Control: Epilogue

"Well, what have we here?" the question hung in the air, almost tangible. Sam looked around but could not remember why he was in the kitchen and the man standing in front of him was a stranger.

"Who the hell are you? And what the fuck are you doing in my house?" Sam demanded as he tried to get the man to leave. Nothing he did influenced the stranger at all.
"You are in a fine mess," the man's voice was deep and almost sultry. His yellow eyes were intense and his look intimidated Sam. That frightened him for the first time. "And you can stop. You are not powerful enough."

"What?" Sam was confused and becoming angry. "Who are you?"

"Sam, I am your source of power. I am your father so to speak," he turned to survey the room. "You really are quite petty. To think, you were going to be my champion."

Sam stared at the strange man then tried to get him out of his house. "Get the fuck out of here you crazy person. You are not my dad."

The man just turned to him and gave him a look that stopped him in his tracks. Sam was then slammed up against the wall. "I had such high hopes for you. I have been watching your progress over the years and have been pleased at the level of skill you have. But to be killed by your nothing brother. That is too pathetic."

Sam was in shock. For the first time he was at the mercy of power and was helpless against it. Then to find out he had been killed. The man was scary and insane.

"Oh yes, I see the disbelief," the man snapped his fingers and Sam was looking at himself slumped against the kitchen cabinets covered in blood. Across from him was Dean in a similar posture looking as lifeless as he.

"Fuck!" was all Sam could think to say, the memory came flooding back.

"You were my champion who was going to lead my army into battle and take over the world. We were going to have it all and rule this world. But I can see I put my faith in the wrong person," the man was baiting Sam but he could not see it.

"What are you talking about?"

"Did you ever wonder about your powers? Where they came from? Well, one night I visited your mother and planted a seed. After a particularly passionate night, I came in and detected you and added a bit of me to the mix. Ever wonder why you never got sick? That was me. Come on Sam," the man was posturing and condescending, "are you that dense to think that you were special? Well, you were, but as special as the hundreds of other children all over the world with just such powers."

"Others like me?" Sam was again confused and scared.

"I had a plan, to take over this pitiful world, to make it a better place for all. But that takes courage and strength and special powers to help the masses. I needed a leader, and now I will have to look elsewhere."

"I was going to be a leader?" Sam was intrigued.

"Oh, not now, you are dead," the man pointed to the lifeless form on the floor.

"I could be your leader," Sam was imagining a world at his feet to play with as he played with this community.

"I don't know, dead like you are," the yellow eyes man had a twinkle in his eye.

"I control this whole fucking town, I make people believe what I want them to believe," Sam was puffing up with pride.

"Yes, I recall such activities."

"I have been expanding my reach every year."

"But yet, one weak little man brought down that empire," his tone was mocking.

"Shit, Dean got one lucky break," Sam blinked thinking of the last words he heard from his brother. 'i love you...' He shook his head to try to erase those meaningless words.

"And that is all it took."

"If I had been paying attention, he would not have gotten it. I have had to discipline him day after day, year after year. Some take more time. If he were here now I could..." Sam did not know what he would do but he would make that little bastard pay for what he did. How dare he? After all he did for that little shit.

"Pledge yourself to me and you can have one year to prove your worth. At that time I should have my army amassed," his words were inviting, leading Sam down the path.

"Oh yes, I can prove I am the best out there," Sam's voice had that far away seeing the distant future quality.

The stranger snapped his fingers, "Done. You have one year. Don't fail me again."

"I won't fail you," Sam was eager to begin. "Too bad I don't have my favourite distraction. I would start with that worthless excuse."

The stranger snapped his fingers again, "Done."

The next thing Sam knew he was waking up in a hospital room. He could hear his parents talking about the scare they had last night and thank goodness for the fire department. He peeked inside their brains to find that apparently their house caught on fire and both he and Dean were trapped inside. He sat up and looked to the next bed to find Dean laying there. He snapped his own fingers and Dean was awake.

"Oh yes Dean, it is not over," Sam laughed at the look of terror in his brother's eyes. "it has only just begun."