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I lost my parents a few weeks ago. They were the nicest people, in fact the only nice people, who lived on the far side of the Narrows. It was the only place we could afford at the time. Both of them were cops, but very poor ones. So we lived on the criminal side of the Narrows. We always had the doors locked, windows closed, and since I was afraid that someone would break in, I slept with the light on. Plus, I was scared of the dark. I know, pathetic isn't it? Hear I am, a twelve year old, and I'm still afraid of the dark. People say that when you're afraid of the dark, it just means that you're afraid that the dark plays tricks on people. Well they obviously have not been to the Narrows. We should've been rich though. My mom grew up in the fancy world of Gotham City. When she met my dad, a deputy who worked part time as a waiter, all that changed. It was like an innocent romance movie. My dad said when he first saw her, he accidently tripped with a tray of dirty dishes, and lost his job. Then mom got his job back, and they've been close until their wedding day. Her parents didn't approve of their relationship, but mom didn't care. So, in order to be with my dad, my mom cut herself out of the inheritance money, and lived with my dad, and studied to be a police officer. They were detectives when they died. I woke up to find Sergent Gordon knocking on my door the next morning, telling me that my parents were shot in the head, while investigating something that a big crime boss, Carmine Falcone, had done. I never spoke a word since. When I sat in Gordon's office at the police station, I heard conversations between Gordon and my mother's relatives. My dad was an only child, and his parents died when he was in college. Mom's realtives or parents didn't want anything to do with me. I didn't care. I never liked them anyway. They were so stuck-up.

"Yes, I understand..."I heard Gordon reply on the phone. "...She has nowhere to go...You are a living relative...I see...Well, then, thank you,"

Gordon shook his head. Another unwilling relative to take me in. Flask, a big dumb hairy person who I think resembles a lazy ape, waddled into the office and gave one short look at me. I never liked him either. As you can probably tell right away, I'm a quick judge of character. I haven't decided if that was a good thing or a bad thing yet.

"Any luck with finding the kid a place to crash?" he asked.

"No," Gordon shook his head looking at me.

I didn't like it when people looked at me, so I just sunk back into a book I was reading. I liked reading books. Mostly about people who protect other people, or just give them hope. It was like entering into my own personal world. But I still listened to their conversation.

"Not wanting to handle the kid huh?" Flask scoffed. "Put her in the orphanage,"

"Absolutely not," Gordon dismissed it. "Luke and Jennifer wouldn't want her to be in places like those,"

"What do ya mean? They've got beds, food, kids her age, she's all set,"

I shuddered. Mom and Dad told me about the orphanages. They weren't well kept, the beds were lumpy, and most of the kids there were down right mean, and hardly any couple goes in and looks at them. If I wanted to go into an orphanage, I want to go in one where no one thinks I'm a bad kid. Gordon rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well..." he said. "She does have a godfather. But he's dead. No one's seen him for seven years,"

"Who?" asked Flask.

"Bruce Wayne,"

My parents knew Bruce Wayne. Mainly because he was the only nice rich person in Gotham and he still treated them as equals. I never met the man. The only things I knew about him was that his parents were killed by a man named Joe Chill, and his father owned Wayne Enterprises. My parents asked him to be my godfather when I was born, and he gladly accepted. But he disappeared after Joe Chill was killed, and that happened when I was five. He was declared dead after a search party had ended.

"Maybe I can get Alfred, his butler, to get in on this," Gordon wondered as he dialed a number.

I listened to his conversation from the corners of my book.

"Hello, Alfred Pennyworth?" he started. "Sergent Jim Gordon, Gotham City Police Department. I have a little girl here named Sarah Chante, I believe you know her parents Luke and Jennifer...I'm sorry to say this but their bodies were found near Arkham Asylum early this morning. Mr. Pennyworth, is it true that your master Bruce Wayne has chosen to be Sarah Chante's godfather...I know he's gone, but we were wondering if you could take her in. Her relatives don't want her, unfortunetly, and Mr. Wayne, accoring to my records, should be her guardian...Yes...Really?...Thank you very much...Yes, we'll be right over,"

With a smile, Gordon hung up the phone, and turned to me.

"Guess what?" he said.

I couldn't guess. I already knew. I just gave him a questioning look as if to say "What?"

"You have a home," he said. "Why don't you go get your stuff, and we'll go and meet Alfred,"

I nodded quietly and sadly, got up, and gathered my stuff. I had to ride in the back of a police car on the way there. When we were driving to the country part of Gotham, I looked out the window, holding a golden locket around my neck. I remember when my mother gave it to me. When I was eight I noticed how pretty my mom's locket was. Dad gave it to her for their anniversary, and I've asked for one. For my birthday, I got a heart shaped locket with my parents picture inside it. It was my only treasure...besides my books. If anything should happen to my mothers locket, though, I'd probably have my heart broken. When we were coming up on the Wayne Manor, I suddenly admired it's beauty. It reminded me of one of those places you find in classical books. We pulled up in front of the door as an elderly man stepped out. He seemed like a nice person. As I gathered my things, Sergent Gordon stepped out and talked to Alfred Pennyworth.

"Alfred," Gordon shook the man's hand. "Thanks for taking her in,"

"Pleasure is all mine," Alfred said. "I'm sure Mister Wayne would have wanted her to have a home,"

"Go easy on her. She hasn't spoken all morning. She didn't even cry when we delivered the news of her parents death. All we got was a face of shock,"

"The child lost her parents in an unfortunete way,"

"I know. But I think she'll be easy to handle. She's a good kid. Just grew up in a bad part of the city,"

I closed the door on the police car, and looked at the two men as I carried my suitcase and a backpack over my shoulder.

"Sarah," Gordon introduced us. "This is Alfred Pennyworth. He's going to take care of you,"

"Miss Sarah, it's a pleasure to meet you," Alfred stuck out his hand.

With a free hand, I shook it, and gave him a small smile. He seemed nice. Gordon left me at the manor, and I watched the police car drive out of sight. Alfred put a hand on my shoulder.

"How about I get those bags for you?" he suggested.

He seemed to want to carry my stuff, so I let him, and led me into the house. It was even more gorgeous on the inside. I couldn't help but look around like a kid on Christmas Shopping, looking at all the wonderful toys. Still, I kept up with Alfred as he spoke.

"You know," he said. "You look so much like your mother. I remember when I first had the pleasure of meeting her. When Master Bruce was in a private school, he was friends with your mother, and we often had the oppurtunity of having her here,"

I smiled at that. My mom did tell me about her days at a private school. She said most girls there were snobby, and boys only liked you if you had money. Alfred led me up to a room that would have been mistaken for a living room.

"If you need anything," Alfred said as I set my stuff down. "You can ask me or just help yourself. Just make yourself at--,"

Suddenly, I heard the phone ring. Alfred smild, excused himself from my room and unpacked. Maybe I could get used to this. I'm pretty sure that Alfred had a library in this place so I could read. Outside my window was a garden. It was mangled, but maybe I could fix it. You know, just so I could help out. I sat on the window seat and looked at it. It looked like a good place to read books. Even if it was unkept. It looked like nobody had been in there for a long time. It would be my garden. My own Secret Garden. I heard a knock on my door, and Alfred stood at the doorway. He had a pale look on his face. I looked at him questioningly. Was he all right? He noticed my worry and sort of laughed.

"Forgive me," he said. "I just got off the phone with a friend,"

I still looked at him, wondering what was wrong. But nothing was. It was just a surprising call.

"Miss Sarah...Master Wayne is alive,"

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