Shute here! Last time, the Zakrello Gate told me how the Dark Axis was created by a single evil scientist, and now that same man is trying to absorb the universe! We need to reunite and stop him, whatever it takes!

The Final Destination

Bakushinmaru lunged at Ciphyr, trying to impale him on his swords. However, Ciphyr simply sidestepped the samurai. When Baku' tried to swing around to get him, a wall pixilated into existence, blocking him. Zero Custom made to strike Ciphyr as well, but Ciphyr countered by making a long lance materialize in his hand, not just to block the assault, but to push Zero away.

Up in the air, over the arena that had become the rooftop of White Tower, Captain readied his hyper beam cannon. His scope sliding down, Captain took aim, concentrating on Ciphyr.


Captain fired his beam cannon, and the powerful shot hit Ciphyr dead-on. Or so he thought. When the smoke cleared, there was a dome of energy surrounding Ciphyr, which quickly de-pixilated. If this wasn't jarring, six funnel cannons pixilated into existence, like Sazabi's…only without the narrow funnel ends. Before any of them could react, each pair of the funnel cannons targeted a gundam and fired, shooting beams much larger than the ones Sazabi's unleashed. The gundams were each hit in two different places, and Captain and Zero were blasted out of the sky. They landed on White Tower with painful crashes.

"Is that all?" Ciphyr asked, staring at his gundam foes. He gave a cursory glance at the console.

The process 61 percent complete.


In the Zakrello Gate's chamber, Shute saw the whole thing. Paparello was showing the fight, but the reception seemed fuzzy for some reason.

"Guys!" Shute cried as he watched his friends get slapped around. "I have to help them!"

"Shute looked at Paparello, with a pleading look on his face. "Can you send me there?"

"Zakrello will try," Paparello answered, "Will be difficult. Ciphyr using Zakrello to absorb dimensions. May not get exactly where you want."

"I don't care!" Shute said, looking determined, "It's better than sitting around here!" He gave Paparello a reassuring look. "And don't worry, we'll free you as well!"

"Thank you-rello," Chobirello chirped.

Shute gave the little handheld a thumbs-up. Before leaping into the gate, Shute asked, "I'll have all my limbs where they should be, right?"

"Hope so." The big gate rumbled.

Knowing that he wouldn't get a better answer, Shute dived in.


Back on White Tower, things weren't going well for the Gundams. Any attack on Ciphyr was rendered useless by the barriers he summoned, and his summoning of the funnel cannons made for them to keep moving around, or to be blasted.

At one point the gundams were brought back together.

"We need help," Bakushinmaru panted.

"We need a plan," Captain replied.

"Wait," Zero held out his arm in front of them. "What's he doing now?"

What Zero was referring to was Ciphyr spreading out his arms. In response, the funnel cannons de-pixilated, but instead of vanishing into non-existence, the pixils reformed into into what looked like a hand. General Zeong's hand. And the fingers were powering up.


At the tower base, Princess Rele, Genkimaru, and Zapper's gang coldn't really see the fight- though they could hear the explosions.

"I hope their doing well," Princess Rele asked anxiously, "I can't see!"

"They better be," Zapper growled, "Or I'll be in a bad mood when we get back!"

"It'll be okay," Genkimaru said confidentially, "Nothin' can beat those three!"

There was a pause.

"Hold on," Grappler said, "Aren't we forgetting someone?"

Suddenly, there was the sound of a dimensional gate, followed by a thud. Everyone turned and saw-


Shute groaned as he got to his feet. "Darn it…I missed" He quickly started feeling himself all over, "Got my arms, got my legs… I'm not done yet!" He noticed everyone staring at him. "Princess Rele! You're okay!" He looked at the others. "Genkimaru? Guys? What are you doing here?"

"We were kidnapped!" Genkimaru answered, "Where've you been!?"

"I'll tell you later!" Shute began looking around, "I need to find the Captain and others! Where are they?"

There was an explosion heard from the top of White Tower. Shute looked up.

"They're up there, aren't they?" Shute asked, looking up. His eyes narrowed. "That's where I'm going, then."


"They need my help!" Shute explained, "I know they do!"

"Kid, this isn't gonna be like another fight," Grappler said, reaching for him, "This guy their fighting, we know what he's like, and-"

"I know!" Shute gritted angrily, "I know all about Ciphyr! That's why I can't stay down here, safe…If we don't beat him, nobody will be safe."

Everyone was silent for a moment, taking in Shute's words. Then, to everyone else's surprise, Zapper stepped forward and said, "Then get to it, squirt."

Genkimaru looked at Zapper in amazement.

"Whoa, Do you know what you're saying?" Grappler asked.

"Look, I don't get, and I never will," Zapper said, in that brittle, blustery tone of his, "But when this kid jumps into the thick of things, a perfectly good evil plan goes straight down the waste pipe. I…" Zapper trailed off, trying to force the words out, "I…I believe in him."

Princess Rele looked shocked at what Zapper said for moment, then stepped forward and said, "As do I."

"Me too!" Genkimaru piped up.

"Ditto," Said Destroyer.

"Zako!" the Zako Soldiers said.

Grappler looked from one to another before, a bit grudgingly, said, "Me too, I guess."

Shute's eyes rippled from the emotion of the moment. "Guys…"

Rele waved her hands. "O mana!"

Shute suddenly rose into the air, raised by a mana circle that came up from under him. "Whoa!"

Genkimaru began to make a portal. "Use this, Shute!"

As Shute, on the circle, flew into the portal, he gave the others one last wave. "Thank you!" He then turned his sight to what was coming. "All right, Ciphyr- Here I come!"


Up on White Tower, things were going in the gundams' favor. That last shot from the Zeong-hand hand truly winded them, and blown off several pieces of the Option Z. the Gundams had little else to do but wait for the coming blow…and react to the best of what ability they had left.

"I'm impressed with how you've survived this long," Ciphyr said, "But I feel this next one will end your struggle."

All five fingers on the Zeong-hand glowed to life as the cannons prepared to fire. However, before they could, a crudely drawn square-which became a dimensional gate- materialized and out from it came…Shute!

"What?" Ciphyr's eyes widened as he saw this.

"Yah!" Shute yelled. He leapt off the mana circle, his arm pulled back, hand curled into a fist, and clocked Ciphyr clean on the jaw! Ciphyr stumbled back from the blow, more surprised than hurt…but hurt nonetheless. Shute, satisfied, nodded.

"How d'ya like that?" He asked. He then realized there were five cannons(in the form of a hand) glaring down on him.

"Eep." Shute would've been vaporized on the spot, but at the last minute, Zero swooped in and pulled him out of blast. As the two landed, Captain and Bakushinmaru gathered around.

"Shute, where have you been?" Captain asked, "And how did you get here?"

"I'll explain later," Shute said. He turned around to glare at Ciphyr, who was still heaving, "We need to beat that guy!"

"I wish it was that simple," Baku' said solemnly, "He has not only countered all of our attacks with ease, but he's repaid them two-fold! And he's getting stronger with each passing second…"

Shute kept glaring at Ciphyr. "It doesn't matter!" Shute said, "No matter how powerful he is, no matter how strong he's becoming, we're still here!" He whirled on the gundams, "We still have a chance! Are you with me?"

Shute held out his open hand, palm down. In a second, Captain placed his hand on top.

"I'm in." His Soul Drive charged up.

Zero did likewise. "As well as I." His Soul stone glowed, and his wings spread out.

Baku' copied. "Me too." His Soul stone glowed, and his fins unfolded.

"Right," Shute turned to face Ciphyr. "Let's get him!"

Ciphyr, having gotten his breath back, felt a scowl appear on his face. "This kid…He's a skilled leader as I am… maybe better.'

"Yaah!" Bakushinmaru charged forward, key points on his armor glowing. "Kajiba Tenkyo-Ken!"

Baku' slashed his swords across sending off a fiery 'x', but this one's fire seemed to be a more blue/white, signifying a flame of higher temperature. The 'x' went through the Zeong-hand, causing it to shatter in an explosion of pixils. Instead of vanishing, the pixils reformed around Ciphyr's outstretched hand, forming something akin to a buster gun(Like from Megaman!). He shot a beam of pulsing purple from it directly at Baku', but before the beam could connect, Zero Custom flew in front and created a shield of spiritual power from his soul stone, blocking the ray. While this was happening, Captain flew up from behind Zero and unleashed a slew of missiles. Ciphyr, his attention focused on firing his buster gun, barely had time to erect a shield in time to repel the onslaught. As the smoke cleared, Ciphyr saw the gundams charging at him…and Shute running toward his console.

'No!' Ciphyr thought, 'They've been after the console the whole time!'

Shute had been watching the battle via Zakrello, and he decided that the console held the key to stopping Ciphyr's plan.

'I won't lose…not when I'm so close!' Ciphyr unleashed a burst of power, blasting the gundams away…and off the tower! Captain managed to grab hold of the edge, though, and was able to grab Zero's hand, while the Knight of Silver Wings had grabbed Bakushinmaru's hand, resulting in a chain of gundams to hang on by the edge of the building. Meanwhile, Ciphyr practically flew at Shute. Shute, almost sensing his approach, whirled around, just in time for him and Ciphyr to lock hands, with Ciphyr pushing him down.

"Errrg!" Shute groaned.

"I will NOT let my progress by halted in this place of my creation…not this time!" Ciphyr growled, an dark, inhuman fire in his eyes.

Shute felt pain like no other, and his knees buckled under the pressure. 'No… He's too strong…'

Suddenly, just when he was about to give up, he heard it.


"Beat him!"

"You can do it!"


"We know you can!"


Shute heard the voices from below, from Princess Rele, Genkimaru, and Zapper's gang, and felt so pathetic for thinking he could lose. Suddenly, he felt different, like a fuse inside of him had been lit, or that his soul was on fire. With renewed power, Shute began to push back.

Ciphyr's eyes widened as he saw the righteous fire in Shute's eyes. 'What-? Those eyes-!"

"It's not progress…" Shute gritted, making more and more headway in the struggle.

Meanwhile, Captain felt his Soul Drive power up. He began to activate his booster rockets.

"It's not progress," Shute said, "If it hurts people!"

With one last burst of strength, Shute pumped his arms forward, sending Ciphyr flying. Meanwhile, the gundams flew up from their precarious perch and zoomed in.

Ciphyr landed a ways from Shute, but when got up, the Gundam Force was closing in.

"Captain PUNCH!" Captain yelled, a fire in his eyes, his fist glowing a golden yellow.

"Super Spirit Magic PUNCH!" Zero Custom yelled, a fire in his eyes, his fist sparkling a vibrant blue.

"Kajiba PUNCH!" Bakushinmaru yelled, a fire in his eyes, his fist on fire.

"Superior PUNCH!" Shute yelled, a fire in his eyes.

All four slammed their fists into Ciphyr's chest, the impact causing his eyes to bug out. The force of the multiple punches was so great that Ciphyr was blasted off the tower and into the sky, far out of sight.

"We did it!" Shute cheered.




The celebrations were cut off as multiple explosions occurred throughout not just White Tower, but through the rest of the city as well!


In every dimension, the expanding black hole started to recede, and receded…until it shrank into nothingness.

Though no one knew it, when the Gundam Force struck at Ciphyr during that last instance, their combined power matched and, for a small amount, surpassed Ciphyr's. And that overloaded whatever power Ciphyr absorbed from the multiverse, causing it to flow back where it came from.


Zapper Zaku, cautiously, uncovered his eye. Ever since the explosions started, he ducked down and covered his eye, hoping the lack of sight would lessen any pain from the combustions. To his surprise, surrounding him was nothing but clouds and blue sky…partially obscured by what looked like a waterfall of sparkling colors.

As it turned out, he(And the others) were standing on a large mana circle, covered by a force field. Princess Rele stood in the middle of the group, her hands crossed over her chest, her eyes closed. Everyone else was taking in their surroundings clearly impressed.

"Zako, we really were in the Minov Sea, zako," One of the Zako Soldiers commented.

"But," Genkimaru looked around anxiously, "Where are Shute and the others?"

Grappler pointed. "There they are,"

Flying into sight was none other than the Gundam Force, Captain carrying Shute and Zero carrying Bakushinmaru.

Princess Rele opened her eyes. The force field dissipated, and the four landed onto the circle. The Mana circle shimmered some as Zero added his own power to it. Everyone gathered around the Force, and Rele asked, "Are you all right?"

Shute grinned. "Never better!" He then looked around. "But now what do we do?"

No one noticed a crack forming in one part of the Sea…

Genkimaru smirked. "Leave that to me!" He traced a crude square in the air, and it expanded into a dimensional portal. As everyone began going through it(The Zakos were closest, so they crowded in), Captain heard something strange. Which soon everyone heard.


The crack in the Minov Sea burst into a full fledged hole, sucking in everything! Everyone saw this and, forgetting all pretense of being polite, began forcing whoever was in front through the portal, so as to get through the portal themselves. Suddenly, a purple beam shot out of the crack and struck Shute, who was in the back of the line!

"Wah!" Shute cried in alarm.

Intead of hurting him, the beam began to pull Shute away…into the crack!

"Shute!" Everyone yelled, and Captain dived after him.

And the two were pulled into the crack…


When Shute regained his sight, he was in a strange place. White…pure white. Miles and miles and miles of white. Nothing else. It was mind-boggling.

"Are you all right, Shute?"

Shute turned to look at Captain. "I'm okay, Captain," he replied, "But where are we?"

"I have no way of formulating an answer," Captain answered, "Last I recall, we were pulled into the crack in the Minov Sea."

"This is the end," A voice cut in from behind. Shute and Captain whirled around to see none other than CIPHYR standing a ways behind them.

"From here, we will be sent to another universe," Ciphyr said calmly, looking at them like they were vermin, "Which one? Who knows? But before we go anywhere…" He pointed, and a buster gun pixilated around his hand, "I'll have my revenge on you now, just to get it out of the way."

The buster gun powered up, but before it could fire, Captain spun around and detached the Option Z, causing it to fly at Ciphyr. Ciphyr jumped aside to avoid it, and fired a pulsing purple burst of energy.

"Captain!" Shute yelled, and placed his hand over Captain's Soul Drive compartment. Captain unleashed his V Attack, and the two beams struck each other, canceling each other out.

Ciphyr ground his teeth. 'This boy,' He thought, 'Can emit the same type if energy I can, only his kind is oppositely charged.'

The buster gun de-pixilated, and the pixils flew around the pair before reforming in the shape of six orbiting funnel cannons, smaller than the ones from earlier.

Captain saw what was coming and called for Shute. "Get on!"

Shute nodded and leapt on Captain's back, seating himself between where the V-Rods were. Shute quickly pulled each Rod from their slots and held them in his hands, like makeshift guns. Captain began to spin around, and the two began to fire, just as the funnel cannons began to fire repeatedly. After several minutes of this, the funnel cannons ceased fire and de-pixilated. Captain stopped spinning, and revealed that he and Shute were unharmed, their own beam-firing having countered the funnel cannons. Shute put the Rods back into their slots and hopped off Captain. Captain held out his hand and looked Shute straight in the eye. Shute returned his gaze and took Captain's hand. Captain once again began to spin, swinging Shute around. He let Shute go at one point, and the boy flew at Ciphyr, slamming his fist in the older man's gut.

"Guuahh-!" Ciphyr gasped, feeling the wind go out of him. Heaving, he stumbled back, staring at Shute, whose eyes shone with bravery and determination.

"I feel…bad." Ciphyr said in a pained voice, and then he faded away.

Shute was amazed. He turned to Captain…who was one knee.

"Captain!?" Shute ran up to his friend. "Are you okay, buddy?"

"It seems my left leg is unoperative," Captain said, "That, couple with our being stranded in a different dimension, our chances of survival are-"

"We'll be fine," Shute assured him, helping his friend up(which, given Captain's weight, wasn't an easy chore), "As long as we're together, there's nothing we can't do."

And then they vanished…


When the vision returned to Shute, he found himself- along with Captain- in a bright, sunny field, with flowers, trees all around, and a bright clear sky overhead. A gentle breezed wafted through the air. It also, for some reason, a large crater, though it looked as if it had been there for quite some time, as bits of grass was poking up through the dirt in it.

Shute saw the crater, and knew exactly what was what. "Captain…" he said softly, "We're home."

"What?" Captain asked, regarding Shute.

"We're home!" Shute yelled excitedly, "This place- this is where we first met! See?" He pointed over to the crater, "That's where the Magnamusai's cannons hit!"

Shute and Captain then heard several voices heading their way.

"Shute! Captain!"

The two turned and saw none other than Zero Custom, Bakushinmaru, Entengo, Genkimaru, Princess Rele, Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, Destroyer Dom, and the Zako Soldiers running up to them, looking overjoyed!

"You're all right!"

"You're back!"


The gang gathered around Shute and Captain.

"How did you come to this place?" Captain asked.

"We landed over there!" Genkimaru announced, as he clung to one of Captain's V-Rods, "We didn't know what to do until we heard you yelling over here!"

Laughing everyone pulled in for a group hug.


Captain's leg wasn't the only thing damaged. His communicator was busted as well, so there was no way for them to call Blanc Base for a quick ride. However, Shute noted that they weren't very far from his house, so they planned to call from there.(Shute stifled a snicker imagining how his mom would react to THIS crowd!)

When they arrived, Keiko truly was surprised(especially when she saw Zapper's gang), but let them in just the same. As they waited for the SDG to send a GunPerry, Fenn separated from Zero and flew back to Lacroa, and the Bakushin Armor removed itself from Bakunetsumaru, so Princess Rele summoned his normal armor for him. Afterwards, the Gundam Force and friends discussed what had happened. Naturally, the news of the Dark Axis coming from Earth was met with some overreaction.

"WHAT!?" Zapper roared, leaping from the couch he was sitting in. His uproar was such that it woke Nana from her nap, resulting in him being scolded by Keiko.

"C'mon, you're pulling my leg," Grappler scoffed, a tone quieter than Zapper, "There's no way we're from THIS planet."

"Then again," Zero said, "It would explain why certain members of the Dark Axis had Soul Drives. Ciphyr must have received them from Professor Shelly himself."

"And you learned all this from the Zakrello Gate?" Princess Rele asked Shute.

"Yeah, he told me how the Dark Axis was made, an I put two and two together," Shute frowned, remembering something. "I sure hope it got out okay…"

No sooner did the words leave Shute's mouth did the ground suddenly shake and vibrate, causing almost everyone to tumble to the floor.

"My goodness!" Keiko gasped, steadying herself against the wall. When the shaking stopped, she rushed to see if Nana was all right.

"Jumping gyros!" Zapper cried, "What was THAT?!"

"It came from outside!" Baku's hollered, and everyone went for the door. Shute got there first, and when he flung the door open, he found his house had fallen under a shadow.

Cast by the Zakrello Gate.

"Wha…wha…" Shute could barely make any words out, and he could hear the disbelief from those behind him.

"HOME!" Boomed Paparello happily.

'All Rello wanted,' Shute remembered Paparello saying, 'Was to do what was made to do.'

Professor Shelly had made the Zakrello Gate to return to his home.



What happened next was a whirlwind of actions and movement. When the SDG arrived, the Zakrello Gate was moved Lab C for further study by Bell Wood, since the disks were destroyed with the dimensional transit. With the Zakrello Gate's power of maintaining a constant doorway between dimensions, the need for sending the Gundam Force to each world attacked by the Dark Axis was no more, as the SDG could send White Bagu Bagu to each petrified world directly. Zapper's gang were offered a chance to join the SDG and live in Neotopia, but none of them wanted to stay, claiming that life in Neotopia would just a be a reminder of their failure to conquer it. Shute felt(but didn't say) that it was more likely they didn't want to leave Genkimaru. And so, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Genkimaru, Princess Rele, and Zapper's gang, went through the gate, back to Soradio Rarma…


Shute walked down the street for home from school. It had been a few weeks since the others had departed for Soradio Rarma. He managed to see Captain, though…

He heard the sound of booster rockets, and Captain landed beside him.

"Hey, Captain!" Shute welcomed.

"Hello, Shute." Captain replied, "Do you mind if I walk with you?"

"No problem," Shute smiled, and the two walked together.

"It's weird, you know," Captain said after a bit, "I was built for the sole purpose of defending Neotopia from the Dark Axis. But now that there is no Dark Axis..what will I do?"

"Hm, I guess we can do whatever we want." Shute decided, "Summer vacation's coming up, so we can use the free time."


In Lacroa Castle's royal garden, Princess Rele walked among the flowers, thinking. It had been a few weeks since she left Neotopia. She had invited Shute to come with her to Lacroa, but he had declined. She then saw a beam of light in the air. Going to where the light's source was, and found Zero, practicing his magic. Noticing her, Zero stopped what he was doing and bowed.

"Your majesty," He said, "I hope you are doing well, milady."

Princess Rele smiled, and nodded. "Of Course, Zero," She answered, "You don't have to stop on my account." She then paused, and, looking a little uneasy, said, "Mm, Zero, can I ask you something?"

"Anything you wish, princess," Zero said, his voice filled with chivalry.

"Do you," She stopped, then continued, "Do you think…Shute likes me?"

Zero wasn't expecting THAT, and facefaulted, though he tried not to.


In the land of Ark, the Genki Power Squad was in action…meaning, once again, Zapper lost the keys to the Big Zam.

"Are you sure you didn't step on them?" Grappler asked as he searched through the grass.

"Yes I'm sure!" Zapper snapped, clearly irked, "I just checked! Now shut up and keep looking!"

On a hill, Bakunetsumaru riding on Entengo watched the goings-on with some amusement.

"Hmmph. Hard to believe those guys were are enemies once, eh Entengo?" Baku' asked, to which the horse responded with a winny.



Shute and Captain looked to where the explosion came from, surprised. A transmission then came through on Captain communicator.

"Attention, Captain Gundam! Trouble in sector 4-A! Please investigate!"


"I'll be back, shortly, my lady!" Zero said, as he flew off to investigate the explosion.

Rele waved. "Be careful!"


"I knew it," Bakunetsumaru said as Entengo galloped toward the blast site, "Whenever it seems like things are peaceful, something like this happens."


"But to avoid the tragedies of the past," Zero said, summoning his Vatras Sword and shield, "I must keep going forward toward that wonderous future!"


"That's why we are here," Captain said, "So that future will be someday become the present."

"So what are we waiting for?" Shute asked, jogging to keep up with Captain.

Then, though none of them realized it, all four at the same time said…



The End

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