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Sam's Plan of Action

Chapter 13 – Christmas Party

It was finally the time when Danny's family would normally have had there annual Christmas party. With Danny's parents out at a ghost hunting convention and his sister out at college the only people he had to throw a party with was his best friends Sam and Tucker. Now since Sam was Jewish she didn't normally celebrate Christmas, but he knew that she would come to his party anyway. Tucker did celebrate Christmas and would be wondering when the party was going to be.

Danny untangled himself from his warm sheets and walked towards his bathroom dropping his clothes on the way. Danny reached in and turned on the hot water. Danny stood in the steady stream of water and bashed in its warmth allowing the water to calm his nerves and revive his soul.

Sam awoke to a bed that was fast loosing its heat and Sam was wondering why. Still groggy from sleep Sam tossed and turned reaching over to her curtain that wasn't there. Finally realizing the something wasn't right she finally took a good look around the room only to find that she was lying in Danny's bed and she could hear him in the shower.

Danny was in his own world when he heard a knock on the bathroom door. As the second knock sounded Danny had already transformed into Phantom and poked his head though the door there by scaring Sam. 'Hey Sam," Danny said kissing her on the cheek before going back to the shower.

Sam stood facing the door of the shower for the longest time just contemplating the thought that Danny was finally her boyfriend. It still sounded like a dream come true and you know what they always say: "If it's too good to be true than it probably is."

Sam headed down towards the kitchen to find something to eat. Sam glanced at the clock on the wall noting the time as nine thirty in the morning. Sam grabbed an apple off of the table in the kitchen sitting down in a chair to eat it. Sam smiled at the arrangement they had worked out. Sam stayed over at his house; they slept in the same bed and did just about everything together. (A/N – Sleeping together does NOT mean anything. So, please remove your minds from the gutters.) It was wonderful to be so open about their feelings towards each other. Too bad they were going to have to wait until after high school to move in together. The trust her parents had set her up with would come in real handy for buying an apartment of house together.

Sam could only ever imagine herself with Danny. It had been that way since they were little kids. Now that she knew he felt the same way her life couldn't be any happier.

Danny finished up his shower and headed towards his room to put on a clean pair of clothes and head downstairs to have some breakfast. He could really get used to spending time with Sam like this. Danny slipped on his trademark outfit and phased through the floor wrapping his arms around Sam and pulling her into a kiss as he became visible again.

Sam smiled into the kiss and relished in his open displays of affection towards her. Sam took the next step deepening the kiss and engaging his tongue in an epic battle for dominance. Danny's hands slipped around her waist trying to pull her closer to him if that was even possible while Sam's tangled themselves in his hair. After they parted Danny rested his forehead on Sam's and breathed out with a sigh of contentment his lopsided grin plastered on his face. "I love you Sam, you know that right," Danny said taking a seat at the table and reaching over to the bowl of fruit that had become customary at the table.

Sam sat opposite of Danny and smiled at him taking an apple off out of the bowl and bit into it, "Yah Danny I know. I think you have told me about every five minutes since you rescued me from Dan."

Danny just chuckled as he continued to chow down his breakfast. "So, what are we going to do for the annual Christmas party," Danny asked tossing the apple core into the trash can.

Sam smiled and leaned across the table planting a chaste kiss on Danny's cheek. "Well, I was thinking we could just have Tucker and Danni over to my place and watch a few movies and just hang out," Sam suggested settling herself back down in her chair.

"Sounds like fun," Danny answered leaning back in his chair and holding his hands behind his head. Sam just smiled at him standing up and headed off in the direction of the stairs.

"Wait where are you going," Danny asked hurriedly standing up.

"I just thought I would take a shower. You know maybe not stink so much."

Danny reached over and grabbed a hold of Sam's arms and twirled her around pulling her back against his chest. Danny placed his face in the crock of Sam's neck and inhaled deeply. "But I love the way you smell," he said in a seductive tone placing small kisses from her neck up to her jaw and then over to her lips.

Sam deepened the kiss with Danny; she loved the fact that he would just kiss her out of nowhere. "I still want to take a shower," Sam mumbled into the kiss.

Danny pulled away from her a smirk forming on his face an evil glint in his eyes. "Well, then can I join you," Danny asked trying his best to put on the puppy dog face that Sam always fell for.

Sam laughed to herself at his subtle little hint there. She was feeling a little playful and a little bit mean. "Well you could have, but you already took your shower," Sam said as she slipped herself out of his reach and headed off towards the bathroom.

Danny stood there his mouth agape and squeezed his hands into fists. The only thought running through his head was: "Did she really mean that?"

Sam finished up her shower wrapping a towel around herself and headed into Danny's room to grab some clean clothes out of her bag. As Sam walked around the room looking for where that bag had gone to she felt a sudden chill in the air. Sam glanced around to find no one there. Sam folded her hands on her hips an evil glare on her face. "Daniel James Fenton, make your self visible right this instant!"

Danny froze at Sam's tome of voice and hung his head in shame as he made himself visible. "Sorry Sam, I just couldn't resist. You were just so; so…"

Danny's train of thought was stopped abruptly by lips crashing down on his in a passionate kiss. Danny wrapped his hands around Sam's waist pulling her closer to him the damp towel making his clothes damp in the process. Sam's hands wound their way around Danny's neck squeezing with just as much vigor.

As the two pulled closer together the knot Sam had tied in her towel started to come undone. The towel slipped down uncovering Sam's back. Danny pulled back a little bit and looked into Sam's eyes. "Um, I guess I better go," Danny said closing his eyes and floating away.

Sam smiled at Danny's gentleman like jester using one hand to stabilize the towel Sam used the other to grab Danny's retreating arms and pull him back. "I didn't mean for you to leave," Sam said suggestively into his ear.

Tucker walked towards the Manson Mansion where Sam, Danny and Danni were waiting for him to arrive. It was Christmas Eve and they were going to be having a party and sleep over for lack of a better word. Tucker carried in his hands presents for each of his friends. For Danny he had gotten the latest doomed game. For Sam he had gotten a book from her favorite store and Danni he had just gotten a gift card for the mall along with Danny. They had had no idea what to get her.

Tucker knocked on the huge oak door and waited for an answer. Suddenly Tucker found himself being pulled through the door and into the Manson's living room. "Damn it Danny don't do that," Tucker yelled at the smiling halfa.

"Just wanted to scare you; guess it worked," Danny said falling backwards and onto the couch his head resting in Sam's lap.

"Just open the door like a normal person next time; OK Danny," Tucker said setting the presents down on the floor next to the other ones. He walked over and took a seat opposite of Danny and Sam. "So where is Danni," Tucker asked looking around and not seeing the other halfa.

"Right here," Danni said becoming visible right in front of Tuckers face. The startled techno-geek fell over the back of the couch while the other three collapsed laughing.

Tucker rubbed the top of his head climbing back onto the couch. "I really hate you guys; you know that?"

"What ever could you possibly mean," Sam asked sarcastically from Danny's lap. Tucker just shot them a dirty glare pulling out his PDA.

"So," Danni chimed in, "What are we going to do now?"

"Well, I guess we could all go downstairs and watch something," Sam suggested while playing with Danny's hair.

Tucker and Danni stood up heading in the direction of the door while Danny phased Sam and himself through the floor and into the love seat downstairs. "You just love to do that, don't you," Sam asked snuggling her face into his chest. Danny answered by placing a kiss on the top of her head.

"You know you could walk downstairs with the rest of us," Tucker announcing his presence and interrupting an impromptu make out. The couple just laughed to themselves and continued on with what they were doing. "Are you at least going to put in a movie," Tucker demanded impatiently. Sam just pointed to the wall of DVD's and then at the TV. Tucker got the message and went over to select something that was festive in nature.

Danni walked over to Tucker and took the opposite end of the wall both looking and asking to see what the other thought was a good film to watch. Danny and Sam were otherwise preoccupied and not paying any attention to what was going on in the room around them. The Manson's theater room was huge and allowed for people to be in the same room but get the feeling they were all alone.

Danni walked over and put the movie in taking a seat in the front row while Tucker walked over towards the bar to grab some freshly popped popcorn. Grabbing two huge buckets he headed over ion the direction of Danni taking a seat and handing her the other bucket. She took it from him and abruptly got up and went over to apply butter on it. Sitting back down she smiled and said, "You forgot the topping."

"Ah," Tucker said digging in to his bucket and hitting play on the remote.

Danny and Sam parted for air noticing the movie had been playing for at least a half hour. "Guess we're not going to watch the movie," Danny said into Sam's ear taking her earlobe in his mouth and sucking on it. This elicited a slight moan from Sam that Danny took to mean she liked it.

"You know we could just go back upstairs," Sam said suggestively, 'I would hate to interrupt the movie for them." Danny smiled at Sam. She felt that feeling that was becoming more and more normal when hanging around with Danny as they rose through the first floor and onto the second just outside of Sam's room.

Tucker awoke with a start at the repeating menu of the movie. Looking around he saw Danni slumped over in her chair snoring load enough to wake the dead. Tucker groaned as he stood up straightening his clothes and walking over to turn off the TV. At the reduction of noise Danni came back to life looking around. "So, where are the lovebirds?"

"I would imagine up in Sam's room," Tucker answered. "Do you realize that now they are out in the open so I have nothing to blackmail them with," Tucker said slumping back down in his chair. Danni just laughed to herself as she headed in the direction of the stairs. "Wait, where are you going?"

Tucker followed Danni upstairs where the presents were. Being the youngest of the group she was ready to start opening them up. She started off by separating them placing a different pile in a separate seat. After she was done something just didn't feel right so Danni looked back through the presents. "Hey Tucker I don't see one from Danny to Sam in here," Danni asked looking over at the techno-geek trying to figure out what was in his presents.

As if right on cue Danny and Sam came walking down the stairs holding closely onto each other. "Good morning guys," Danny yawned as he took a seat on the couch pulling Sam down into his lap. Sam made herself comfortable by snuggling her head into Danny's neck.

"So I guess you guys want to open your Christmas presents don't you," Sam mumbled into Danny's chest.

"You're damn straight," Danni chimed in jumping up and down.

"Well, than I guess we should open them," Sam said setting up and sitting down next to Danny. This elicited a groan of complaint from Danny.

Tucker walked over and started passing out the presents with the help of Danni. Soon everyone had a pile of presents around them. "So, how to we go about his," Danni asked digging in to the present sitting on her lap.

"Well, I guess you could just open yours then we will go in turn," Sam suggested.

Danni dug into her present and pulled out a gray hoodie with the DP insignia on the front. "Thanks Sam!" She reached over and grabbed a bag that had both Danny and Tucker's name on it. "What did you guys get me something together," Danni asked giving the boys a questioning look.

"Well, we didn't know what you wanted so..." Tucker just let it trail off.

Danni reached into the bag and brought out a small envelope. Opening it she pulled out a small card with a note attached to it:


We weren't sure what to get you so here is a gift card from the two of us so you can get something you really want.

Danny and Tucker

"Thanks guys," Danni said as she ran over to give each of the boys and Sam a hug. "Now your turn Sam," Danni suggested sitting back down in her chair.

"No, I think I'll let Tucker go next," she said shooting Tucker one of her trademark looks.

"Thanks Sam, don't mind if I do," he said ripping open the package from Sam. "Oh my god, Sam. This is awesome. Thanks," Tucker shouted as he pulled out a brand new PDA complete with all the new features. Next from Danni was a new red beret with a small Team Phantom embroidered on the side. And from Danny was the newest first person shooter on the market. "Thanks a bunch guys these are great," tucker said as he engrossed himself with his new PDA.

"OK Sam's turn now," Danny suggested as Sam reached for the gift from Tucker. Un-wrapping the book Sam read the title aloud, "The modern life of a Goth. Thanks Tucker I see you finally walked into my favorite bookstore."

"Well, you know I had to get something good for my best friend," Tucker said dismissively.

Next she pulled out her present from Danni. It was a small pendant on a thin black chain. "Thanks Danni this is great." Sam looked around for her gift from Danny but she could see anything else sitting around her. "Maybe he didn't know what to get me," Sam thought to her self as she looked over at Danny starting to open his presents.

Danny pulled out a small first aid kit from Danni and gave her a mock glare. "Hey, what's this supposed to mean," Danny asked giving her a dirty look.

"Well, the way Sam puts it you always need a little patching up," Danni said smiling and giving Sam a knowing look.

Danny's next gift was from Tucker the latest version of Doomed. "Thanks a lot man. You were lucky I almost bought it for myself while we were at the mall, but Sam stopped me," Danny concluded looking over at Sam and seeing the questioning look in her eyes. "Well, before I open my present from Sam I would like to give her the Christmas present I have been waiting to give for as long as I can remember."

Danny stood up and walked over in front of Sam and got down on one knee looking her straight in the eye. A gentle smile covering his face, "Sam, I know you may think this is too sudden, but I have wanted to ask you this for quite a while now." Danny reached into his pocket and produced a small velvet box and opened it in front of Sam's face. Sam's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "Samantha Elizabeth Manson, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Danny slipped the small platinum ring onto Sam's left hand.

Sam wrapped her hands around Danny's neck and yelled, "Of course I will!"

Danny squeezed her back and placed a kiss on her lips. Parting he looked into her eyes. "Sam, I love you."

"And I love you too Danny," Sam said engaging him once again is a battle for dominance.

Tucker looked over at Danni and smiled. "I think this is our cue to leave," he whispered as the two got up and left making sure to close the door behind them leaving the newly engaged couple making out on the couch.

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