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Conclusion to 'Double Team'

-Scene where they left off. Cody's on the ground holding his leg and Zack comes running out.

Cody- "I think I'm going to need more ice!"

Zack- "Cody, don't move! Um, I'll go get Chandler (the camp consoler in their cabin). Don't move!"

Cody- "Hurry!"

-Scene switches to a hospital room where Cody is lying in a bed with a cast on his leg. It's night time and there's only a small lamp on. Cody's sleeping and Zack's sleeping on the couch. A doctor is checking Cody's leg X-Rays.

Carey walks in fast.

Carey- "What happened? Is Cody okay? Where's Zack?"
Doctor- "He'll be fine, just a week or more with a cast and he'll be as good as new."

Carey- "Thank you."

Carey walks over to Cody's bed and shakes his shoulder a little to wake him up.

Carey- "Cody, sweety?"

Cody- "What? Uh, I need more ice!"

Carey calms him down.

Carey- "You're fine, honey, calm down. What happened?"

Cody- "Zack and I were having a fight and I ran-"

Carey- "A fight? About what?"

Zack barely opens his eyes and listens to Carey and Cody.

Cody- "I got mad at him because he left to go follow these girls after he said he would go with me to get some ice for my lip."

Carey- "What, did you fall?"

Cody- "Yeah, over a soccer ball."
Carey- "Maybe I shouldn't have sent you to soccer camp."

Cody gives her a 'haha very funny' look.

Cody- "I wish Zack would hangout with me more. Maybe I should be cooler."

Carey- "Cody, Zack just has more interests in girls. That doesn't mean he'll quit being your brother."

Cody- "I know, but sometimes I don't know if I'm really his brother."

Zack thinks to himself. "Well, he is really dorky. No, he's my brother. I've got to make it up to him."

-Scene- In hotel lobby.

Zack and Carey help Cody into the lobby. Cody's on crutches and has a cast on his leg.

Maddie hugs Cody and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Maddie- "Cody, are you okay?"
Cody- "Yeah, I'm fine."

Zack- "Maybe I should break my leg."

Carey- "Come on, let's go upstairs."

-Scene- In hallway.

Mr. Moseby walks down the hall to the elevator. He pushes elevator button to go down. The door opens and Carey, Cody and Zack are standing in there. Mr. Moseby screams and then they all scream.

Mr. Moseby- "What- I thought- it's only been 2 days!"

Carey (helping Cody out of the elevator)- "Yeah, but Cody hurt himself."

Mr. Moseby- "I guess I have to go bubble-wrap everything again."

Mr. Moseby gets in the elevator.

-Scene- Martin Suite. Cody and Zack are playing video games on the couch.

Cody- "Zack?"

Zack doesn't take his eyes off of the TV.

Zack- "Yeah?"
Cody- "Thanks for coming home and not staying at camp."

Zack- "Yeah, well, Cassie was leaving today anyway."

Cody- "Can we talk?"

Zack- "Sure, but me first. I know I haven't been hanging out with you more than girls and I'm sorry. But wouldn't it be better for me to go out with girls then you? I mean, people will talk."

Cody laughs.

Cody- "That's true. But how come we're not as close as we used to be?"
Zack- "I guess, well, I know I feel safer now since mom has a good job and we'll stay here for longer than we usually would."
Cody- "Yeah, I guess so, too. So…"

Zack- "Want to go bug Mr. Moseby?"
Cody- "Oh, are you sure? I think Maddie's down in the lobby."
Zack- "Nah, she's 'baby sitting' us tonight. I'll have plenty of time then."

-Scene-In lobby. London's talking to Maddie at the candy counter.

Maddie- "Cody should be down in a minute. I'm going to sign his leg."
London- "Is he getting a tattoo?"

Maddie (sarcastic voice)- Yeah and he wants my name."

London- "Oh, I thought Zack liked you."

Maddie looks at London funny. Cody and Zack come out of the elevator towards Maddie and London.

Cody and Zack- "Hey, Maddie."
London- "Well, I better go. Toodles."

Cody- "Don't you want to sign my cast?"
London- "I thought you wanted Maddie's name."

Cody- "It doesn't matter."
Maddie- 'Don't confuse her and just give me a pen."

Zack- "Here."

Zack gives her a pen. Maddie signs Cody's cast.

Zack- "That'll be five bucks."

Maddie and Cody look at Zack.

Zack- "What? I had to try."

-Scene-Carey, Zack and Cody are heading down the hallway.

Carey- "So Cody, are you read to get your cast off?"
Cody- "Yeah, but I'm going to miss Zack getting me drinks all the time."
Zack- "You know, I should just break my leg and have you be my slave!"

-Scene- Mr. Moseby at the front desk.

Esteban- "Mr. Moseby, where are the little blonde peoples?"

Mr. Moseby- "They have been in their room all week! Wasn't it fantastic?"

Esteban- "Where are they now?"
Mr. Moseby- "Sadly, getting the cast off."

Mr. Moseby wipes a tear from his eye.

Mr. Moseby- "I need to be alone."

-Scene- Zack and Cody's room. Zack's on the end of his bed reading a magazine and Cody's on the end of his bed reading a book.

Zack- "Feel better without the cast?"

Cody- "Yeah and I don't need this stick anymore to scratch my leg."

Cody picks up the stick, shakes his head and throws it to the side of his bed.

Carey comes in.

Carey- "Will you two stay out of trouble still?"
Zack- "Mom, please, it's us!"
Carey- "I knew it wouldn't last."


Hope you liked it. I thought I throw in some comedy and brotherly love at the same time. So there you go! Thanks for reading!