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Gundam Force


Imagine a bright, peaceful place, where the skies are almost always sunny. Where a perfect balance between man and machinehas been achieved. This is Neotopia, city of the future.

Here, robots are not just workers, but pets, friends, and guardians, in the form of the Gundam Force. But why would a perfect place like Neotopia need guardians? Because we were under attack by the Dark Axis, robot invaders from another dimension.

As the fighting continued to escalate, other victims of the DA's tyranny joined up with us, and as we beat the invaders back into the other dimension, Soladiorama, taking the fighting to places like Lacroa and Ark. Eventually, we came face to face with the supreme leader of the Dark Axis, General Zeong. It at first looked hopeless, but thanks to the help of the allies we gained, we were able to destroy Zeong, for good.

But how many other worlds have been victimized by Zeong's evil? To find out, a boy named Shute - That's me! - , Captain Gundam, Zero the Winged Knight, Bakunetsumaru, and Princess Relehimana(or just Rele for short) have gone on a journey to find and help all those other dimensions plundered by the Dark Axis. It's not gonna be easy, and it may be impossible, but we're willing to try.

Gundam Force, let's GO!

A Brand New World! Start Me Up!


Most people associate the light at the end of a tunnel with death. Shute, on the other hand, associated a tunnels light at the end with dimension travel.

When the world came into focus once more, he found he and the rest of the Gundam Force had been dropped onto a cliff, with a woods to the back of them.

"Wow…" Shute said, "A whole 'nother dimension!" He looked around. "Where are we?"

He didn't get an immediate answer. Rele and Bakunetsumaru were to busy taking in the new surroundings, Zero was looking over the cliff, and Captain didn't react.

"At this point I am unable formulate a satisfactory answer." Captain said at last, "But I am unable to detect any Dark Axis activity."

"The Dai Shogun would not just drop us in the middle of an enemy camp," Bakunetsumaru said wisely, "I am certain the Dark Axis is here. I can feel it in my Gunsoul."

"If that is true," Princess Rele spoke up, "Why are there no signs of petrified life?" Rele knew more than anyone that using Bagu Bagu was a favorite tactic of the Dark Axis.

"Hmm…" Captain's scope slid down over his eye and he scanned the area. "I detect a faint, subtle amount of magnetic energy in the atmosphere."

"Energy?" Rele asked.

"Correct. There is an 89.67 chance that this energy in the air may prevent Bagu Bagu from functioning."

"Perhaps we can find out more about this land by questioning the natives." Zero intoned.

"Natives?" Shute asked.

"Look yonder!" Zero gestured over the cliff, directing everyone's attention to a port town it looked over.


As the Gundam Force entered the town(it was called Purpleton), a nervous looking man saw them coming. He began to run all over whispering, "Strangers in town!"

This caused the townsfolk to greet the Force with suspicion, and to not meet their eyes.

"I don't like the looks we're getting," Shute said uneasily. The glares he was getting were making him nervous.

"They are just wary," Bakunetsumaru assured, "We need to show them that we're not enemies." Then to the closest person on the street, he said brightly, "Hello! My name is-"

He didn't get the chance to finish. The woman he was talking to zipped into a nearby building, shut the door, and closed the curtains.

As such was the rest of the day. The Gundam Force had doors slammed on them, signs on stores that said 'open' were replaced with 'closed', and etcetera.

By noon time the Gundam Force was feeling mightily discouraged.

"All right," Bakunetsumaru yelled suddenly, "What's going on? Why won't anyone talk to us?"

"Perhaps," Zero muttered, "It is your lack of conduct!"

"What!" Now Bakunetsumaru was outraged. It wasn't too long before both egos began to clash…as usual.


Everyone turned to look at Shute. "I'm kinda hungry." The boy said, helplessly. It was lunchtime, after all.


The Gundam Force managed to locate a restaurant on what was identified as Main Street. From the outside, the eatery(named, 'Slums') seemed to be filled with loud conversations.

Upon entering, however, the conversations ceased, then, picked up at a much quieter tone.

At the bar, Shute hoisted himself onto one of the stools, and the others – except Captain – sat down as well.

"What'll it be?" the large, statuesque barkeep asked in surly tone.

"Um…" Shute's train of thought derailed as he didn't know what Slums had to offer. Rele politely asked, "May we see a menu of you choices?"

The Barkeep, whose name was Shelly as evidenced by the nametag sewn on his shirt(Actually, it was his wife's shirt, but his name was Shelly all the same), gave the Princess a look and passed her a sheet of pink paper with writing that looked hastily written. As the Gundams crowded around Rele, Shelly asked, and an ominous tone, "You got money?"

The five froze as they realized that they had no money in this world's currency. Sure, Shute had a few buck from Neotopia, and as a princess, Rele would have some cash on hand, but would Shelly accept it?

"Put whatever they have on my bill."

Amazed and taken by surprise by this sudden charity, the Gundam Force turned to see who had spoken.

He was a young man, of average height. He was wearing a black pants, a light brown shirt with a torn off collar and breast pockets, and glove on his right hand. Around his forehead was a black bandana with an occasional white spot. On his back held by a strap was some sort of musket. His hair was a black-green sort(Bleen?) that jutted out in all directions(a traditional shonen do), and his eyes looked rough. Across his nose was a bandage, and on his left cheek were three scars.

"Thanks!" Shute said brightly, partly because he wouldn't have to worry about lunch, but mostly because they had found someone remotely friendly.


Soon after, the Force had ordered and while they were eating, Shute decided to introduce themselves to the young man.

"My name's Shute, This is Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, and Rele, what's yours?"

The young man glanced at the out of the corner of his eye. "Sinbad," He said after a beat.

"Well, Sinbad," Said Rele in what was a regal manner, "You have our eternal gratitude for your act of kindness."

"Forget about it."

Zero nudged Bakunetsumaru, already into his second serving. "Not one for conversation, is he?"

Baku' didn't bother to finish chewing before answer. "He's-" Glumpf, "a mite-" Munch "more-" Chomp "friendly-" Crump "than-" yum "the rest of this town."

Sinbad stared at the amount the Musha Gundam was eating. "Yeah, about that," He said finally, "If you wanna know, one of the reason's everyone's so spooked is that you didn't enter town from the docks."

"Why's that?" Shute asked.

"Well," Sinbad began, straightening himself up, "The thing is, aside from this little port, the rest of the island is nothin' but jagged rocks and cliffs. So unless you've got one heckuva boat, and some climbing gear, there's no way you could have landed there."

"What makes you think we are not from another part of the island?" Zero challenged. Earlier on the five had decided not to publicly reveal they were from another dimension.

Sinbad fixed The Winged Knight with a cool gaze. "Because," He answered, "The rest of the island is nothin' but untamed wilderness." Sinbad fixed the Gundam Force a challenging glare. After a few minutes, Shute said, "What's the other reason?"

"The other reason," Sinbad paused to take a swig, "Is that there's been a word of pirates in the area, so everyone's a little antsy."

That got the Gundam Force's attention.

"Pirates?" Asked Captain.

"Pirates." Sinbad affirmed.

"Pirates?" Zero asked.

"Pirates." Sinbad replied coolly.

"Pirates!" Bakunetsumaru was getting anxious.

Now Sinbad, on the other hand, was starting to get annoyed. "Yes, Pi-" He began to growl before a cry was heard outside.



As the sky began to fill with screams, the Gundam Force rushed outside to help repel the imminent threat. All five of them were expecting rum-guzzling, salty seadogs of the swashbuckler variety.

What they saw was a hoard of little robots, about half of Shute's height, colored dark blue, black, and grey, with moving mouthpieces.

Rele gasped. "Those are-"

"Zako soldiers!" Captain finished.

Bakunetsumaru unsheathed his swords. "So, the Dark Axis is here." He looked ready for a fight.

One Zako, the leader, as evidenced by presence of his command fin, was quickly barking orders. "Take anything and everything of remote value…to us! No quarter asked, none given! Show no mercy!"

His troops were more than willing to oblige, as they swarmed around the village, taking stuff, terrorizing villagers, and generally causing mayhem.

Shute desperately tried to keep track of the Zakos. "They're everywhere!"

Captain was quick to give out orders. "Everyone, split up and be sure to watch your back!"


The Gundam Force swung into action. A small half-dozen of Zakos charged into a store, and when they charged back out, arms laden with stolen goods, they met with Bakunetsumaru. Swords already drawn, it took the Musha Gundam a few good swipes to send the little robots flying.

Meanwhile, Zero lost track of his Princess(Well, technically, she wasn't his Princess. More like, he was her knight) when he spied a pair of Zakos coming onto a young attractive woman who, in the midst of fleeing, tripped over her own feet.

The Winged Knight raised his hand skyward. "O Mana, come to me!"

A blue magical circle, inscribed with runes inside of it, appeared in the sky. Zero's shield dropped from it, an Zero unsheathed his sword from inside the shield.

Just as the Zakos were just about to come on the lady, a shard gust of wind blew the two of them away. The lady(whose name was Shelly) looked up and got an upward view of Zero, The Winged Knight, looking tall, proud, and every bit the hero he made himself out to be.


In another part of the town, a group of Zakos, armed with guns, prepared to open fire on a group of civilians. Just as they were about to pull their triggers, Rele leapt between them and the would-be victims, creating a magical circle to shield her and them.

"Run!" The Princess of Lacroa yelled to saviees, who did as told. She kept up the shield, the Zakos kept firing, until-

Click click click

The Zakos looked at their empty guns, then at Rele. She smiled sweetly, and flung the circle at them.


Hovering in the sky, Captain used his elevated position to not only pick off the Zakos with blasts from his wrist gauntlets, but was able to keep track of the rest of the team. He glanced down in one direction and caught sight of an interesting development.

"What's Shute doing?"

What Shute was doing, if it wasn't obivious, was running at a dozen of Zakos(all in tenpins formation) while pushing a shopping cart. At the last minute, Shute leapt into the cart, and, riding it, plowed into the Zakos. This had two effects, one of which was scattering the Zakos like tenpins(complete with the traditional sound) and the other was that the collision sent Shute flying. Luckily, against most odds, Shute landed on his feet, though a little off-balance from the jarring maneuver.

Captain could only shake his head, thank whatever hi-power controlled this universe that his friend wasn't hurt, and go back to business.


One Zako saw fit to charge into the Slum's. He was immediately pushed out by Sinbad, who had finished his meal and was curious to see what was going on.

The Zako, who was acting braver than it felt, brandished its heat-hawk. "Stay back, zako!"

Sinbad glared at the Zako. He then unslung his musket from his back and gripped it by the barrel. Then, in a motion that would make Tiger Woods proud, sent the little robot flying into the pile of Zakos Shute crashed into, once again scattering them like tenpins complete with the traditional sound effect.


Eventually, both sides of the skirmish regrouped, the Gundam Force looking ready for more, and the Zakos, hiding behind their leader like little cowards.

"Zako!" The Zako Squad Captain squawked, "Where'd you Gundams come from! There aren't supposed to be any Gundams here!"

"That's for us to know and you to find out," Captain answered, his gaze unwavering. No one seemed to notice that Sinbad had come closer, while the rest of Purpleton stayed back to watch the conflict from a distance.

"Zako!" The Cap-Zako waved his men, er, Zakos. "Back to the ship!"

The Zako platoon promptly took off and raced into the water, vanishing from sight.

Zero lowered his raised sword. "Well," he said, "that was easy."

Bakunetsumaru narrowed his eyes. "Too easy…"

Captain kept his attention on the water, which began to ripple. "I detect a large object rising out of the sea, possibly a vehicle."

Something did rise out of the water, and might have counted as a vehicle of some sort.

It was arc shaped, and floated on its flat side. On the flat end of it, on both corners, were claw-like attachments, possibly where the thrusters were. On the front, the rounded end, were gun, much like the Komusai.

"Zakozakozako!" The Cap-Zako's voice could be heard on a loudspeaker. "You guys are in for it now! Grabola, sky-mode!"

The ship, Grabola rose into the air until it looked down on upon the town.


The Grabola's guns began to fire massive shots. Zero and Rele could barely erect a shield in time. The force of the blasts knocked Sinbad off his feet.

"Zakozakozako! How's that taste? Want some more?" Cap-Zako's voice crackled over the loudspeaker. "Grabola! Prepare for the mega-burst!"

The Grabola ceased fire and began to charge up energy.

Looking more scared than he would dare admit, Sinbad could only stay seated on his landing pad(for lack of a less crude term) and stare up at what may be his impending doom.

"Don't worry."

Sinbad looked over at Shute, who had a never-say-die expression on his face.

"These guys are nothing," Shute looked over at the Gundam who was his best friend. "Right?"

Captain nodded. "Right!" Captain looked over at Zero and Bakunetsumaru. "Ready?"

The samurai and knight nodded as well. "Ready!"

"Gundam Force, Triple Attack!"

"Secret Arts, Baku Netsu…Tenkyo-Ken!" Bakunetsumaru ran forward, and cut into the air, creating a fiery 'X'.

"O Mana, give me the power to defeat those who would harm the innocent! Super Magical Violet Tornado! Zero, sent out a massive wind, much more powerful than the last, laced with flower petals.

Shute clenched his fists as he gave Captain a positive look. "Go for it!"

"Soul Drive, activate!" Captain's chest glowed as slightly as his Soul Drive charged up, his fist glowed gold, and a fighting fire appeared in his eyes. Activating his flight boosters, Captain flew up with the Tenkyo-Ken and Violet Tornado, wind up his punch.

The Grabola's guns fired, just as the Triple Attack reached it. For a faint moment, the two blasts looked even, and then-


And then the Grabola was sent flying, as it never stood a chance. The last thing heard from it before it disappeared over the horizon was, "I'll remember this…!"

As Captain lowered himself to the ground, the sun began to set.

Sinbad was so astounded by what he saw that could barely make out one query. "Who are you guys?"

Captain turned to him, the sun shining on his V-fin. "We are the Gundam Force."