Chapter two-

K- I'm getting right into it, sort of…

Dean raised his eyes brows and picked up his beer, took a sip then put it back down when a blonde got into view. He watched him walked over to the girl that just shut he and Sam down. The girl looked over at the man standing next to Sam and frowned as she walked over to him. Sam moved away and let the man get closer to the bar. As Jace got closer to him, her eyes widened then narrowed as the surprised look left her face.

" What do you want?" she demanded.

The man reached across and grabbed her jersey to pull her closer to him. Dean and Sam both leapt to their feet and grabbed the guy to pulled him away from hr. As many times as Dean got gotten angry or upset at any of his women companions he never threaten them in any way, and Sam had known about quite a few quacks Dean went out with.

" What the hell do you think you are doing, dude, go sleep it off some where?" Dean asked the hostile man. Jace's eyes widened at the two men who stood in between her and the man who grabbed her. She had to intervene before something bad happened to either her or the boys.

" Guys let him go" she requested. She had a hand on the older brother, hoping that he'd let go.

Dean felt the visegripe the woman had on his arm and let go of the man, Sam did the same. He watched as Jace, who couldn't be taller than 5'3 " walked up to the man and grabbed his jacket, hauled him to the door and walked outside with him. Sam looked back at his brother with a questioning look.

" Never fails, does it Sammy? The sweet tiny girls always have the good ol' boys for boyfriends."

Sam only shook his head as he looked back at his beer and settles back down and stared at the TV.


Jace threw Jack into the side of the wall and pinned him there, with one hand she patted him down while pinning him still with thew other. She let him go when she didn't find the weapon she was looking for.

" What the hell are you doing, unarmed and coming into the bar being all nasty towards me." She asked him.

"Grimlock, is coming for all of us, he and his crew have killed 20 in the past month. It started in Scotland, now it is moving towards the U.s. is sending a crew to clean up the East and West Coast. Then he'll kill them to get the power. You have to kill me and take my power. There are more coming to give you what they have." The man begged her.

" I'm not going to kill you, that is not how this works. I'm umpteen years old. He can't do it like this, there are rules, like no killing on hollow ground and no mass murder for the power of the Highlanders."

Jack smiled at his semi friend " How old are you again?" he teased.

" Never mind how old I am?" she remarked.' How many?"

" How many what?"

" Jack! How many are coming to me? How many" she asked not really wanting to know how many are going to come to ask her to kill them.

" Right now 17, but the faster the word is going to spread the more of them will come to you. I have to go; you know what you have to do. 2AM out back. Please, I don't want to be killed by Grimlock."

Jace looked at him carefully, she knew she didn't want this to be happening, but every now and again some one wanted the ultimate power and her friends, or people she knew would come to her. Begging for mercy.

" I don't like this Jack, I'll be there. Please bring you're A-game though". Jace finally told him. He nodded and walked away, hoping that this would be the end for him. He was 640 years old and was tired of watching his friend's drop like flies while he doesn't age or die. He was ready to go and see all those friends and family members he has missed.


Dean noticed that Jace, came back in, and went over one of the barmaids, whispered something to the girl. She nodded and Jace took off the barmaid apron went into the back room. Sam was busy taking one lessons which he lost a bet with his brother and it resulted in him learning the jock's boogie.

Dean kept his eyes on the door that Jace. He saw her walking out with a long black jacket he saw the flash of metal under her jacket. It had looked like a sword that she placed under her coat. Dean walked over to where his brother was as Jace smiled at him and walked out the door.

" Hey Sam, why would she have to wear that coat if it was warm out?"

" Dean" Sam warned.

" I think she placed a sword under the jacket."

"Dean please let it go, maybe she has things to do."

Dean just pulled Sam in the direction that Jace went too. Sam had a feeling this was a bad idea.

" Dean, come on just let it go, so she is carrying a sword and a long coat. Who cares she was an odd chick any way."

Dean knew his brother was right, but then again, Dean was always a little more curious than Sam. Dean and Sam walked softly into the back of the bar, where Jace disappeared

They were both shocked at what they saw.

Jace was fencing; if you wanted to cal lit that with the man at the bar.

" I'm sorry my friend" was what she whispered to him before swinging her sword down on his neck, severing the head from his shoulders. Dean pulled out his gun and shot four slugs into Jace as Sam cried out to her.

" Holy shit!" they both exclaimed, not knowing really what just happened.

Clouds started to gather and thunder clapped across the sky, followed by some lighting. Funny thing was the lighting kept hitting Jace's body on the ground. Sam grabbed Dean's arm and tried to pull him back from, Jace. AS he tried to walk towards her.

" Remember what happened last time you were near electricity?" Sam asked his brother. "Yes I do, but what the fuck just happened? I mean she was a nice enough girl. I never thought she'd be the slice and dice kind."

Sam watched the storm pass as fast as it came. Dean walked towards the place where the man's body should have been, it was gone, and the head was gone. Sam walked over to Jace's body lying on the ground. Her dead eyes staring up at him. It gave him the chills and he had seen some messed up shit.

Dean motioned for Sam to follow him back to the car. As they were walking away, something caught Sam's attention. Sam turned his head and saw Jace's body sitting up, and rubbing her forehead " Son of a bitch that hurt" she muttered.

More later…