Chapter 1

Jack rested his palms upon the railing of his beloved ship, and looked out to the departing sun as it slowly, but surely sank into the mouth of the horizon. With Cotton at the wheel, he was now free to contemplate the great expanse seas of which he sailed without the distraction of his overwhelming duties as captain.

The chatter of excitement was also ripe in the airs within the Pearl. With the capture of a large, opulent- looking pirate ship just hours before, the crew could not chase away the excitable thoughts of their pay with the immense cargo found in this magnificent craft. Jack smiled as he thought back to the way the crew of that ship recoiled at the sight of him, the most notorious, infamous pirate captain of their era: Captain Jack Sparrow. This was even frightening in the eyes of fellow pirates, and the title itself curled his smile into a rather proud smirk.

And then he thought back to the very distinct figure that his crew had found. It wasn't currency, or a sword fitted with precious stones, nor valuable dresses crafted with the finest of materials….

It was a girl.