Chapter 108: Tee Time

Stella watched Mac as he interacted with their scared young witness. The little boy seemed to have taken a liking to the former Marine and was pointing out pictures to him in his comic book.

Why's she standing in the middle of the hall… ohh. Lindsay came to a stop next to Stella and saw where the older woman's eyes were focussed. "Under the heading 'Things I Never Thought I'd See'…" she whispered to her.

Stella gave her a small facial shrug and went back to looking at the rather odd pair in front of them. "Let's just hope Sam is telling Mac something that can help us."

He looks like he'd make a pretty great Dad. Lindsay looked sidelong at the other woman, trying to decide if she should voice her thoughts. Better not. "You know Mac," she joked instead. "He can get anybody to spill the beans."

Stella joined her in her laughter. "And if he can't, there's always his psychic powers to fall back on."

Don't remind me! "The man is downright scary," she shuddered.

"I dunno," Stella's voice was thoughtful. "I think he's just a big pussy cat."

Riiiight. Like that tiger at the Bronx Zoo.

"Friend of Bill…" Danny muttered under his breath. "More like son of a -"

"Hi," Lindsay waved coming up to him. Uhoh. Someone looks like he's in a bad mood. "What's up?"

Why's she always looks so good, huh? "Nothin'. Just the case." He gestured down at the evidence in front of him: photos of various members of the Five Boroughs Golfers, a golf ball with the initials FOB, a can of foam insulation that had been fingerprinted. He was packing everything away in carefully sealed bags and boxes.

"Yeah, I heard." Seriously? Murder over golf? "What's next? Killing someone over the weather?" She sighed. "Mine wasn't that great, either.

"No kiddin'. Talk about a deadbeat Dad," Danny shook his head in wonder. Some days, this job just gets to ya. "At least that one had a happy endin' for someone."

Lindsay nodded, handing him an evidence bag for the insulation. They worked quietly for a few minutes, each lost in their own thoughts.

Fuck this shit. "Y'know what, Montana?"

"What, Messer?"

"Let's go golfin'."

"What? Seriously?"

"Are you sure you really want to do this?" Jess asked, concern written all over her face. "It's not too late to back out, you know."

Sheldon smiled with a confidence he didn't feel and grabbed her hand firmly in his own. "I'm sure." He nodded towards the restaurant. "Let's not keep your folks waiting."

She bit her lip nervously and kept her feet planted, even as he walked forward. "Really? Not even for just a little bit?"



"This," Lindsay looked around her as she and Danny waited for their tee time. "This is not what I was expecting." She glanced sideways at her partner. Twice in one day I'm shocked by the men I work with. How about that?

Danny spread his arms expansively, gesturing to take in the entire establishment. "Ya don't like it?" C'mon! This place is great!

Lindsay couldn't help but laugh at the look of childish glee on his face. Danny Messer, 8 year old. "I love it! I just never would have expected this from you in a million years." She grabbed a score sheet and pencil while Danny grabbed a couple of clubs. Then, she reached into a couple of recesses and grabbed two different coloured balls.

"What? You don't think I like mini golf?" High score at Kyle Burman's 10th birthday party, thank you very much. "After you, Miss Monroe," he bowed genteely. It was their turn to tee off.

"Why thank you, Mr. Messer," she curtseyed awkwardly with her hands full. Note to self: never do that again. "Oops, I think I dropped your ball." She tried to hide her grin as her boyfriend bent over to pick it up.

Danny rolled his tongue around his mouth and looked at her over the tops of her glasses. Don't give her the satisfaction, man. "Pink." His eyes narrowed, then relaxed as he gave her a wide smile. "My favourite colour." Looks like I got another volunteer to help me repaint my apartment.

"You're a what?" Major McKinney asked Sheldon for the third time.

"A CSI. A Crime Scene Investigator." Sheldon repeated patiently. "I go to crime scenes and collect evidence to catch criminals."

"So, you're a cop," the Major confirmed.

"That's right."

Jess' mother suddenly looked worried. "Isn't that dangerous, in New York?" she asked apprehensively.

"Don't worry, Mom," Jess reassured her. "Shel's there after all the shooting is over."

Betty looked relieved. The Major on the other hand, merely grunted, "Humph."

Betty looked over at her husband and saw that being out of the line of fire wasn't the plus for him that it was for her. "So Sheldon, Jessie was telling us you're a doctor. How do you go from being a doctor to being a C.. I… An S.. C… A police officer?"

Sheldon took a large swallow of his wine and exchanged a glance with his fiancé. He'd been dreading that question. It didn't usually go well.

"Well, actually, I was already working with the police department," he began.

"You were?"

He reached for his glass again but retracted his hand under the withering gaze of the Major. "Um. Yes." He coughed slightly, "I was a… uh…" He took a deep breath. "I was a coroner." He held it in, waiting for one of the inevitable reactions: revulsion, fear, or morbid curiosity.

The Major gave him a long stare, sizing him up. Then with a nod of seeming respect, he reached across the table and refilled Sheldon's wine glass.

"Yes! Hole in one!" Lindsay jumped up and down in excitement. Finally! "Eat it, Messer!"

Danny watched her jump and tried not to laugh. Just keep talkin', Montana. "You're talkin' pretty big for a chick who's losin' so bad." He swaggered over to the tee and placed the fluorescent pink ball down on the astroturf.

Lindsay picked her ball out of the hole, wiggling her butt in his direction. "Shut up and putt, funny boy." This really is way too much fun. I'm totally going to have to drag Jess her sometime.

And there it is! "Swish! I believe that brings the score to 23 to 37… for me!" Danny grinned at her, reaching out to put a hand around her waist.

Lindsay rolled her eyes but kissed him anyway. "Y'know, Messer," she scolded, slapping him on the ass as she did so, "It's a good thing you're cute." And you have a nice butt, too.

"Cute?" Danny waggled his eyebrows at her. "Y'mean I ain't hot?" He struck a comedic pose, hands behind his head and hips thrust forward. Oh yeah. Give the lady what she wants.

She snorted at his antics. "Normally, I'd say yes… but right now?" Still yes.