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To: The Federal Bureau of Investigation
From: Office of Naval Intelligence
Re: Yuugi Mutou Interviews Enclosed

Yuugi Mutou is definitely an enigma, sirs. Before we took him into questioning, we found he had managed to make the entire female personnel staff start to dote on him. Also, the ship's captain was about ready to give him a tour of the Autumn before we called him in. It's unusual for one person to have such an effect on the crew.

But aside from that ability, the oddest part was when the boy seemed to have a complete personality change…

Attachment: Transcript

0900 Hours, August 11, 1998
USS Autumn, Office of Naval Intelligence
Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New York
Yuugi Mutou, Age 17

Q. Yuugi Mutou…you have earned yourself the title of 'number one duelist' and 'king of games' for the card game Duel Monsters. You are also the winner of Duelist Kingdom and the Battle City Tournament, correct?

…Y-Yeah, that's correct.

Q. You have quite a reputation in the gaming world. You have thousands of fans, support from an international corporation, the most powerful cards in the game…All of it could really go to your head, can't it?


Q. Don't play with us, Mr. Mutou. Your friends may say good things about you, but we—

Excuse me! S-Sorry, but I have to ask about my friends. Are they all right? I haven't seen them since you separated us!

Q. They're fine.

Great! May I see them soon?

Q. After we're finished.

Okay! And I'm really sorry for interrupting you. What was the question again?

Q. It was…about fame… Let's move on, Mr. Mutou. Do you know why you and your friends were detained?

…I'm sorry, but no, not really.

Q. Hm. We asked each of your friends a series of questions about you. None of them could say anything bad about you, except for Mr. Kaiba. But he was more demeaning than anything.

Heh, yeah. That's Kaiba-kun for you!

Q. Yes…right…We found that you inspire a great deal of loyalty, especially from your friends. A trait often found in a you consider yourself a leader, Mr. Mutou?


Q. We…huh…let's get to the point, Mr. Mutou. A group known as 'Doma' specifically targeted you, because – as we were led to believe – they wanted your Duel Monster 'god cards'. But, really, Mr. Mutou. What was this all about?

Ummm…what do you mean? They were after my…god cards.

Q. So, we are supposed to believe that acts of cyber terrorism we're committed all for a card game?

Err…wait. Huh? Cyber what?

Q. Was this supposed to be a publicity stunt made by Kaiba Corporations, Mr. Mutou? Was it a game? Was the world supposed to get attacked by monsters from this game so you could live up to your title? So you could 'save' the world? So you could be a hero?

No! No! Duel Monsters is just a card game! It's a card game I play for fun! I don't care about titles, or being a hero, or anything else like that!

Q. Do you really expect us to believe that? People were left comatose in the streets, holding evidence that they had just played the game. The creator of Duel Monsters went missing, and acts of terrorism were committed using Kaiba Corporations' holographic technology! This wasn't about a card game, at all!

I-I…it is! It was! Wait…No! No, this is a big misunderstanding! We had nothing to do with 'Doma'!

Q. Don't lie to us, Mr. Mutou! Were you the mastermind behind all of this? Was this a plot constructed between you, Seto Kaiba and Pegasus J. Crawford to help promote your title, the game, and a corporation?

N-No! I didn't have anything to do with this! Neither did Kaiba-kun, or Crawford-san! We didn't!

Q. You are facing serious charges, Mr. Mutou. Conspiracy, terrorism, and other things, that, once we prove, is going to put you away in prison for a very, very long time. We'll put away your friends too, for being accomplices in acts of global terrorism.

My friends! No, they didn't have anything to do with this! None of us did! You can't do this!

Q. We're the United States Military, Mr. Mutou. We can do anything.


Q. Mr. Mutou?

No…you can't.

Q. Can't we?

No. You said so yourself. You have no proof to your accusations.

Q. We'll find some.

No, you won't, because there is nothing out there to support your ridiculous claims. And because of that, you'll have to let us go. And then you'll be left wondering what this was all about.

Q. What was this all about…Mr. Mutou?

Isn't that something you are trying to figure out? Why should I tell you?

Q. Because you are a key suspect in a global conspiracy.

I am?

Q. Yes…

Do you doubt yourself, and what you think is true? If you do, let me warn you to be careful what you reveal to me.

Q. Are you threatening me, Mr. Mutou?

No, I'm warning you. And, you do doubt these claims. You don't really believe me – or Anzu, Jounouchi and Honda – had anything to do with this. We just happened to get caught up in it.

Q. What about Seto Kaiba's involvement?

I'll leave that to you. By all means, continue to investigate him.

Q. But…you were protesting his innocence—

That was then. This is now. I'm going to leave you now, so you can continue on your investigation. Remember, all Duel Monsters is a card game. But people have the tendency to put importance on things that should remain simple. They don't realize they should try to figure out what is truly important for them, instead of being obsessed with power, and fame, and other such things.

Q. Interesting words…wait, where are you going? We're not finished here, Mr. Mutou.

Yes, we are. Unless, of course, you want to play a game? We could make it interesting. If I win, you have to let me and my friends go, free of all charges and accusations. If you win, I'll stay here, and answer all your questions.

Q. We don't have time for games, Mr. Mutou.

No one ever seems to. But think of the incentive, all for one game. I'll even let you pick it.

Q. Fine, one game.

Perfect. Your move.

Our investigation has concluded that Seto Kaiba of Kaiba Corporations had no part in the acts of 'Doma', while Yuugi Mutou and friends were cleared of all charges. I do recommend we keep an eye on them, and anyone who uses Duel Monsters has a front. Aside from the actual card game…

It appears it was just a card game.


The Office of Naval Intelligence

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