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As We Go Through Life

by Emitique

Chapter I: Getting There Too Late

It was a nice morning…. so nice that some people would've just wanted to stay in their comfy beds and enjoy the moment while they snooze off to their slumber, especially those who had to stay up till 3am to do some hacking and computer searching. That's what Omi decided to do; after all he did spend all night hacking through various databases to find clues and information about their next mission, so who could blame him for ignoring his alarm clock's beeping when it was already 6am? He obviously needed more than 3 hours of sleep. So he pushed the snooze button, and dozed off to his sweet sleep.

Unfortunately for our cute bishounen; it was a school day and he got up an hour later than he was supposed to. He did all he can to fit the remaining time he had left to do all of his morning preparations, and as usual he succeeded. Well for the most part of it anyway. There was now only one problem left. He was missing his history notebook that had his homework in it.

Now he was panicking about inside their home that also happens to be their base when it comes to their "night jobs" and was made to look like a flower shop to be a cover.

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, Oh man, I AM SO LATE!"

If you were inside the Koneko Sumo Ie that Monday morning, your ears would already be ringing due to Tsukiyono Omi's whining voice saying the same thing over and over again. The normally cheerful, genius, teenage, assassin, SUPER CUTE boy could be seen running through random places inside the house trying to gather up his scattered, some still missing, school things.

"Aya-kun! Have you seen a blue notebook anywhere? I can't find it!" the boy semi-shouted to make sure the redhead heard what he was asking.

Fujimiya Aya is the tidy type of guy; he likes to make sure that things are always in order. So if he sees anything that is placed where it doesn't belong, he picks it up and puts them away. That's why Omi figured it would be best if he were to ask their resident quiet man about his misplaced notebook.

Aya came into the living room where Omi was currently crouching down to the ground in order to look under their sofa, in the midst of hoping to find his still missing notebook under the furniture. Aya took in the sight and let out a small sigh of disappointment.

'If only every the member of this house is as organized as I am, then they wouldn't have to ask me every time their stuff gets lost.' Aya thought wishfully

He held back the urge to lecture the younger one about cleanliness and orderliness and decided to just help Omi with his current dilemma. "I placed it inside the right hand drawer of the cabinet Omi…" said the red head with smooth nonchalant voice and he pointed to the direction of the cabinet he just spoke of.

As soon as Omi heard the whereabouts of his notebook, he quickly ran to the direction Aya pointed to him, opened the said drawer, stuck his arm in it and began fumbling it around inside.

There were a lot of things inside that drawer; he even noticed two of Yohji's lighters that the blond man claimed was missing from him about two month's ago. Omi also saw a sock which he thought must've belonged to Ken, since the brunet said he was missing the other pair of his lucky socks the week before. Omi was a bit amazed.

'Man, this drawer has all of the things we thought we've already lost. I really must make a label for this drawer saying: "Lost and Found" one of these days…'

Omi continued to search inside the drawer and before long he got what has looking for. "Aha, there you are!" exclaimed Omi with his usual youthful spirit. He got out his history notebook, opened his bag and placed it inside.

Aya watched as his youngest teammate succeeded in finding what he lost. The young honey blond boy in front of him turned to face him with a sweet smile and with the same sweetness Omi said to him "Thanks a lot Aya-kun, you're a lifesaver!"

As Aya watched that smile on Omi's face, he couldn't help the warm pleasant feeling that he was starting to feel inside. It's the same feeling he gets when seeing the smile that his younger sister used to give him, but at the same time, it was different. But of course Aya wouldn't say out loud that every time Omi smiles at him he feels great, his pride just wouldn't allow that. So Aya replied with the response he always gave…


Omi didn't react with the reply he got from Aya. He sort of translated that 'Hnn' for a 'You're welcome' he knew that Aya was a man of few words, and Omi isn't the type of person that wants to intrude on other's personality, he'd rather that people around him remained as who and what they truly are.

Omi's blue eyes wandered off to the black wall clock in the shape of a cat that he brought three months ago because he thought it with look so good inside their living room, and his eyes widen with shock.

"AW MAN! It's already 7:47!" Omi shouted. He has to be at school by 8:00 and the time only leaves him less than 15 minutes to get there. He made a mad dash for the door but he was stopped by a voice that came from inside the kitchen.

"Omi, are you going already? You haven't had breakfast yet!"

Omi's legs were still going up and down because of his longing to get out of the house and rush to school, but he wasn't moving forward as if waiting for confirmation that he is allowed to, it made him look like he was jogging in place. He turned his head to see that Ken was now walking to the living room from inside of the kitchen.

"It can't be helped Ken-kun, I really have to get going!" Omi whined to his brunet friend.

Ken is growing concerned about Omi, first he doesn't get enough sleep because of his computer, and now his blue-eyed angel will go to school without having breakfast! Oh no, he wouldn't stand for that! He was going to take action!

Ken started to say something in a calm, conversational-like manner. "It's not healthy to go on with your day without having breakfast 'mitchi." Ken's voice betrayed his own feelings, but he knew better than to throw a fit JUST because his friend insists on skipping breakfast…. No matter how IMPORTANT that friend is. Ken figured it would be best to try a more rational approach when it comes to Omi because he knows Omi well enough to know that his younger friend at least listened to what others are trying to reason out.

Omi had always been his favorite among his three teammates. Out of all of them he and Omi had been together longer and they claimed each other as best friends since their friendship began when he was made into a member of Weiβ. Omi was ALWAYS there looking out for them, for him, and so he also wants to do his best to look out for their young leader, for HIS angel.

Omi opened his mouth and looked like he was going to answer Ken but a piece of toast was placed inside his mouth that refrained him from saying whatever it is he was a about to say. Omi looked at the one who placed the said toast in his mouth and Ken just smiled back at him.

"You're going to have at least that piece of toast so I wouldn't have to worry about you having nothing but air inside that tummy of yours." said Ken as he pointed his index finger upwards which made him look like he was a mother lecturing a stubborn little kid.

Omi looked at his friend with wide questioning eyes for a moment but after a while his blue orbs softened and he picked the toast out of his mouth to smile at Ken.

"Thanks a lot Ken-kun, you're so thoughtful..." Omi said while smiling sweetly at his friend. He then turned around so he was once again facing the door and opened it to finally leave. Before he was entirely out though, he turned his head back and flashed one last smile as he called back to his friends.

"Ja Aya-kun, Ken-kun! See you guys later ne?" said Omi as his free hand waved goodbye to his friends.

After Omi said his farewell the door closed….

Ken watched the closed door for a moment longer, still seeing the last smile Omi flashed to him inside his head. Not far behind him Aya also stood watching the door their young leader just got out of most likely picturing the same thing ken was; Omi's smile. They loved Omi and his smiles, it somehow makes them feel that life is worth living because as long as they stay alive they get a chance to be someone as wonderful as Omi and his pleasant company, and Yohji was no exception to that feeling.

"So, the chibi already left huh?" the voice came from the direction of the stairs that goes up to the guys' separate bedrooms.

Aya and Ken looked behind them and saw Yohji standing on the flight of steps. His eyes were still half lidded, maybe still light sensitive since the playboy just woke up.

"Oh, my! Do my eyes deceive me! I think I'm seeing THE Kudo Yohji awake before noon!" Ken said in mock amazement.

Yohji raised an eyebrow at his brunet teammate's statement.

"Ha-ha… Very funny Hidaka..." he started dryly "'mittchie was making so much fuss down here, so I just had to get out of bed and check to see if he's not loosing his marbles." Yohji reasoned out.

Aya was touched by Yohji's reply. The blonde man did care for all of them, only he had a weird way of implying it. Much like him but they both use two different ways of showing care and affection that they try so hard to hide inside. They can't be like Ken or Omi that can show their care openly, they both have issues with being attached.

"Omi's fine. He just had a little trouble with time management." Aya said nonchalantly as he walked to the kitchen.

Ken and Yohji followed him inside the kitchen. Ken walked to the table where he left the bowl of pancake batter he was mixing earlier to take the toast to Omi. Yohji opened the fridge and fumbled inside it looking for the juice carton. Aya went towards the coffee maker and began grinding the coffee beans. They all worked on their own thing and after they were done they each had a plate of pancakes, a mug of coffee and a glass of orange juice. They all ate their breakfast and had their usual talk where in Yohji and ken did most of the talking and Aya just 'hn'ed occasionally.

"Ne, keneken, You have a way with making pancakes…" Yohji remarked as he took another bite of the former soccer player's cooking.

"Why thank you Yohji. If there's one thing I know how to do; it's to cook pancakes" Ken replied with a grin. Suddenly his smile dropped a little as he added "It's just too bad that Omi wasn't able to have some."

Aya decided to talk for a change as he suddenly said "I jut hope he doesn't get into too much trouble for coming in late."


Omi suddenly covered his mouth with both his hands the moment he realized that he shouted in front of his homeroom teacher.

"Yes Mr. Tsukiyono," Omi's teacher said with her voice calm as if her student didn't just shouted at her face "I'm afraid that all offenses in this school come with their appropriate punishment. And even being a member of the honor roll doesn't exempt you from that rule." Ms. Kaname informed to her student.

"But ma'am, I have to work after school." Omi tried to reason out.

Ms. Kaname looked at Omi in the eye with a determined look and replied to the young man. "I'm sorry Mr. Tsukiyono," she sternly began "but this is the third time you've been late this month and I can't let that pass."

'She has a point.' Omi thought. 'I guess there's no use getting so worked up a bout it.'

"Now if you please, Tsukiyono-san" His teacher said to him with a smile on her face "go to your seat so we could continue our lesson."

Omi sighed with defeat and dragged his feet across the classroom to his seat. As soon as he got to his designated area he slumped an his chair and thought about when and how he can let his friends back in the shop that he would miss half of his shift that day.

To be continued...

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