sat perched on the table. Climbing to his feet, he grabbed the Sonic Screwdriver from Mickey's hand and marched right over it. "Now, let's see if we can get this baby to work again!"

He spent the next ten minutes fiddling with it, until he went: "Ah ha! Fantastic! Stupendous! Marvellous! It wasn't too damaged!"

"What is that device?" Rose asked coming up beside him; the others following behind her.

"This is a very rare piece of Time-Lord technology. It's a device that allowed Time-Lords to slip into different universes. And I can install it in the TARDIS and wallah, we can flit back and forth between this universe and yours."

Picking up the device he strode out the room, leading them back through the space ship and to the TARDIS.

"So how did you guys defeat that mad man?" Martha asked, sitting herself on a chair while the Doctor worked.

"Simple. Rose and I share a connection - a link that forged when Rose took the Time Vortex to save me before I regenerated. It nearly killed her so I took the energy into me that made my ninth self die. I changed. The link didn't really show itself until we were separated. If I've got the theory right - and since I'm rarely wrong - the power that Rose held fighting the 'mad-man' as you've have so elaborately put it, was the Bad Wolf - the Time Vortex. It's laid dormant until we separated and then was unleashed just now, though…" he glanced at Rose, "you have to learn to control it."

"And how am I going to do that?" she asked.

"I have no idea. It's something you're going to have to discover on your own."


"You'll manage. I trust completely in you to achieve this."

Rose smiled that lovely beaming one.

"Got it!" The Doctor laughed happily. "And now let's go home." He punched in the co-ordinates and off they went, soaring into the stars as the TARDIS crossed into another universe.

The End

This may seem a bit of a rush, but it clears up enough of this story and still allows questions for the sequel to answer.

Preview of 'Red Dragon'

Summary: The Time Vortex did more to Rose then the Doctor suspected: it gave her power. When a new companion and the Doctor's kidnapping cause Rose to lose control, she finds herself risking her life and soul to save the one man she loves. Can she succeed and still be Rose Tyler? Ten/Rose

Estimated date of Red Dragon premiere: Um, unsure. Maybe in the next week or so, but I'd like to write at least four chapters before posting, so maybe sometime in the next two - three weeks.

Estimated chapters: About twenty.

Characters: Tenth Doctor; Rose Tyler; Mickey Smith; Martha Jones and a few OCs.

I hope you enjoy this story when it is available and you'll come along on this exciting journey with me.

Thanks again for sticking by me,