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Sam's Plan of Action

Chapter 1 – The Idea

Sam sat on her bed waiting for the right time to put her plan in action. It was winter break of their senior year of high school and they had the next three weeks off. Sam had had a crush on her best friend Danny Fenton A.K.A. Danny Phantom since they were young kids. However sometime during their friendship it had developed into something more much more in Sam's mind. During this last week of school until winter break; Sam had finally gotten tired of not knowing weather or not Danny shared any of the same feelings for her as she did for him.


On the Thursday before winter vacation Sam noticed that Danny and Tucker were talking very quietly amongst themselves and did not notice Sam approach from the other side of the hall. Sam had noticed their conversation and had wondered what they could be talking about so secretly. Sam quietly sneaked over to their locker and leaned into the whole in the wall provided by the water fountain.

"Danny will you just tell her already," Tucker said in a quieted voice.

"NO, I just can't do that Tuck," Danny said in a slightly irritated voice.

"Why not Danny, You have been in love with Sam for years now. Please will you just tell her already? I am really getting sick of you pretending to like those other girls just so Sam won't notice you staring at her every time she walks by you," Tucker stated proud of his ability to stand up to Danny.

"Tuck, I just can't do that. I would die if anything happened to Sam's and mine friendship. It is just better to love her from a distance then to risk ruining our friendship. And besides that Sam doesn't have any feelings towards me in the first place, so what would be the point of spilling my guts to her it there is nothing to reciprocate," Danny stated slamming his locker door shut.

Sam decided that this was the prefect time to join up with her two bed friends. "Hey, guys what are you doing," Sam asked walking up towards them. Sam could see the panicked look on Danny's face. "What's wrong Danny? You just look like you have seen a ghost," Sam said letting that special smile she only gave him grace her lips.

"Oh god, what if she over heard me talking to Tucker. Sam would kill me for thinking about her like that," Danny thought to himself. "Hey Sam, nothings wrong and I saw a ghost this morning. Delayed reaction," Danny said trying his best to kid the situation away.

"Hey Sam," Tucker offered trying to hide the smile on his face. "So close, I mean she was standing right over there maybe she did manage to hear the conversation. That would be perfect then I won't have to deal with the clueless love birds anymore," Tucker thought to himself.

Without Sam knowing it Tucker had spotted her standing by the water fountain and hopped that she was close enough to hear the conversation. Since Tucker and Sam had the last class of the day together without Danny he thought that would be the prefect time to see what Sam had over heard.

Last class of the day

After Sam and Tucker took their seats in the back of the class; Tucker leaned over to Sam and with a devilish grin on his face. "So Sam, what all did you hear," Tucker asked ginning from ear to ear.

Sam tried her best to keep the blush from showing on her face. "W-Well, I didn't hear anything," Sam said quickly as she tried to face the other way.

"Now don't lie to me Sam. If you over heard what I hope you over heard then finally I can stop all of this nonsense," Tucker added trying to get Sam to understand his train of thinking.

"I over heard the entire conversation," Sam stated as if her stomach wasn't doing flip-flops.

"Perfect," Tucker answered. "So do you feel the same way? I know you do," Tucker added.

"You know I do," Sam stated plainly.

"Well, what are you going to do about it? We both know that Danny won't do anything; so it is going to have to be you," Tucker added with a smile.

"Well, I do have an idea," Sam said slyly.

"Do tell; do tell," Tucker said eagerly.

"Sorry Tuck, that's for me to know and you to never find out," Sam added with an evil grin.

Tucker slumped back into his chair and look out over the rest of the class. "What could the girl be thinking," Tucker asked him self. Tucker took on last glance over at Sam and saw a far away look in her eyes. Well, what ever it is; is must be good, Tuck concluded to him self.

End of Flashback

Sam met up with Danny and Tuck outside of the school and headed over towards the Nasty Burger to get a bite to eat. Tuck watched the interactions between Sam and Danny and could not identify any strange behavior. I appeared to him that the conversation that him and Sam had; had never happened. After the trio ate they headed over to Danny's house for some ghost hunting equipment and headed out on their daily patrol.

The patrol went rather slowly as Danny only had to fight the box ghost and so little thing that appeared to not be able to speak. After sucking both of the ghosts into the Fenton thermos the trio headed back to unload them into the ghost portal. After they had secured the ghosts in the portal Sam announced that she had to be getting home early; her mother wanted to take her some where. Tucker could see the disappointed look briefly flash across Danny's face and slight smile do the same to Sam's.

"So Tuck, Danny asked, are you going to stay for dinner or what?"

"No Danny not tonight, Tuck answered, I have a new PC upgrade I need to handle and I just can't wait anymore."

"Cool man, have fun with your tech," Danny Answered.

After dinner Danny went up to his room and lay down on his bed. Grabbing a hold of his pillow, Danny went straight to sleep imagining that it was Sam he was holding on to.

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