The new DS

Summary: What happens when Andrea's sister turns up as the new DS at Sun Hill?

A/N: Stuart's not in this fic.

Chapter 1

25-year oldLauren Dunbar steeped out of the taxi. Which had stopped outside Sun Hill

'Here ya go Miss' the driver said 'that'll be £25.50 please'

'Thanks keep the change' Rachel replied handing him £30.

Laurenwalked into Sun Hill knowing that the officers will be shocked. She walked up to the front desk and asked Honey 'Hi can I speak to Inspector Gold please'

'Can I have you're name please and I'll see what I can do'

'Yes I'm DSLauren Dunbar from the West Midlands Police force'

Honey was shocked. 'I'll be right back' she told Lauren. Honey walked down the hallway to the inspector's office. She knocked on the door.

'Yeah' she heard Gina say

She walked in 'Mam there's someone here to see you'

'Ok' Gina replied as she started to walk toward her officer door

'Mam there's one problem'

'Which is?'

'Her name's DSLauren Dunbar from the West Midlands police force and she's Andrea's sister'

'What!' Shouted Gina 'Lets go and talk to Miss Dunbar then shall we'

They walked down to reception.

'Miss Dunbar I'm inspector Gina Gold. What can I do for you?' Gina said as soon as she had walked through the doors to reception.

'I need all the information you have on my sister'

'Let me go and get ok'


While Gina went and got the information Honey turned to Rachel and said 'you're a DS and you're only 25'

'Father in law'sthe Borough Commander'

'Andrea never told us that'

'She didn't know'

Gina walked back into the reception.

'They're you go'

'Thankyou' Lauren started to walk out the front doors when Gina called to her 'Lauren'


'CID are looking for a new DS if you're interested'


She turned to Honey and said 'Honey please escort DS Dunbar up to CID'

'Yes Mam'

Honey walked up the stairs to CID withLauren following. She took her to the DCI's office. Honey knocked on the door.

'Come' Jack said

'Gov this is DSLauren Dunbar from West Midlands police force.' Honey said walking into the office and pointing towards Lauren.

'Thankyou PC Harman.' Jack replied

Honey walked back out leavingLauren with the DCI and closing the door behind her.

'So DS Dunbar you here for the opening in CID?' he asked


'First question how old are you'

'25' she replied

'How did you manage to get promoted that…' he was interrupted by a knock on the door.


The Borough Commander walked through the door.

'Lauren what you doing here?'

'Does that answer you're question'

'Yeah it does. Oh and DS Dunbar'


'Welcome to the team. Wait outside for me and I'll introduce you'

'Sure and thanks gov'

Lauren closed the door behind her and waited for Jack to come out. Five minutes later the borough commander walked out followed by the DCI.

'You read to meet the other DS Dunbar'

'Yes Gov'

'All rightly then follow me.'

Lauren followed Jack as he walked through the CID doors.

'Ok guys listen up'

'What does he want now' Phil whispered to Samantha

'Dunno but whose the women next to him?'


'She's a bit young'


Sam rolled her eyes at the last comment and listened to what the DCI had to say.

'Okay everyone this is DS Lauren Dunbar' he said

'Wait gov you saying she's Andrea's sister?' Sam said in shock

'Yeah but she comes highly regarded form the Coventry Station and the borough commander'

'She's related to the borough commander' Phil said

'Yeah she's his daughter in law'

'Gov how old is she?' Zain asked


'Damn I guesshaving a father in law who isa high up officer pays off' Zain whispered to Suzie

'Yeah I guess it does' She replied

'Neil' Jack said

'Yeah gov?'

'I want you to talk to DS Dunbar please'

'Sure gov'

'All right everyone back to work.'

Lauren followed Neil to his office. When he closed the door he turned to her and said 'Right so you've been a DS how long'

'A year gov'




'I'm nothing like my sister and I know what was going on between you two'

'Okay and How?'

'We told each other everything. She really loved you'

'I know. Hey Lauren?'

'Yeah gov'

'You want to get a drink after work?'

'Yeah why not'

Back in CID

'I don't trust her Phil' Sam said

'I don't trust the DI' Phil mumbled

'What?' Sam asked

'I said neither do I'

'No you didn't it sounded like…' she trailed of

'Like what Sam'

'Never mind Phil. It doesn't matter'