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'Double Team'

-Scene starts in hotel suite.

Carey is setting the table for a really nice dinner with Zack and Cody.

Carey- "Okay, everything's here, have the plates, the napkins, the silverware and food. What's missing?"

Carey thinks for a second.

Carey- "Hmmm. Oh shoot! Boys, dinner's ready!"

Zack and Cody (from their room)- "Ok mom!"

Zack and Cody come out of their room.

Zack- "Whoa, what's that smell?"

Carey has a confused look.

Zack- "It actually smells like real food. Good food!"

Carey gives Zack a look.

Zack- "Not that your cooking's bad, it's just, a little, well, not too good."

Cody- "Zack, I'd shut-up before mom blows a pipe!"

Zack- "Sorry."

Carey- "Boys, have a seat and dig in. I have some good news!"

Zack- "Cody's being taken away by math geeks and will never be back?"
Cody gives Zack a 'watch it' look. Then he gets a worried look.

Cody- "What about holidays!"

Zack looks at Cody like he's a moron.

Carey- "Zack, Cody."

Zack and Cody- "Sorry mom."

Cody- "Go on."

Zack and Cody sit down and start to eat.

Carey- "Thank you...You're both going to soccer camp!"

Zack and Cody- "What!"
Cody- "Are you serious!"

Carey nods her head in excitement.

Zack- "I can't wait! When?"

Carey- "Tomorrow! You can pack after dinner."

Zack and Cody start to eat fast.

-Theme song and credits

-Scene's at the hotel where Maddie's at the candy counter.

Mr. Moseby comes up.

Mr. Moseby- "Maddie, did you hear? Zack and Cody will be gone for a week! It's like falling in love again and again and again!"
Maddie- "Yeah, I heard. I'm going up to help them pack the car before they leave in a minute. Do you want to help?"
Mr. Moseby is day dreaming of the week ahead of him.

Maddie- "Mr. Moseby?"

Mr. Moseby- "Oh, sorry, Maddie. What?"

Maddie- "Never mined, I'll just ask Muriel….If she'll get up."

-Scene is in Zack and Cody's room early in the morning.

Carey comes in.

Carey- "Get up, Zack, it's morning! Where's Cody?"

Zack (In a sleep voice)- "I don't know. Wake me up when you find him."

Cody walks through the bedroom door.

Cody- "Come on, Zack, get up, let's go!"

Zack- "Go away. I'll be up in about…..never."

Zack falls back asleep quickly.

Cody walks over to Zack's bed with a whistle and blows it up Zack's ear.

Zack falls out of bed and onto the floor.

Zack- "Ow."

Cody- "Ah! You're up. Come on, get ready!"

Zack- "Fine, sure whatever."

Zack gets up slowly and starts walking out the room, still half asleep and in his boxers and T-shirt. He goes out the front door and into the hallway where Muriel and Maddie are coming up the elevator.

As Muriel and Maddie walk out of the elevator and turn the corner they see Zack in his boxers and T-shirt.

Zack rubs his eyes and looks at Maddie, his eyes wide open.

Maddie- "Hey, Zack, nice look."

Maddie and Muriel laugh.

Zack screams and runs back inside. He looks at Cody.

Zack- "Why didn't you tell me!"

Cody- "I didn't think you would actually walk out there like that, you're not that stupid." Cody was being sarcastic.

Zack glares at Cody.

Cody- "Okay, maybe you are."

-Scene- Zack, Cody and Carey are arriving at soccer camp.

Carey- "Okay boys, we're here. 'Camp SC'."

Cody- "What's 'SC' stand for?"
Carey- "Soccer Camp."

Zack- "Even I could've figured that out."

They all get out of the car and head to their cabin.

Carey hugs and kisses Zack and Cody.

Carey- "I'll miss you guys! Remember, call me if you need me. Love you both. Bye!"

Zack and Cody- "Love you."

Cody- "Oh wait, mom! Did you remember to tell Mr. Moseby that we won't be needing game tokens this week?"
Carey- "Yeah. He said he's having a party in your honor, but then he said, 'Oh wait, they're gone! Boo yah!"

-Scene switches to Zack and Cody's first soccer lesson.

Zack- "Wow! Look at all the hot chicks! I didn't know soccer camp would be this great!"

Cody- "I'm here for the learning experience."

Zack- "Whatever loser, I'm heading over to see what they've got planned."

Zack points to a group of girls. Then he starts heading toward them.

Cody- "Wait, don't leave me!"

As Cody runs to catch up with Zack he trips over a soccer ball. Zack looks back and runs to Cody."

Zack- "Cody, are you okay?"

Cody- "Yeah, I think so."
Cody gets up and runs his finger over his lip.

Zack- "You're fine, it's just a bloody lip. Let's find the nurse to get some ice."

Cody- "What about you're girls?"
Zack- "Shoot, I forgot! Later, Code!" Zack funs to find the girls.

Cody- "I was kidding!" Cody to himself outloud. "Sometimes it's like he doesn't care."

-Scene- Lobby. Mr. Moseby comes out of the elevator all smiling and happy.

Arwin- "Why so happy, Mr. Moseby?"

Mr. Moseby- "Zack and Cody are gone! For a week!"
Arwin- "Oh, darn it! I was going to see if they had anything to fix. I gave up on my glue. It doesn't grow hair."

Arwin takes off his hat and has no hair at all.

Mr. Moseby- "Oh my!"
Arwin- "I know. Want some?"

Mr. Moseby backs slowly into the elevator.

-Scene- At soccer camp. In Zack, Cody and some other camp members' cabin.

Cody is climbing into the top bunk. Zack walks into the cabin.

Cody- "Where have you been?"

Zack- "Oh, Cassie, this really cute girl I met, and I went swimming. How's your lip?"
Cody- "Oh now you care."

Zack- "What's that supposed to mean?" Looks at Cody thinking he's joking.

Cody- "Everything's a joke to you. All you care about is yourself and girls."
Zack- "Cody, I'm sorry. I didn't-"
Cody- "How come it can't be just you and I anymore instead of you and girls?"
Zack- "Look, Cody, I'm sorry."
Cody- "Yeah whatever. I'm going to get some more ice."

Cody walks out of the cabin in a hurry. Zack hears a thump and Cody scream out in pain. Zack runs outside and sees Cody on the ground holding his leg.

Cody- "I think I'm going to need more ice!"

To be continued! lol

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