"So wow," Seifer drawls, flipping through his girlfriend's CD album. "Your taste in music sucks."

Olette is no longer phased by things like snide comments, egos, and Seifer's general personality. "Wow," She mimics, then dead-pans "Get out of my house."

He smirks because she doesn't mean it. She frowns, because she does. Then because he won't stop staring at her. Seifer considers that Olette is smart, and quick to catch on. This theory is supported when she says "I'm not going to go back to cleaning if you keep staring at me."

He fakes a hurt-look. "Mommy-dearest said to clean under your bed," he reminds her, and only sort of tries to hide his amusement. "Wouldn't want to disappoint, would you?"

Hands on her hips, Olette understands him exactly. "In other words 'bend over' so you can stare?"

Seifer shrugs.

Honestly, he quite enjoys being at her house. Olette's parents are unobtrusive idiots, in his opinion. Even knowing that their precious daughter has a boyfriend, they leave her alone with him willingly. He is particularly surprised about this because how they found out they were together was...

Well, awkward to say at the least. For Olette. Seifer knows no 'awkward' and probably never will. So he'd been feeling her up on the couch, what was there to be embarrassed about? (Okay, maybe that she kept smacking him upside the head for it - but she was just playing hard to get. Obviously.)

It's more fun if they fight with you, he thinks. Girls who submit are boring - that's probably why none of his other girlfriends lasted very long. And thank god - they were all the type to fall into tears at the mention of breaking up. As for Olette, he honestly can't imagine how she would react - but she's strong.

She's strong, and wouldn't have to live with a tragically broken heart. That's why he's thinking he'll break up with her next week. Just for kicks.

Of course, he also intends to get back together within a week, but she really doesn't need to know that. It would take the fun out of things.

Pastel Ink

For onewingdtenshi07, who wanted "another Seifer x Olette fic in Seifer POV" - though I'm not quite sure if this counts as his POV.