Not just a girl

I know I have like oodles of stories to update, but seriously how can I stop these ideas from jumping into my brain and out onto the computer screen?

This is a fun story, no murder or mayhem for the most part. Okay and I am making up a town out side of Roseville MI. So don't freak out.

Disclaimer- I do not own SN or anything to do with the highlander, just making references.

It started out as a normal night, well normal for the Winchesters, once more Dean was arguing the importance of enjoying women, and Sam rolled his eyes at his older brother. They had been on the road for 17hours and listening to Dean about most of his lover's was enough to even make a sex Ed person blush or that old lady on TV what was her name, Sally.

" Sally." Sam said out loud not realizing what he can of worms he may have just opened.

"What bro?" Dean stopped in mid sentence.

" Nothing " Sam mumbled, peaking Dean's interest.

" Nah, man who is Sally and what did you do to her?"

He could see the perverted smile grow on his face; he had to put a stop to it now, before Dean got crazy.

"I meant the name of the old lady, who has that sex talk show, you'd make her blush dude."

"Sam, where do you think I got some of those idea's? She is brilliant for an old broad. Like this one time, I needed to spice things up with Lily, remember her that blonde with…?" Sam groaned as if he was in pain hoping it would shut his brother up.

" Anyway she told me that if you…." Dean went on.

" Dean!" Sam exclaimed before Dean could go any further " Stop."

" What, why, what is wrong?" Dean asked him with a look of complete concern for his brother's mental state. Sam missed the smirk on his brother's ace though.

" Dean, I know I like CFM but not knowing how my brother gets women off and I certainly do not need to know that you call Sally on talk sex".

Dean let out a hardy laugh, " I'm not sure I want to know how you even remember the name of that show."

Sam's face lit up bright red as he watched a bar slow down next to them or rather Dean turned into the bar. He parked his car under the brightest spot in the parking lot. Not because of safety reasons. Putting the car into park, he turned and looked at his slightly embarrassed brother.

" Come on Sam, I'll buy you a few beers to forget about our sex talk."

For once Sa thought that it was the best idea yet. He followed his brother into a good sized bar, once inside they saw it was bigger than what they thought. A neon sign welcomed them Hitching post

" Of course it is." Dean mumbled. It wasn't that Dean hated country bars it was the fact that he didn't mind them, that bothered the rock star wanna-be. The brothers walked past a fairly large dance floor and Dean's eyes lingered on the girl line dancers for a moment. Sam only shook his head same old Dean. While his brother worked on his charm. Sam wandered over to the bar to order a few beers.

There were a few girls behind the bar and a guy, who Sam thought to be the head bartender the way he was showing one of the barmaids something.

" Jace, you got one" the man boomed over the music.

Sam's eyes went to be the man was yelling too. He saw the red hair first and the smile second as the barmaid walked over. She had on a football jersey of some kind that was tied up in a knot. A Pair of hips hugging jeans and boots, white and black. Good lord Sam thought as she walked over, dusting her hands off on her jeans.

" Hi, what can I get you, since it had slowed down for a moment." She asked him with a wink and a smile.

" Umm. Two what ever you have on tap beers." Sam told her, silently wishing he had rephrased what he had said.

" Sure, not a problem, what else can I do for you?" she asked coyly as she placed the beer in front of him.

Sam blushed " Nothing I'm good." The girl started to walk way, and Sam stopped her " Wait a second, what is the name of this town?" She gave him a look then told him " well it is about a half hour out side Roseville, so we call it Dustin City. Only because it really doesn't have too much here yet, side from small farms."

Sam nodded as the girl walked away. He looked back over at his brother, who was learning a dance on the floor. Sam only smirked, since the demon was gone and Dad went to live with Missouri. So before Sam went back to school with Dean, yep Dean now wanted to go to collage, they were on an all paid road trip vacation. Thanks to Missouri and their dad. Sam had known that dean wanted to see Cassie again, and Sam just wanted to go see the wild blue yonder.

Dean finally getting the hang of the dance, decided to make a quiet retreat and grab his beer from Sam.

" Nice moves dude, didn't know you had it in you."

"Shut up bitch." Dean smirked " So what exciting place did you pick for us this time Sammy."

"Dustin city." Sam laughed "But you have to admit the girl factor isn't bad, especially our barmaid". Dean picked up his beer as he turned to look at the red head, if Sammy liked her it was Dean's style of girl.

" She's cute if you like that kind of girl."

"What kind of girl?"

"Yea, what kind of girl?" a third voice inquired.

Sam and Dean jumped as Jace walked over to them, holding two more beers.

"I.I. um…" Dean sputtered out.

"What my brother is trying to say is, he wasn't talking about you." Sam wasn't doing any better in the verbal communication department. Jace smirked at them.

" Its okay I was just kidding with you I know what kind of girl I Am." she told them, just waiting for one of them to ask. She placed the beer in front of the two brothers and started to walk away.

" Really, and what kind of girl would that be?" Dean asked.

Jace turned around and began walking back towards them; she got them to move so there was enough room for her to stand between them before answering them.

" I'm the type of girl that guys just dream about, the one you bring home to mom and dad, I'm the one they warned you about. I'm the one you hope you can change, but never will. And I'm the one they never forget. I'm the one you'll tell your grandkids about."

With a wink she walked back behind the bar, leaving the Winchesters with their tongues wagging in the wind.

Just wanted a fun start.