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-As We Go Through Life-

By: Emitique

Chapter V – "Typical Family Night with Half-Cooked Confessions"

"Thank you so much for your purchase. That would be ¥750."

The old man handed the money to the boy in front of the cash register. He opened the cash register, placed the money inside, and took out the amount of change appropriate for the customer. He handed the bouquet with the receipt and the change to the kind looking old man with a smile.

"You know what son, you're flowers here are so beautiful, I'm sure my wife would be delighted when I hand her these as present for our anniversary." He said as he gestured to the bunch blooming flowers in his arms.

Blue eyes softened at the old man's comment. Omi felt his heart warm up knowing that the flowers they worked so hard to tend make other people happy.

"Thank you, we do try hard to make our flowers turn out beautiful… It's nice to know that our efforts are paying off."

"You boys here do a really good job. Your flowers bring smiles to people you know that? I best be on my way, Sachiko would be waiting…" before long, the man was already out of the shop.

It's times like this when he feels really happy to have been working in a flower shop.

"KYAAA!!! Look Yumi, there are three of them present this time. That's pretty close to perfect, right?" exclaimed loudly by a random girl in one of those random school uniforms.

"OH MY GOSH! You're right Ami! Aren't you glad we passed by here on our way home?!"

Then again, there were times when Omi felt that he was very unlucky to be stuck in a flower shop where many girls come to regularly and squeal as much as they want.

Unfortunately for Omi, Aya is still out for today. Aya is usually the one who does the barking to chase out the squealing girls… and Omi is a bit too shy (or rather, scared) to ask the girls to leave them alone.

He was waiting to feel his ears to start bleeding due to all the high pitched sounds those fangirls were emitting, when suddenly, their resident playboy came to the rescue. Yohji walked up to the giggling and squealing girls, which seemed to have been multiplying…Wait, multiplying?

"You know what Ken-kun," Omi whispered to his other coworker "I could've sworn there were only two of those girls a moment ago…"

Ken looked at Omi. The boy's face clearly indicated that he was deep in thought, trying to figure out if he counted the number of girls correctly a moment ago… He was even squinting up his eyes; it gave him such a cute effect.

"There WEREonly two of them a while ago." Ken confirmed

"Huh? Then why are there about twenty of them now?!" Omi asked exasperatedly.

Ken didn't like the tone of Omi's voice. He seemed to really not like having that many girls in their shop so his "make-Omi-happy" instinct started to kick in.

"Girls might have telepathic connection with each other, one of them finds out something, and then the next thing, everyone of them knows about it. He-he-he" Ken tried jokingly.

That only seemed to make Omi's mood duller, and Ken sweat dropped.

'Okay, BAD move Ken… Better think of a counter act.' Ken thought to himself

But before Ken could come up with a brilliant way to cheer Omi up, he heard the girls outside all saying goodbye and walking away. He looked outside and saw that Yohji was already waving goodbye to the girls with a smile.

"See you tomorrow ladies!" Yohji waved goodbye as the girls walked away with dreamy looks on their faces.

Yohji walked up to the counter where Omi and Ken are. He couldn't help but smirk at those expressions on the younger ones faces. Omi seemed happy. The kid never did like those girls' shrieks. Ken on the other hand looked fazed by Yohji's performance.

"And that, my dear friends, takes care of our fangirls-that-won't-go-away-during-closing-time problem." Yohji said with a proud grin.

"Thank goodness… I thought that we might have difficulty dealing with them with Aya-kun still not back and all…"said Omi, with the usual smile now back on his cute face.

Yohji didn't seem to like Omi's previous comment much, because the reaction he did was suddenly lift his hand with his index finger sticking up to Omi's face, and due to surprise at the sudden movement, Omi slightly jerked back, his eyes fixated to the gently waving finger in front of him.

"Tsk, tsk…"Yohji said to Omi as he waved his finger disapprovingly in front of Omi's face "You shouldn't underestimate the power of my charisma Omitchi."

Omi blinked twice at the finger in front of his face.

"Who ever said I was underestimating it?" He said as he shifted his head to peek at the man behind the hand, hoping to not make things turn out into a fuss.

Ken was beginning to get irritated of Yohji's hand hovering at Omi's face like that, it was clearly making Omi uncomfortable, so he took the liberty of grabbing it and placing it down. Careful to not seem too pissed, but not gentle enough to not hurt Yohji at all, he placed a bit of force into placing the offending hand down the register counter.

Yohji was a bit surprised that his wrist was suddenly tugged on and the next thing he knew, his hand landed with a thud on the counter top. He looked beside him to see Ken looking sternly at him.

Oh, Yohji know what this one is, it's one of Ken's trademark cut-Omi-some-slack glare. He'd seen enough of it to formulate a name for it. Ken used it whenever he felt like someone was bullying Omi.

Just then, Yohji's ever crafty mind had an idea.

He managed to fluidly pry his hand out of Ken's grasp and then proceeded on taking his yellow apron off.

Yohji hung his apron on the rack without saying a word with curious eyes of Omi and Ken's watching him, but not saying anything. He finally got enough attention to get one of the persons watching him to talk when he started to walk towards the shop door.

"Where are you going Yohji-kun?" asked Omi.

Yohji smoothly turned around and faced the two persons he'll let spend quality time together, cleaning up the shop… While he gets out of it and browse around town, maybe get a drink or two.

"I kindda saved the day didn't I? Don't you think I deserve to pull out of work a little bit early?" He asked with his voice oozing with sweetness.

"Umm, well yeah but…If you go, I won't be able to handle the cleaning alone." He reasoned out to try and change the older blonde's mind.

Unfortunately for little Omi, Yohji-kun won't give in that easily.

"Who said you'll be alone?" Yohji said as if it was the most obvious thing.

Yohji suddenly turned his eyes towards Ken, just a bit too suddenly…Ken almost whimpered because of the mischievous look Yohji sent him. It told the brunet that Yohji was planning something. And most of the time when Yohji's mind is planning something, it doesn't turn out good for him.

"You'll have Ken-ken around to help." Yohji continued with a lopsided grin on his face.

Apparently, both Omi and Ken were a bit surprised when they heard Yohji's solution for Omi not to be working on his own cleaning and closing the shop because the two of them said at the same time:


'What! He wants to get out of work and pass them all down to me?! Who does he think he is?!' Ken thought irritated by Yohji's selfishness.

Omi was the one who replied back to Yohji.

"But Yohji-kun, Ken-kun already took half of my shift earlier." Omi said explaining once again that the older teen had to cover for him when he was assigned detention. "Won't leaving off your work for him to handle now be a bit too much?" he asked, trying to reason out.

Ken was nodding a bit too enthusiastically beside him. He didn't bother to speak out his opinion because Omi pretty much said it all. Besides, his version would be messier anyway.

Yohji didn't seem to be convinced "Really? Have you asked him yet?" he said with his confidence still reaching the ceiling.

"Huh?" Omi said, confused at what he was supposed to ask, and why he has to ask it.

"If you don't want to, then I'll ask him." Yohji said to Omi before again looking straightly towards Ken. Omi wasn't able to stop him.

"Ken." He said clearly, almost seriously… It frightened Ken


At the sound of Ken's respond, Yohji let the sly smile return on his lips.

"Would you be that heartless Ken?"

"Ehh?" was all Ken could utter in response 'Where did that come from?'

"Would you let Omitchi work by himself alone? Closing the shop and cleaning after that would be a hard job for just one person. Would you be that heartless as to let Omitchi do all of that on his own?" He said dramatically.

Omi can't believe this… Yohji's going through all these things just to get out of closing the shop? He heaved a heavy sigh and was at a loss of words.

Ken on the other hand, seemed to be doing the opposite of Omi. He probably was convinced by Yohji's short speech, for he shook his head firmly from side to side while saying.

"Of course not! I won't let that happen!" the brunet announced determinedly, obviously not aware that Yohji was playing him.

'Great, the fish took the bait! Time to reel him in… hehehehehe'

"Then, you'll help him?" Yohji asked.

"Yes, of course I'll help Omi!" Ken answered with the same determination firing in his eyes as in his voice with his previous reply.

Omi starred wide eyed at Ken. How can he NOT see Yohji's only trying to manipulate him? He was shocked and thus, was unable to form words out of his mouth to tell the older teen that he was being tricked.

Ken wasn't able to see Omi's expression, he was far too busy grabbing the broom and dustpan to see the look of astonishment on his younger friend's face, so he was unable to get even a hint about what Yohji did to him.

Omi was finally able to try the verbal approach "Um, Ken-kun—" But he was cut off by Ken's words.

"Now don't you worry Omi. We'll make this place spit and span, I'll be here to help!"

Omi sighed once more and decided to give up. When his best friend was this hyped up, there's no stopping him. He instead directed his attention to his other teammate who was sly enough to trick Ken into taking all his work and doing it for him.

Omi glared at Yohji, while the other blond just placed on a grin and held his hands a little above and in front of him in a defensive manner, as if saying: "Hey, easy there, don't get so mad." which was confirmed as the precise words came from Yohji's lips.

Omi crossed his arms over his chest and huffed childishly, a sign that he was indeed annoyed.

"Look at what you did to him!" Omi said to Yohji, while pointing at a frantically sweeping Ken.

Yohji's shoulders shrugged "What? I just solved another dilemma. You'll have someone to help you now. Aren't you proud of me?"

Omi slapped his head over his forehead, and shut his eyes closed. 'Why?! Why doesn't anyone in this house understands me?' he thought, aggravated. He let his eyes open again when he felt Yohji was moving away.

Yohji was walking towards the door again, and he didn't seem to be having any second thoughts about it too. He didn't stop until he was called out by Omi… again.

"Yohji-kun, you can't go yet." Omi said

"Why not? Ken-ken already agreed to take the rest of my shift." Yohji explained

Omi looked at the brunet Yohji mentioned. Ken was currently busy trying to gather up the unused pots and put them back to the storage room to be kept until they open up the shop again tomorrow.

'You tricked him into agreeing' Omi thought accusingly but didn't bother to voice it out. He knew Yohji would only twist things around again until the favor goes to him.

Omi sighed again, looked back at Yohji and replied weakly "What about dinner?"

Yohji was a bit taken back 'Is Omitchi thinking about me even after that? Maybe I… NO! Be strong Yohji, even if it's just this once. Don't let the kid win over you everytime.'

After Yohji managed to self hypnotize himself on still defying Omi, he was able to answer the kid back.

"I'll eat out if I don't get back on time for dinner okay?" he said with a hint of reassuring in his voice. With that said, he turned and went for the door, but before he managed to reach the knob Omi's sweet voice spoke once again.

"That's fine and all… but, isn't it your turn to cook tonight?" the honey blonde kid said innocently, and blinked his blue eyes.

Yohji's eyebrow twitched. 'O-K… That was very VERY unexpected. But I have to keep going…' he thought desperately.

"You're cooking is better than mine anyway!" Yohji said rather quickly before he grabbed the door knob and vanished out the door.

After the older blonde got out the door, revealing the glow of the already setting sun, Omi snapped his fingers together while thinking 'Drat, he got away. I'll have to get him next time.'

He turned around and when he saw Ken was still moving the pots, he decided it would be better if he helped Ken close up and clean before the brunet over worked himself.




Nagi was up in his room. His history book was open and he was writing something from it on his notebook.

Since he's new around the school, he didn't have the homework the others were assigned the week before, but that didn't stopped Mikahara sensei from making him submit it tomorrow, the man said that Nagi's records officially started today, and since the assignment was due today, he'll put the grade into today's records, and if Nagi doesn't hand in one, he'll have a blank on his records.

'Man, that school is strict… Why can't they just cut new transferred students a bit of slack? That would work out much better.'

Nagi turned another page of the textbook. The assignment was to write down all the important names and terms and give out their respective details, including all those they can find in other reference books. The teacher expected at least 7 pages…

'Not fair. All the others had three days to prepare their assignments, and I just get overnight to do it.'

Nagi glanced at the wall clock, which was the only thing adorning his almost bare wall, and sighed. He was well off into two hours of working out this stupid homework. Actually, he wasn't planning on working on this thing until later tonight, maybe after he had supper, but things happened and he just had no other choice than to do it.


As soon as Nagi came home earlier, he made a beeline to his room, partly because he didn't want to hear more of anything that comes out of Schuldig's mouth.

While he was passing through the living room, he came across Crawford, who was holding the cordless phone in one of his hands, and was in a motion of putting it back on the table.

The precognitive seemed to have notice Nagi was already home as he looked at his youngest team member and nodded in a way of acknowledging. Nagi eyed the phone in Brad's hand for a brief moment; a bit curious as to whom the man called, but he knew better than to ask the man such trivial things, it doesn't matter to him anyway, so he nodded in return and went on his way. He figured his room was a pretty safe place to get away from their resident redhead, so he proceeded on going there.

"How was school?" Crawford managed to ask before Nagi got far from him.

The boy stooped in his tracks. This was something new; Crawford was asking how school went? He never did that when Nagi was still attending his old school…

'Then again, Omi wasn't in my last school… Convincing evidence that he DID know this new school was the one Omi's attending to and that maybe he transferred me there on purpose.' Nagi's sharp mind thought. 'Only, what would that purpose be?'

"It was fine." Nagi answered without turning to face the one that asked him. When he heard no further response from the older one, he decided it was about time he got to his room to spend solitary in thinking to himself. Although, he was only able to take a single step before Crawford said something again.

"Where're you off to?" the man with glasses asked.

At this, Nagi sighed inwardly. 'What's with all the unexpected questions?' he thought irritated and a bit suspicious.

'If I answer I'm going to my room, judging from all the questions he's asking today, he might ask me why… And I can't tell him I want to escape from Schuldig, cause then: that would mean I'm losing to the guy, and therefore weak… I'll have to think of something else.' Just then, the History homework he was assigned popped into Nagi's head. What better excuse to use than those related to school work?

"I'm going to my room to get started on that homework I was assigned earlier." The telekinetic answered blandly. He even said what he was going to do, at where he was going to go. Surely that would cut off any more questions from the man with eye glasses?

"That's good… Be sure to finish before dinner time though." Crawford said just as blandly but his voice holding a sense of authority.

Okay, at that Nagi really had to ask "How come?" He was always allowed to finish what he's doing, WHEN he wanted to. As long as it doesn't affect the team in any way, that is.

"We'll be having a special dinner guests and all the members presence is a must." Crawford said, and upon seeing the still question filled face of his group's youngest member, he continued with "It's to discuss a new employment for us. Another organization just requested our services." He finished off.

Things got a bit clearer for Nagi 'I see, he wants me to attend in the meeting too. Apparently he wants everyone present. Another organization huh? I wonder if he'll want us to end up betraying it too? Like what happened with Eszet …Oh well, not like there's anything I can do about it if he ever did.' he finished with a mental shrug

"I understand. I'll finish it before dinner." The blue-eyed kid answered and was finally able to get on his way to his room.

---End Flashback---

And so, the teenager had no other choice but to do his homework. By the looks of things, he only had less than an hour to finish it up.

"At this rate I won't have time to look up other History books." Nagi mumbled to himself.

As he watched his wall clock tick by, he can't help but reflect about that previous conversation of his with the team leader.

'A new organization to work under… I guess that also means another group of people would be around to bark orders huh? ...Regardless if we follow or not.' Nagi thought as he remembered the way their team betrayed Eszet and disposed of its three elders.

Nagi decided it was best if he stopped musing about their former organization now before he remembered things about it that he was trying very hard to keep buried deep inside his head… Like Rosenkreuz.

His brunet head turned form watching the clock, back to his books and notebook. As he did, his peripheral vision caught sight of one of his closest buddy, his computer… And as always, the box-like thing helped him figure out a way to solve his current dilemma.

A small smile curled up in his lips as he steered his computer chair to position himself in front of his computer. After he turned on the machine, he let his skillful hands work over the keyboard and started his quest of finishing his homework.

'Mikahara sensei never said anything about not using the internet for references rather than other books right?' He thought to himself with a sly smile 'Alright, a few more minutes and I'll be done with that homework'

Nagi was finishing up writing in his notebook when his bedroom door opened, and he instantly knew what that meant…

'Schuldig's come to bother me again.'

And sure enough, the redhead in question was now leaning on the doorframe. A smile placed itself on his face when he "heard" Nagi's latest thoughts.

-Oi, oi, that's no way to think at your elders kid.- Said a voice in Nagi's head that he'd grown familiar to.

Ignoring the statement made telepathically by the German, Nagi finished writing the last four words on his assignment and closed his notebook. With the task finally done, he turned to the guy who had the nerve to come inside his room without knocking.

"Well then, is it time already?"

Schuldig didn't have to be a telepath to know what the kid's asking about. True, that he usually just go in to the kid's room without reason just because he enjoyed annoying him. But it wasn't the usual night for the Schwartz family… Afterall, how often do they get visitors?

"Yeah, Brad said they'll be here soon." The redhead answered "So, finish with your homework yet?" he asked a bit too nosily.

"Aa, I just did." He answered monotonically.

At that Schuldig pushed himself off the door frame and with the same smile on his face, said. "Great, now we can go and get Farf."

"You locked up Farfarello earlier?" Nagi asked as he stood up and started toward the door where the Schuldig was waiting for him.

"Well, he wasn't in a good mood earlier so we had to lure him back to his room to cool down." Schuldig said as an explanation and Nagi quickly comprehended.

Nagi walked a little behind Schuldig. The two of them were on their way to get Farfarello. It was a normal thing that they'd need Nagi's help to get the Berserker out of his room. Since the man tended to act violently, the team made sure to keep him secure from getting all violent towards others and even towards himself. Farfarello's room was special. It has numerous locks and is barricaded by strong metals which automatically click to each other after the door closed. And with all that much things closing the room up, it was also difficult to get it open without some use of unnatural ways…

That was another role Nagi played in this team…

It sure was a convenience for Schwartz that when they broke out Farfarello and took him in the team, they had Nagi to take care of unlocking the mad man's quarters, and for restraining his movements. And Schuldig also came in handy to get directly to Farf's head and make him pass out if needed. And it was definitely needed more than once in a while.

The two soon reached their destination, and Nagi automatically set up to do his part…

After a little concentration, he un-connected the numerous metal locks from each other and picked all the locks of the door telekinetically so they won't have to bother with the equally numerous keys. After finally pushing the door slightly open, he took a step back to let Schuldig handle the rest.

As the redhead entered the room, Nagi stayed outside and contented himself with waiting… He never liked going into Farf's special room. It made him fell goose bumps. The room was completely white and completely bare. The walls and ceilings had built in cushions to prevent Farfarello from trying to hurt himself by the use of hard surfaces. The man is very productive even without his knives. The soft (also white) carpeting took care of the hard floors.

Nagi heard his two teammates' voice from where he stood. And although he didn't made any effort of straining his hearing to understand them, he was able to make out what they where saying anyway…

"Now remember Farf, guests are coming here tonight… You should behave." said Schuldig's cocky voice in a playful scolding tone.

"If what you mean is to not draw blood from them, then I'll try my best." replied their resident berserker.

A huff of breath, which Nagi assumed as a sigh sounded from the room, followed by Schuldig's words once more.

"At least you'll try, right?" he said with hopeful tone in his voice, if one could call it hopeful.

"Heh, uncertainty hurts god…" was all the other voice answered.

The two emerged from the all white room to join Nagi. Farfarello seemed ready enough to face guests, he didn't have those blood lust look in his eyes when he's about to attack so it seemed fine, as fine as it'll ever be. It won't last forever though.

Nagi spared the white haired man a glance and hoped those house guests of theirs would hurry up their discussion and not outstay their welcome. Having blood splattered on the dining table doesn't seem appealing to him as it would to some other people in the house.

"Well, the table is set. Let's just wait for them to arrive… Shall we?" Schuldig took the lead and the three of them walked to the dining hall where Crawford was already waiting.

Honestly, what was Brad thinking dragging his whole team on this meeting?




He could hear the water from the shower splatter from one of the rooms upstairs. He paid it no heed, knowing fully that his friend is currently washing up from the day's work, and continued peeling the potatoes.

He decided it would be nice to make some sweet potatoes casserole to go with the fried chicken. It seemed to make a nice dinner for the four of them… Four, if Yohji would come back for dinner, that is.

'I shouldn't be doing this. I already cooked dinner yesterday. It's just not fair to have the same guy cook dinner twice in a row. I thought that was a house rule or something. People of the HOUSE should follow the HOUSE RULES… How come no one breaks that rule Aya-kun had with the downstairs bathroom, but not the one about cooking dinner rule? …Oh well, I have no other choice, I can't have Ken-kun do the cooking, he's already over worked as it is.' Omi pondered while doing the task of peeling potatoes.

'Yohji-kun WILL make up for this, I swear…'

Omi and Ken managed to clean up and close the shop half the time it normally takes. Thanks to a very motivated Ken, courtesy of Yohji. Ken was so hyper that a pot fell on him, more than once. When they finished, they were both a mess, as if some of the dirt they've cleaned up stuck onto them, so they decided that it would be best to take their shower a little earlier this night.

They had two bathrooms, one upstairs, and the other downstairs. Omi normally uses the one downstairs since that's where his and Aya's bedrooms are, the two of them shared a bathroom. On the other hand, Ken uses the one upstairs. Since that's where his room is. He shares the 2nd floor with Yohji.

Ken says Yohji has a lot of stuff cramped up in the medicine cabinet that is NOT medicine. Most of them look like cologne and aftershave bottles, and some other creamy stuff the soccer player never bothered to ponder out what.

Upon hearing about those things, Omi felt lucky to be sharing a bathroom with Aya instead of Yohji. Their bathroom was always neat, and in order. Reflecting just how much of a clean frea- err, person Aya is. And Omi knew better than to disrupt the peacefully clean state of the bathroom which is partly Aya's. But that way, he wouldn't have to be the one to worry about the status of their bathroom, unofficially it was dubbed Aya's sanitary place, and thus no one except the redhead and him can enter it. So when the other two boys had some business to attend to, they'll have to climb all the way up to the second floor to get it over with.

Right after he finished showering, he started to prepare dinner. As he went out of his bedroom, he started to hear the sound of water splashing from upstairs. Ken was taking a longer time to bathe since he was the one who got dirtier out of the two. Considering that planting soil fell on him, twice, it was no wonder.

Omi was well off into dicing his third potato when the smell of soap reached the kitchen. He turned and found that Ken was making his way inside and maneuvering to the fridge. His brown hair was still wet, being pulled down by gravity harder because of the water's added weight, making it seem longer than it really was. He was wearing blue faded jeans and a T-shirt that looked a size bigger for him, he probably only bought it because it has a soccer ball printed on the front. He looked much better this way, than covered in dirt and soil.

"Hey Omi, you want a soda or something?" he called while his head was still dunked inside the fridge.

"No thanks Ken-kun, I'm fine." Omi called out to his best before turning to dice the potatoes left.

A fizz sound came from behind Omi as Ken popped open a can of soda which, due to usual everyday experience with the other, Omi guessed was grape flavor. Ken took a gulp before asking Omi a question.

"So, what're you making?" Ken asked, maybe hoping to start a conversation.

"Fried chicken with sweet potato casserole... You don't mind that do you Ken-kun?" Omi replied, asking for some approval while placing the ingredients he prepared in the casserole.

"No, not at all, sounds delicious actually… Need any help?"

"Thanks Ken-kun, but I'm almost done anyway." Omi carried the casserole to the oven, opened it and placed the dish in.

Ken seated himself on one of the chairs of their dining table. Omi turned to him after making sure his casserole was securely placed inside the preheated oven, and confirmed that the soccer dude's soda was indeed grape flavor.

They exchanged smiles, and Omi walked over to seat himself on one of the chairs to face Ken. From here on, they mould most likely chat about everything and about nothing. These chats were almost like a kind of ritual to keep each other company, since none of the two really wanted to be alone… Unlike their other teammates who seems to not mind being on their own.

"Ne Ken-kun, don't you think Aya-kun's out longer than usual?" Omi asked Ken as he removed the white apron he wore while preparing dinner and hanging it on one of the other chairs.

Ken looked at the kitchen clock hanging on one of the walls to check the time. Omi was right, their redhead friend should've returned a while ago, at least that's the regular time he comes back when he visits his sister.

"Yeah you're right…" Ken then looked thoughtful for a moment "But Aya-chan's awake now, and maybe they're talking longer to catch up on each other. You know how it might get; they could lose track of time, or something like that." He finished with a shrug.

"Hmm, I guess so…" a pause established before Omi spoke again. "It's nice that they're getting along well again huh?"

"Yeah, I guess it just comes naturally for family to be drawn together."

"Mm-hmm… Hey, you remember that Ojii-san who was our last customer earlier?"

"Oh, that man who bought a bunch of flowers?" Ken replied "What about that Jii-chan?"

"He said he bought those flowers for his wedding anniversary with his wife."

"Oh Ken-kun, I forgot!" Omi almost exclaimed, blue eyes opening large with realization of remembering something almost forgotten.

"Huh?" Ken replied, dumbfounded.

"I haven't thanked you yet have I?"

After a bit of reminiscing, Ken caught up with what the younger teen is saying. It was about the help he gave him by filling in for half of Omi's shift, and helping close up.

"Oh that… Think nothing of it!" he said enthusiastically with a big, friendly, grin and a hand waving in front of him as if a gesture to brush it off.

"I can't just think nothing of it Ken-kun." He started with his voice sounding like he's scolding the other one. His blue eyes stared hard into Ken's teal colored ones, the older one felt like he's shrinking because of Omi's gaze, but those big blue eyes softened soon enough as the hacker said "You seriously saved me, thank you…" he then offered the brunet one of his perfectly sweet smiles.

Ken blinked twice before smiling himself. Omi is such a player, he does things to you that makes you feel all sorts of strange and heart clenching feelings inside, but that's what makes the kid OMI, and Ken won't have it any other way…

He knew what Omi wanted to hear from him now that he has thanked him.

"You're welcome."

He knows Omi always insists on thanking those who are nice enough to help him, and he won't take an "it's no big deal" type of answer too pleasantly. After a long time of being together and after of so much "Thank you"s from the honey blonde kid, he finally stumbled on the correct reply which was "you're welcome". He didn't exactly know why, but that was the way to rub Omi correctly when it comes to the kid's "thank you"s. Omi smiled at him and they continued chatting away.

"Ne, you remember that old man in the shop earlier?" Omi asked

"That one who bought so many flowers? He's our last customer aside from the girls who came right?" Ken asked, trying to confirm if he got the answer.

"Yeah, that oji-chan" Omi confirmed for him "You now, he said that he bought those flowers for her wife. He said it's their anniversary."

"Really?" Ken's voice sounded amazed "I'm surprised there're still people who stay with each other as long as that. They must've been through a lot huh?"

"Uh-huh, I'm amazed too." Omi answered, his eyes were looking off at space dreamily as he continued "It must be nice, to have someone who'll stay with you forever…"

Ken intake those eyes before him, full of hopefulness, at the same time sadness. Maybe the younger boy was thinking that he would never have a chance to experience what those old couple has. Someone who'll stay beside him forever. It was only natural; Ken himself doesn't see a vision of him staying alive beyond 25 years of age, with their kind of profession, you won't now how long your life would last, so they had no right to envision this thing called "forever" much less having a special someone that'll keep them company during that pigment of imagination. But still…

"Omi…" Ken called out softly to the day dreaming boy. Omi snapped out of his reverie and turned to look at his bestfriend, cocking his head to one side while waiting for what Ken had to say.

"Would you mind if I stayed with you forever?"

Ken regretted saying it the moment he realized it slipped out of his lips, but it was all too late now. He looked at Omi and saw the other boy looking at him with those big blue eyes full of confusion, concern, and… dare he say it, disbelief. Omi was looking at him in a way that said "Are you okay Ken-kun? Maybe that pot hit your head too hard earlier" and as the gods would have it, those are the exact words that came out of Omi's mouth

It pained Ken the way Omi reacted to his indirect-confession-of-love. He didn't believe him. He took it as some sign that maybe Ken has a concussion or something. He can't blame Omi, he was the one who blurted out those things all of a sudden when he hasn't shown any direct indications that he had fallen head over heels for the other. From Omi's point of view it was just something that didn't fit it in their conversation. He was gonna have to fix that sometime. 'And what better time to do that than the present? ' A voice in Ken's brunet head suddenly piped.

Ken thought about it and realized that the tiny voice in his head is right. He has kept his feeling for Omi long enough. Nothing will ever happen if he tried to continue and hide it from the younger boy. He made up his mind that he'll tell his angel once and for all that he loves him! He won't be running away anymore. Besides, this is the perfect chance since neither Yohji nor Aya is here to put pressure on him. Alright, with his mind absolutely, positively made up, and his heart pounding so hard in his chest, Ken opened his mouth to let his feelings free.

"Omi I-" KNOCK KNOCK! Too bad a knock on their door came before he managed to even get halfway of half of what he has to say.

"I'll get it! Maybe it's finally Aya-kun" Omi exclaimed, standing up from his seat. "You just keep an eye on the oven 'kay Ken-kun?" he said to his friend before he dashed off out of the kitchen.

As soon as Omi was out of the room, Ken let his head fall hard on the table. "Why do the heavens hate me? Why?" he asked miserably to himself as he felt his golden opportunity slip away from his grasp. "No! Don't loose hope Ken. There'll be other times when you can say it to him!" he said encouragingly to himself after a few more times of bonking his head on the wooden table. He got his spirit back and was already on the look out for another opportunity.

But for the meantime, he kept an eye on the casserole in the oven. Can't have Omi's hard work on dinner go to waste.

xoxoxoxoxox-End of Chapter- xoxoxoxoxox

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