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As we walked we didn't say much.

Truth be told, I was a little relieved.

The last thing I needed was to have another battle of inquiries with the king of questions.

Because I had enough questions as it was without Neji contributing any more of his own like how did he get me away from my fate? Why did he do it? And if it really mattered.

I brushed those thoughts away.

As soon as we were as far away from the building as he thought necessary he broke the silence.

"Where's your house?" He brushed a hand through his hair quickly.

I looked at my boots sheepishly. I didn't think I would need any type of shelter.

"You're incredible," he said, crossing his arms irritably.

"Well, if you didn't stop me I wouldn't be homeless," I shot back crossly.

"You're fucking incredible do you know that? Most people would be grateful that I actually took time out of my day to save their ass from the stupidest mistake of their life!" He hissed, his eyes flashing with irritation.

"Again, I didn't ask you to save me," I walked in the opposite direction, holding my head high, walking speedily to another tall building not far off.

I didn't know why I did that. Maybe for the thrill of knowing that he'd be right there behind me, dragging me back to safety. Maybe because I really was intent on killing myself.

But I think it was fate.

Our fates were intertwined together in such an intricate, complicated pattern it was impossible to untangle, making it clear, making it obvious that yes, this was meant to be.

His hand shot out on to mine. Pulling me back toward him, "You're like the puppy I never wanted," he muttered leading me hand in hand back to the apartment.

"Fuck you," I spat, struggling against him.

His grip tightened on me, as we got nearer and nearer to the apartment complex.

He didn't say anything.

I would never admit it to anyone but I was disappointed.



Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

You may be so set in your ways that you might forget the possibility that things could be different. And when that is the case you're left unprepared; helpless; vulnerable.


And to survive this world being weak is out of the question.

I can't help but thinking if I hadn't assumed so many things then would things be different now?

I stared out the window forlornly. Looking at the peaceful city life outside his window with slight disdain ridden on my features.

"Well?" he said.

"What do you want?" I said, not bothering to look at him.

"I believe a thank you is in order."

"Well, you're wrong then."

"Then I think you should at least tell me why you're so bitter."

"Why are you so fucking concerned?! This isn't your business!" I hissed, turning and facing him.

He chuckled dryly, "If only you knew."

If he wanted my attention he had it now more than ever.

"What the hell are you even talking about?" I tried to sound tough, my voice wavering.

"It is my business, Haruno,"

"H-how do you know my last name? Wha- Who?" I started to step away from the tall man who was calmly sitting down and looking at me with a knowing, aggressive expression playing on his graceful features.

"I know why you were going to jump," He said out of the blue, he said, getting up, stepping one step closer to me as I stepped one back.

His eyes caught mine. They didn't look worried, concerned, or curious anymore.

The emptiness in his pearl orbs became filled in a spilt second. His eyes were hazy, but filled nonetheless.

Filled with nothing but pure unfiltered rage; greed; power.

For the second my head shot up, immediately my first impulse was to latch it back down, my back flat out against the wall; trapped.

He was so close now.

His purpose was so clear now.

But the thing that made me scared the most.

The thing that made me want to scream was that

he understood.

All the things that didn't make sense to one of sanity made sense to him.

And he didn't care if it was wrong.

He just knew.

His hand shot out, his fingers catching my chin, forcing my eyes to lock with his.


"The thing is," he started, drawing my face nearer to his mouth, so I could feel his every gasp of breath on my earlobe, "It was your choice, Sakura."

I managed to gulp.

"You have to live with your choices. Good or bad." I could almost feel his tongue mouthing every syllable against the outer shell of my ear.

I squirmed.

"You can't go blaming others for your mistakes or look for quick ways out of it just because you'd like things to be different."

His grip moved from my chin to my neck, the hold he had on me getting tighter.

"It's not their fault- it's yours."

I wanted to scream. But it was lodged in my throat, so the only sounds emitted from my gaping mouth were heaving, dry sobs. Where they came from I myself did not know.

"It was your choice, Sakura. You chose."

His lips were just mere millimeters away from mine.

I tired to break free. But it was a useless attempt. But I already knew that. And it was killing me.

"Now it's my turn. Now I choose"

I still wonder, looking back on that fateful day. Was that a threat? A warning? Or perhaps, even worse; a promise?

His harsh glare didn't stop me from bolting out of his small dank room and up the stairs leading to the roof. I assumed he would follow, he would stop me, and he would bring me back.

But he didn't.

His words were still ringing in my ears.

"It was your choice, Sakura. You have to live with your choices. Good or bad. "

I stumbled, clumsily taking my boots off, throwing them a couple feet behind me.

"You can't go blaming others for your mistakes or look for quick ways out of it just because you'd like things to be different. It's not their fault- it's yours."

I attempt to steady myself on the railing. Sitting on it unsteadily, my knees on the railing, my hands next to them for much needed support, the ground below me a long ways away, swirling, dark, and all too familiar.

"It was your choice, Sakura. You chose."

And then I jump.

"Now it's my turn. Now I choose."

And then I die.


I could feel his lips curve. But it was far from a smile.

There is no breath passing my lips.

But I feel alive.

My flesh is as cold as death.

But I am not bothered.

My lips are blue.

My heart isn't thumping in my chest, as it should be.

But I don't care.

He is calling me.

Now I choose, he repeats.

And without a single doubt I let him.

His voice is hauntingly strong.

So I listen.

And then I go to him.

Because it's his choice.

Not mine.


Dear Diary,

Today I died.


THE ASIANONE SAYS: Bet you didn't see that coming. No, I am not on drugs. Yes, it's supposed to be confusing.