1Very short oneshot including my character Becca. I just saw "Shadow" again and Dean mentions that Sam did the play "our town" in high school and I got an idea.

Dean and Becca waited in the hallway for ten minutes. Finally Becca's eyes lit up. "I see him!"

Dean straightened up and flashed his brother a smile. "Hey Mr. Winchester can I have your autograph." he said.

"Shut up." Sam said, but couldn't hide his tiny smile or blushing cheeks.

"I thought you were good Sammy." Becca said. "Even in the boring parts."

Sam chuckled. "Thanks kiddo... So how's you like it Dean" Sam tried to hide how much the answer would mean to him. He knew Dean wasn't really the school play type. But he'd covered for Sam with their father whenever he had a rehearsal and he'd shown up front and center on opening night.

"Well the girl who played your mom was hot. Is she legal yet?" Dean joked. Sam laughed, but couldn't hide the disappointment on his face. "I'm kidding man. You were awesome. I guess all of these years lying to cops and teachers have made you into an actor."

Sam's mood visibly brightened. "Thanks."

"I'm hungry." Becca said tugging on Sam's shirt.

"Yeah, me too." Dean said. "How 'bout we go get some dinner. Sammy's choice."

"Dean," Sam said. "That's alright. I know Dad only left us a certain amount of money while he's gone." He wished that John would have been the one to offer a celebration dinner. Or the one sitting in the front seat. But Sam know his father would have been pissed if he even knew Sam was in a play. He'd be angry about the weeks of lying and the fact that Sam was "wasting his time."

"Dude," Dean said. "Have you no faith in your big brother? I made my way down to the bar today. Found a nice game of poker. The guys tried to swindle money out of some poor innocent kid. Maybe next time suckers."

"So that means we could anything you want Sammy." Becca added.

"Yeah, just don't tell Dad." Dean said.

"Um alright." Sam said. "Thanks guys." They headed to the car.

"Nice work Sam." A girl said walking up to him. "You really nailed it tonight." She gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek before saying goodnight.

"Dude!" Dean said. "Was that the hot mom?" Sam nodded. "She's even hotter offstage."

"Her name's Rachel and she's actually a really nice girl." Sam explained.

"So when you gonna ask her out?"

Sam sighed. "It is possible to be friends with a pretty girl and not hook up with her Dean."

"Not in my world Sammy." Dean said starting the engine.

"Hey Sammy?" Becca asked from the backseat.

"Yeah Bex?"

"How come you can wear makeup but I can't?" She asked.

Dean burst into a fit of laughter. "You're wearing makeup! I knew you looked different!"

"I-it's stage makeup!" he explained, embarrassed. "I didn't want you guys to wait so I didn't take it off. It's cuz of the lighting on the stage and we have..."

"Whatever you say Francis." Dean teased. "Just try not to get any of your mascara on my car please."